Volunteer Spotlight: Lori Labrum

by Connor Olvera

“Doing this work helps me feel like I am able to contribute something,” Lori Labrum noted.

Lori is a volunteer with the Wilford Woodruff Papers Foundation. She began volunteering when she saw an advertisement calling for people who could read old cursive, and because she taught cursive for more than 30 years as a school teacher, she knew she could make a difference. Lori’s work with the Foundation gives her purpose and strengthens her connection with God.

Even with her teaching background, Lori still faces roadblocks as a volunteer. As part of her work for the Wilford Woodruff Papers, Lori reads through documents written by and to Wilford, using her skills to create digital versions of the documents. Regarding challenges of this work, she said, “So many times I come to a word I cannot read so I take a break, say a prayer, and soon the word is as plain as day.” Lori continued, “I have learned that the gift of tongues, translation and languages is real. I have learned to appreciate the early missionaries as they write to accept their calls and explain what they will be leaving behind.”

She concluded her statement with these words: “I love this work.”

Lori Labrum

Lori and countless other volunteers feel the impact of this work each day. If you or anyone you know would like to join the Foundation as a volunteer, please contact us at contact@wilfordwoodruffpapers.org or visit our website at https://wilfordwoodruffpapers.org/volunteer.