Our foundational partners play a critical role in accomplishing our mission which is to, by 2027, digitally preserve and publish Wilford Woodruff’s eyewitness account of the Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ from 1833 to 1898. Each of these partners has been instrumental in the launch of our Foundation, providing guidance and access to information based on their expertise. We are grateful for their support and participation in the Wilford Woodruff Papers Foundation.

Our outreach partners play an essential and vibrant role by carrying the inspirational messages and stories from the Wilford Woodruff Papers to their Latter-day Saint audiences everywhere. They support our purpose, which is to make Wilford Woodruff’s faithful records universally accessible and to inspire all people, especially the rising generation, to study and increase their faith in Jesus Christ, understand and honor sacred temple covenants, and thereby receive the blessings of exaltation with their families. We appreciate their creativity and their shared passion for spreading the gospel.

Our technology partners fulfill a fundamental role for our Foundation in terms of increasing usability, establishing engagement, and completing our editorial process. The Wilford Woodruff Papers are not only digitized, they are contextualized with searchable tags for people, places, and events, allowing readers to embrace the spiritual gems contained within these pages online. These partners help bring 65 years worth of Church history to life! Their work uses advanced technologies, including AI, and is delivered largely through young students, interns, and volunteers.

Our influencer partners have specialized, loyal audiences that follow them for content or artistic reasons. We are grateful to these partners for their support of our efforts to build faith in Jesus Christ. Our media partners have a genuine interest in the ongoing Restoration of the gospel, including in sharing the Wilford Woodruff Papers that contain new Church history previously unavailable to the public. We appreciate their engagement in spreading the news about this great work.