Discourse 1870-03-19

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    Elder W. Woodruff said, this being a school of ^the^ prophets, should be profitable to those who come here, the spirit of God that each Elder possesses is the spirit of prophesy--we have had the living oracles in our midst for 40 years on the 6th April next--And as a people we have got to prepare a place for the coming of the Son of Man-- the United States had been warned ^lately^ by several hundred missionaries, perhaps for the last time, and their testimonies will stand good before God, Angels and ...
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    circumstances, encouraged the school to put their trust in God, and be united, and do our duty, And our Leaders will be inspired to lead this people in a straight path and Zion will be built up -- and the Go blessings of God will rest upon his people, and may thHe enable each one to do their is my prayer in the name of Jesus -- ...