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Feb 16, 1874

Journal Entry

February 16, 1874 ~ Monday

Feb 16, to 20 This is our last week of the session of the Legislature
& we never closed till 6 oclok Friday Morning the 20th
Govornor Woods Approved 22 Bills & vetoed 11 Bills
He vetoed the Appropriation Bill we had a Joint Session
in the Afternoon & Elected all the Territorial officers
& Probate Judges I received 10 Letters from various
[FIGURES] 10 persons & wrote 10 To Wilford, Sarah, Susan, Ilus,
&c we had a hard nights work the last night The
Appropriation Bill amounted to $195,159.20
more than thre times the amount of any other Appropriation
Bill the Legislature Ever passed I never felt as much
responsibility resting upon me as during this session I was not
out of the Legislature while in session one hour from comm[encemen]t
to End & labored on committies constantly


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8 Nov 1816 - 11 Dec 1888
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Woodruff, Sarah Brown
1 Jan 1834 - 9 May 1909
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Scholes, Susan Cornelia Woodruff
25 Jul 1843 - 6 Oct 1897
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Woodruff, Wilford (Jr.)
22 Mar 1840 - 9 May 1921
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Feb 16, 1874