Sarah Brown Woodruff

Sarah Brown Woodruff (1834-1909) was born 1 Jan. 1834 in Henderson, Jefferson Co., New York. She was the daughter of Harry Brown and Rhoda North. She was sealed to Wilford Woodruff on 15 Mar. 1853 in Great Salt Lake City, Great Salt Lake Co., Utah Territory, and they had eight children. She died 9 May 1909 in Smithfield, Cache Co., Utah.


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    Sarah Brown was Born ^in Henderson^ Jefferson Co New York Jan 1st 1834 Sarah Brown Daughter of Henry & [Rhoda] Brown Married to Wilford Woodruff sen March 13 1853 NAMES Born Marri[e]d Died Age David Patten April 4th 1854 ...
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    Rebeca Brown born ^June 15, 1804^ in vinal Haven Maine Oct 30. 1826 Sealed to WW Died Aug 1839 Aged 13 year Mary Webste Giles Born ^About 1806^ in Boston Mass sealed to W.W. March 28 1852 Died Oct 3rd 1852. Aged about 52 years On the 26 Febuary 1857 The following Persons were sealed to W Woodruff at the Alter in the Endowmt House By Brigham Young Phebe Whitmore Carter
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    September 14, 1856 ~ Sunday Sunday 14th I was unwell & did not attend meeting [two lines blank] In the Afternoon I attended meeting President Young gave liberty for any of the saints to confess or bear their testimony to the truth several of the brethren & sisters spoke then President Brigham Young arose & delivered unto the saints one of the strongest addresses that was ever delivered to this church & kingdom there was neither of the regular reporters present but Leo Hawkins reported the Latter Day ...
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    January 1, 1856 ~ Tuesday JAN. 1st, 1856 ^Tuesday^ I spent the day at home writing January 2, 1856 ~ Wednesday 2nd I spent the day in Joint session. All the officers of the Territory were Elected the Judges, & Notary Public of the co[u]nties The commissioners, Treasurers, Auditors, Marshalls, surveyors & Attorney Generals, The Chancellors & Regency of the University of Deserett. I was appointed as one of the Regency. January 3, 1856 ~ Thursday 3rd I spent the day In the council I ...
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    mormon to the various Indians Chiefs from the Cherekees to Florida He gave Ross the Cherikee chief one he made many remarks upon that subject. He made one Error in saying that the Indians would not imbrace the work of God or be gathered by the Gospel untill they had gone through among the Gentiles & trodden them down as the Book of mormon declairs. But the book of Morm- on declairs that they shall be gathered He was followed by Lorenzo Snow &
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    we had a good meeting. Elder Franklin Richards was to preside over the mission He received his blessing on Sunday evening. those that received their blessing this evening to go to England were George Grant Wm Kimball Joseph Young Edmund Elsworth Brother Little & anothe[r] Brother we also blessed Brother Kesler & Hollady to go to the states many goods remarks were made & good blessings given them March ...
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    Dec 15th 1869 we fed him a tumbler full that satisfied him & he fell asleep & slept for half an hour and After He awoke he vomited up a good deal of flem But finally became distresed again in the lungs & continued sinking through the night December 16, 1869 ~ Thursday 16. The child is dying this morning Delight the Mother of the child is feeling vary bad Emma, Sarah, & myself was with the child ...
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    Jan 10th 1870 There was some 1500 present including all the Military officers of Camp Douglass except one, & the United States officers of the Territory including the Judges all seemed to Enjoy themselves well I took with me Phebe, Sarah, & Emma, we took our supper at the Townsend House. 11Our Utah Legislature assembled at 10 ock in the Morning & organized The Council Appointed G. A. Smith President P. Lynch secretary &
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    Sept 5th 1870 since the war commenced & Finally a French Army has surrendered of some 120000 men to the King of Prussia including the Emperor Napoleon whether the war will scease or whether the Prussians will besiege Paris time will determin. [FIGURE] I wrote a letter to Azmon Woodruff September 6, 1870 ~ Tuesday to September 9, 1870 ~ Friday 6 to 9. I spent the time on the farm. September 10, 1870 ~ Saturday ...
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    Dec 3rd 1870 Dec 3rd at 1 oclok in the Morning but did not go to bed till near morning was called up Early to visit Emma who was taken sick at the House of Mary Jackson I went to see her & found her vary sick she had Miscarried. I attended the school of the Prophets & followed G. Q Cannon & J. F. Smith. Distance of my travels South 150 M[iles] [FIGURE] I received 5 letters on my return home ...