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Feb 2, 1844

Journal Entry

February 02, 1844 ~ Friday

2nd I spent the day to work on my house

[FIGURE 14] [FIGURE 14] I met with the quorum for Prayer &c at
Elders Youngs [FIGURE] W W P [FIGURE] S P Br & Sister Wm. W. Phelps
attended with us. Br Phelps spoke concerning his
appointment as a Lawyier in Israel ^Brother &
Si[s]ter Wm W Phelps Received their 2nd Anointing & sealing^


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Young, Brigham
1 Jun 1801 - 29 Aug 1877
3314 mentions
Apostle, Family
Phelps, Sally Waterman
24 Jul 1797 - 2 Jan 1874
7 mentions
Phelps, William Wines
17 Feb 1792 - 7 Mar 1872
165 mentions


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Publication of "The History of Joseph Smith" in the Times and Seasons covering period up to January 7, 1832.

Feb 2, 1844