William Wines Phelps

William Wines Phelps (1792-1872) was born 17 Feb. 1792 in Hanover, Morris Co., New Jersey. He was the son of Enon Phelps and Mehitabel Goldsmith. He married Sally Waterman on 28 Apr. 1815. He was baptized 16 Jun. 1831. He worked alongside Wilford Woodruff in church leadership positions from 1834 to 1872. He died 7 Mar. 1872 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake Co., Utah Territory.


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  • Page 231

    April 6, 1844 ~ Saturday A Special Conference held at Nauvoo April 6th AD 1844 Conference assembled at 10 oclock AM April 6 President B, Young, called the conference to order. President Joseph Smith said he should not occupy time in speaking of any difficulties that might have occured in our midst, said he was not a fallen prophet, & never in any nearer relationship to God than at the present time, & would show before the conferen closed ...
  • Page 253

    of your visitation the work is beginning to be seen by the Saints, when J. C. Bennet went forth to try to destroy the Saints. A little company of us went before God and asked him to take away his power, and it fell like lightning from Heaven we asked for Duncan not to be Govornor he was not but he is now dead and damned. We asked for Reynolds to be taken away, he soon shot himself & went to Hell.
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    It is true you have been called to suffer much in the cause in which you are engaged but if Judgment bgins at the house of God, babylon will not escape and if their is a fire in a green tree a dry tree will not escape the fire, and their is no people more prepared for the shok that is coming on the earth than than the latter day Saints, for the object we have is to secure blessings beyound the veil in the first resurr- ection this ^is wh[a]t^ we are ...
  • Page 346

    October 6, 1844 ~ Sunday 5 6th Sunday I Preached to the saints in the forenoon & Br Sparks in the Afternoon I visited sister Adams in the evening who lade at the point of death we administered to her by the laying on of hands I returned to Br A. Deweys and spent the night [FIGURE] I wrote a letter in the evening [FIGURE] October 7, 1844 ~ Monday 7th I took cars & wrote rode to Boston arived at Br ...
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    April 3, 1837 ~ Monday April 3rd The day had now arived for preperations for the solumn assembly the annointing & the endowment of the Elders of Israel or at least for those that were not endowed in Kirtland the strong hold of the daughter of Zion in the spring of 1836 & as I was absent at that time my day is now come & my time at hand for those blessings & I shall record the events of each day of the endowment for ...
  • Page 197

    February 1, 1844 ~ Thursday Feb I spent the day painting & drawing my arches in the front of my house & geting my roof on February 2, 1844 ~ Friday 2d I spent the day to work on my house. [FIGURES] I met with the quorum for Prayer &c at Elders Youngs. [FIGURES] Br & Sister Wm. W. Phelps attended with us. Br Phelps spoke Concerning his appointment as a
  • Page 201

    February 7, 1844 ~ Wednesday 7th It was an exeeding cold day I spent my time trying to regulate my affairs I met in the evening with the Twelve at the store to make some arangments about political affairs but nothing was done February 8, 1844 ~ Thursday 8th It is still cold, I spent the day at home. But I met with a congregation of the citizens in the room over Joseph store for the purpose of hearing the views of General Joseph Smith given concerning the ...
  • Page 302

    Aug 8th 1844 [FIGURE] All the authorities of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in and about Nauvoo met in a special conference in the grove in Nauvoo at 3 oclock. The quorum of the Twelve, Councillors S. Rigdon & A Lyman, the High Council, and others occupied the Stand, the High Priest, quorum, & quorum of the Seventies and Elders, Pishops Priests Teachers & deacons appeared in their several quorums and took their seats and also a vast ...
  • Page 305

    is granted. I believe their is no power or, officer or means wanted to carry on the work but what is in the Twelve, the right has been presented by Elder Young and I will back him up. President Young has stood next to the Prophet Joseph with the Twelve and I have stood next to them and I will still stand next to them. We have a head here what is that head[?] the quorum of the Twelve we now se the necessity of ...
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    November 16, 1842 ~ Wednesday 16th The snow storm continues an exceding cold day both man & beast suffer exeedi ngly [FIGURE] We got out the 1st No vol 4 of the Times & Season Edited by John Taylor & Published By John Taylor & W. Woodruff - I commenced making Mail November 17, 1842 ~ Thursday 17 Cold weather still continues many are suffering for the want of wood & provisions the early winter has cought many unprepared November 18, 1842 ~ Friday 18th Spent ...