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Apr 5, 1837

Journal Entry

April 05, 1837 ~ Wednesday

April 5th I spent a part of the day in attending the
high Council the remainder in writing, prayer, &
fasting I again repaired to the upper ^lower^ part of the
house of the Lord at 5 oclock PM. with the quorum
of the Seventies for a solumn assembly anointing
&c. Three out of the seven presidents were present
& anointed twelve the spirit of God sat upon us
& we were satisfied with our blessing conseque-
ntly I returned home with those brethren with
whom I had covenanted for a blessing & took some
food & retired to rest being 24 hours since we
had taken food or sleep. There was much of the
spirit of prophesy & revelation poured upon the
heads of the anointed in the diferent quorums


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Autobiography 1883 Tullidge's Quarterly Magazine Notes 1
in fasting and prayer. Part of the day was occupied in attending the high council; the remainder until 5 oclock in writing prayer and fasting At 5 o'clock I met in the House of the Lord with the Seventies for a solemn assembly anointing &c. Three out of the seven Presidents were present and they anointed twelve. The Spirit of the Lord rested upon us and we were satisified and returned home.


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Woodruffs live with Jonathan and Olive Hale; Wilford records patriarchal blessings for Joseph Smith Sr.

Apr 5, 1837