Frederick Granger Williams

Frederick Granger Williams (1787-1842) was born 28 Oct. 1787 in Suffield, Hartford Co., Connecticut. He was the son of William Wheeler Williams and Ruth Granger. He married Rebecca Swain in Dec. 1815. He was baptized in Oct. 1830. He and Wilford Woodruff were part of Zion's Camp in 1834. He died 10 Oct. 1842 in Quincy, Adams Co., Illinois.


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    [FIGURE] MATRIMONY. WILLFORD. WOODRUFF. Born March 1st 1807 PHEBE. W. CARTER. Born March 8th 1807 April 13, 1837 ~ Thursday April. 13th 1837. Marriage being an institution of heaven & honourable in all. I accordingly accepted the honour upon this memorial day, by joining hands with Miss PHEBE W. CARTER in the bonds of matrimony and took upon ourse- lves the marriage covenant. Elder Johnathan Holmes Also took the same responsibility upon himself at the same time by ...
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    January 4, 1837 ~ Wednesday Jan 4th I met in company with the high school of Kirtland in the house of the Lord for the purpose of a public examination it being the last day of the first quarter the examination lasted about three hours then after an intermission of one hour we again repaired to the house & herd an interesting lecture deliver'd on Education By Professer Haws We have now a vacation of four weeks & the next term will then commence January 5, 1837 ...
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    April 3, 1837 ~ Monday April 3rd The day had now arived for preperations for the solumn assembly the annointing & the endowment of the Elders of Israel or at least for those that were not endowed in Kirtland the strong hold of the daughter of Zion in the spring of 1836 & as I was absent at that time my day is now come & my time at hand for those blessings & I shall record the events of each day of the endowment for ...
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    Elder Zerah Pulsipher I was ordained a Teacher under his hands on the 2nd of Jan 1834, in Richland Oswego Co NY. On the 5th of Nov 1834, I was ordained a Priest under the hands of Elder Simeon Carter by the direction of the High Council in Clay County Missouri. On the 28th of June 1835 I was ordained an Elder in the church of Latter Day Saints under the hands of Elder Warren Parrish at Eagle Creek Benton County ...
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    A true copy of a licensce conveyed to me from Kirtland Ohio TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN THIS certifies that Willford Woodruff has been rece ieved into the church of Latter Day Saints organized on the sixth of April in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty and has been ordained an elder according to the rules and regulations of said church and is duly autho rized to Preach the gospel agreeably to the authority of that office. From the satisfactory evidence which we have ...
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    many of the gifts were poured out upon the people; at break of day we were dismissed. I also spent the night of the 7th in the Temple, with several of the Elders, in prayer and praise before the Lord; the Holy Ghost rested upon us, and the spirit of prophecy was given, and many things were shown by the holy Spirit. April 9—President Smith spoke in the afternoon, and said in the name of the Lord, that the judgments ...
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    struck off July 1845 & is published up to the present time, thus from A little musterd seed the kingdom of God has grown in 15 years untill the sound thereoff has gone as it were over the earth, the church are now publishing four Papers two weekly & two semi monthly the Book of Mormon has had three editions published in America And only one in England Doctrins & Covenants or Revelations of God given through his serva[n]t Joseph have been published in three ...
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    I attended this school through the winter I attended ^the evening^ meetings with the ^Seventies^ 70s during and other Quorums as I had an opportunity during the winter of 1836 & 7 and received much valuable instruction. On the evening of the 20th Dec 1836 I was present at the organization of the third Quorum ^of seventies^ & their was 27 ordained ^among them A. O. Smoot^ into that Quorum during this meeting among the number ^of seventies^ was A. O. Smoot who had accompanied me to Kirtland On
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    his wife lay beside a log in the woods with a child three days old with nothing to eat, but he was ready to go under these strange circumstances. The services of the two volunters were accepted, and the Lord opened the way for both of them to get a horse, saddle, bridle, and outfit to prepare for this tedious journey of one thousand miles in the depth of Winter, on horseback to visit the Prophet Joseph at Kirtland, Ohio. On their arrival there, arrival and laying their situation ...
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    and nearly all elders, prists, teachers, or deacons. And as our wagons were nearly filled with baggage we had to travil mostly on foot. On the 7 I gathered togather all the company and each one donated what money he had into one general fund; and we appointed F. G. Willams paymaster of the company for the funds thus collect- ed. The following is the whole list of the names of the camp, being two hund- red and five men and five women, some of whom were not present at the ...