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    the Seventis were to go out under the direction of the Twelve & build up the Kingdom of God & regulate all the affairs of the same in all the world who of the seventies are prepared for all this we should improve all our time in treasuring up Knowledge & instruction & dont spend it foolishly for we shall want all the knowledge we kan obtain in filling our mission to the Nations of the Earth
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    President Young said unto the Twelve If you are willing to humble yourselves before the Lord & covenant to do right & walk humble before him, make it manifest by raising the right hand when each one raised their hand, the same question was put to the High Priest, Seventies, Elders & Members & all universally covenanted with uplifted hand to humble themselves before the Lord repent of their sins & keep his commandments.
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    After we arived in camp President Young called a Council of the quorum of the Twelve there being present B Young H. C. Kimball, O. Pratt, W. Richards, W. Woodruff G. A. Smith A Lyman & E. T. Benson. we walked from the north camp to about the centre between the two creeks when Prest. Young waved his hands & said here is the forty acres for the Temple (we had conve- rsed upon the subject of the location for the Temple previous to this) & the city can be laid out perfectly square North & South, east & west.
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    we considerd this a duty & privlege as we come into a glorious valley to locate & build a temple & build up Zion we felt like renewing our covenant before the Lord and each other. We soon repaired to the water & President Brigham Young went down into the water & baptized all his Brethren the Twelve that were with him by burying them in the water He also confirmed us in the Church & sealed upon us our apostleship & all the keys, powers, & blessings belonging to that office Br Heber C. Kimball baptized & confirmed President Brigham Young the following are the names of those present on this occasion B. Young H. C. Kimball O. Pratt W. Richards W. Woodruff G. A. Smith & A Lyman
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    Elder Orson Pratt had been sick & night [nigh] unto death with the Pleurisy in the left side I went with the Twelve to visit him on the 2d instant & laid hands upon him. On the 3d Friday several of the Twelve laid hands upon him I visited him in the Evening & laid hands upon him & told him in the name of the Lord that He should live & not die & that He should be healed for He had not done his work in the flesh. He began to amend & told me he thought He should be able to attend conference. I was quite surprised to see him come into the Tabernacle this morning & take a seate with us.
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    My feelings have been often hurt since my arival in Liverpool by the unkind feelings & speeches made towards me by Elders Hedlock, Ward, & Wilson conserning business matters myself and the Twelve it is hard to be grieved & wounded in the House of those that should be our friends. But Joseph Hiram & the Twelve have had much of this to bear in the rise & Progress of this Church 4
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    A public meeting was again held in the Council house with the commissioners Col Forney and the Presidency Twelve and a House Full of the saints they were addressed by John Taylor G A Smith & James Furguson spoke much to the point. President Brigham Young then addressed the saints and spoke in the power of God those commissioners herd the voice & roar of the Lion. all the speeches were reported at 5 oclok we herd an address from Governor Powell He said all arangements were made we should now have peace and he seemed to be much rejoiced at having peace.
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    11th [FIGURES] The Presidency Twelve and many others met with the peace commissioners in the Council House Governor Powell a senator Elect Hailing from Kentucky and Maj McCullough from Texas were then introduced to the Assembly as the peace commissioners sent by President Buchanan Gov Powell spoke to the people & informed us what the President wished at our hands President Buchanan sent by them a proclamation accusing us of treason & some 50 other crimes all of which was fals yet He Pardoned us for all those offences if we would be subject to the Constitution and laws of the United States and if we would let his troops winter in our Territory He pledged himself that they should not interfere or infringe upon any city town or people of this Territory that he had no right to interfere with our religion, tenets, faith, or practice in any of our religion. The peace confirmed the same they did not wish to enquire into the past at all but let it all go but talk about the present & the future President Buchanan
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    May 29, 1837 ~ Monday May 29th I met in the house of the Lord to attend an important conference or meeting of the high councel to attend to some important business of the Church let memory speak upon this subject two {of the presidency} two {of the Twelve and} one {of the seventy were stood before the Council for aggressing} It was considered not {lawful to} try {the president} before the high Councel but before the Bishop the Presidents withdrew the council closed without transacting business ^I ...
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    March 26, 1837 ~ Sunday March 26th Sunday communed with the saints in the fore part of the day. In the latter part, Elder W. Parrish Preached the funeral sermon of Sister Pratt the wife of Elder P. P. Pratt one of the twelve who died March 25th 1837 March 27, 1837 ~ Monday March 27th I signed $50 fifty Dollars for the building of the house of the Lord in Zion the subscription list was in the hands of ...
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    August 29, 1837 ~ Tuesday Aug 29th Preached at the north schoolhouse, spent the night at Malatiah Luce 8 m[iles] August 30, 1837 ~ Wednesday 30th Elder Hale Preached at the east schoolhouse I followed him, stay'd with Carver 4 m[iles] August 31, 1837 ~ Thursday 31st Last day of summer I visited many friends. I retired in company with Elder Hale to a grove & sat down under a fir tree and sung a song composed by Elders
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    INSTRUCTIONS TO THE TWELVE. the Twelve be humble and not be exalted, and beware of pride and not seek to excel one another, but act for each other's good, and honorably make mention of each other's names in prayer before the Lord and before your fellow-men. Do not backbite or devour a brother. The Elders of Israel should seek to learn by precept and example in this late age of the world and not be obliged to learn everything we know by sad experience. I trust the remainder of ...
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    Oct 22nd 1865 Continued from 1st volume of red covered Book of W Woodruff Journal October 22, 1865 ~ Sunday Oct 22nd 1865 Sunday Afternoon at the Tabernacle W Woodruff spoke one hour & 15 Minuts Elder Sloan reported the same which is recorded in this Journal under date of [blank] I met with D. H. Wells & several of the Twelve for prayer & attended a meeting in the Evening at the 14th ward school house I spoke to the ...
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    November 10, 1865 ~ Friday Nov 10 1865 I spent most of the day on the Lake west of Ezra Pettetts we killed 26 fine fat ducks. Brother H. C. Kimball & G Q Cannon spent the day in the Endowment House they gave Endowments to 65. G Q Cannon sealed 30 couple November 11, 1865 ~ Saturday 11. I spent the day in the Endowment House we gave Endowments ...
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    December 7, 1865 ~Thursday Dec 7, 1865 I packed away about 25 Bushels of Apples to day. sold 7 Bushels of spitzenburgh for $50. Paid A. O. Smoots clerk, toShetler, $100 Borrowed Money. Paid McCKean for U.S. taxes $20 per J. C. Little Borrowed $20 of Mitchel. I spent the Evening reading the Letters of O. Cowdry on the Early history of the Church December 8, 1865 ~ Friday 8. I spent the fore part of the day in the
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    Dec 22nd 1865 Elder Taylor followed & backed up the Testimony of those who had spoke He was followed by Elder Cannon, all the Twelve present spoke & much of the spirit of God rested upon us & we were Blessed & felt it good to be there Elder Taylor Prophesyed that the Twelve should be delivered from the bondage of the poverty under which they had been weltering for years. At the close of the Meeting I went & got ...
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    A Synopsis of my Labors in 1865 I Travelled 1983 Miles I Attended Public Meetings 170 Meeting I Preached 64 discoursed 64 Discourses I Attended two General Conferences 2 Conferences I Attended 62 Prayer Circles 62 Prayer I Ordained 4 Seventies 4 Seventies I Blessed 52 Missionaries in company with the Twelve I Spent 54 days in the Endowment House 54 days We Gave Endowments to 1342 persons 1342 Endowments President B Young sealed several couple President ...
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    May 27, 1869 it was Hard to put him under the Influence of cloriform & hard to come out of it Presidt Young Came a short time But his leg was taken off when he got there. It has stoped Raining & cleared up to day I wrote a letter to Wilford [FIGURE] May 28, 1869 ~ Friday 278. [FIGURE] I wrote a letter to A. O. Smoot we got a letter from [FIGURE] Susan I went to the ...