Simeon Dagget Carter

Simeon Dagget Carter (1794-1869) was born in 1794 in Killingworth, Middlesex Co., Connecticut. He was the son of Gideon Carter and Johanna Sims. He married Lydia Kenyon on 2 Dec. 1818. He was baptized in Feb. 1831. He ordained Wilford Woodruff to the office of Priest on 5 Nov. 1834 in Clay Co., Missouri. He died in 1869 in Brigham City, Box Elder Co., Utah Territory.


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    On the 31 which ^w^as the last day of Dec & of the year 1833 I Joined the Church of Latter Day Saints was Baptized by Elder Zerah Pulsifer on the 31 of Dec 1833 in company with with my Brother Azmon Woodruff we were the two first that was baptized by a latter day saint in Oswego Co NY. I was ordained a Teacher by Elder Pulsifer Jan 2nd 1834 Travled while A Teacher from the 11th of Aprail to 25^th^ of June 1834. — — 1238 ...
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    Elder Zerah Pulsipher I was ordained a Teacher under his hands on the 2nd of Jan 1834, in Richland Oswego Co NY. On the 5th of Nov 1834, I was ordained a Priest under the hands of Elder Simeon Carter by the direction of the High Council in Clay County Missouri. On the 28th of June 1835 I was ordained an Elder in the church of Latter Day Saints under the hands of Elder Warren Parrish at Eagle Creek Benton County ...
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    was called to the chair & Elder Edwin P. Merriam clerk I opened the meeting by prayer & address ed the church in great plainness one hour as Elder Dunham had transgressed openly before the church I rebuked him openly & protested against the spirit he possessed & maintained during the Springfield Conference ie the Brewster spirit Elder Simeon Carter followed me & maintained the principle with me & so did the others that spoke Elder Jonathan Dunham arose & confessed his fault & asked ...
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    November 5th 1834 Brother Lyman Wight called a vote to recommend Brother Stephen Winch ester, Heman T Hide and myself to the high council for ordination it was a full vote and at the next meeting of the high council we were recommended by Lyman Wight, Amasa Lyman Elias Higby and Zebedee Colton all high priests to the council and there was a vote taken and carried by the high council to ordain us priests. And Brother ...
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    THE DESERET NEWS. TRUTH AND LIBERTY. No. 18. FILLMORE CITY, WEDNESDAY, JULY 7, 1858. VOL. VIII. [Column 1] HISTORY OF WILFORD WOODRUFF. (FROM HIS OWN PEN.) IN tracing the history of my fathers, I find it difficult to obtain a satisfactory account of the Woodruff family for more than three gen- erations. My great grandfather, Josiah Woodruff, lived nearly one hundred years, and possessed an iron constitution and performed a great amount of manual labor nearly ...
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    Dec 9, 1866 man in this church & kingdom of God of that man forfeited that blessing it would be bestowed upon his children. I met with the Presidency and Twelve at 4 oclok for Prayer. Sister Mary Vose died this morning at 7 oclok Aged 86 years. I preached in the 12 ward in the Evening & called at Sister Sayers whare Sister Vose died Brother Leonard W Hardy the Bishop of the ward accompanied me home & we ...
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    Elder, and a small Branch organized of twelve members, by Elder Pulsi- pher. In February following, in company with Elder Holton, I walked some sixty miles to the town of Fabius, to attend an evening meeting of the Saints in that place, where Elder Pul- sipher was presiding. I saw the book of commandments or revelations given through Joseph Smith, and I believed them with all my heart, and rejoiced therein; and after spending several days, and holding several ...
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    if commandments are given us & we dont obey then our light becomes darkness then how great is that darkness it would be better for him not to have the light at all If the Lord had given all men all they have asked for they would many of them been out of the Church now I have herd many say I have Asked the Lord to reveal certain principls unto me & He did not do it but this is because it was not wisdom to give it unto you but if you are faithful the ...
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    case of cholera in the camp. The people ^brethren^ covenanted to do this & the plague was stayed & there was not another case in camp. Joseph held several meetings with the ^Saints^ Saint Set them in order, & ^President Joseph Smith^ returned home with many other of the brethren I remained with Lyman Wight laboring with my hands till the following winter. * ^(*see paper apart & page 9th)^ At a meeting of the High Council at Lyman Wights in Clay County Missouri I was ordained to the office ...
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    but he said he could not do it. Peter Whitmer Jr., Simeon Carter, Newel Knight, Parley P. Pratt, Christian Whit- mer and Solomon Hancock were called and chosen and it was appointed unto them to receive their endowments in Kirtland with power from on high to assist in gathering up the strength of the Lord's House, and to preach the everlasting Gospel. Thomas B. Marsh was called and chosen; and ...