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    December 24, 1883 ~ Monday 24 [FIGURE] I went to the Temple in the morning. We had a day of Prayer and fasting I met with 28 Men Holding the Melchesedek Prieshood and I organized them into the school of the Prophets, all of which had Entered into the school of the Patriarchal order of Marriage and all agreed to keep the word of wisdom {I washed the feet of} 24 {men} we broak bread and partook of the sacramet of Bread and wine {the washing of feet was an introductory ordinance into the school of the prophets. I also gave the salutation to the brethren as they entered the school.} we had a vary interesting day the spirit of the Lord rested upon us
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    gather yourselves together in your holy places, and clothe yourselves with robes of the Holy priesthood, and there offer up your prayers according to my holy law. Let him who presides be mouth and kneel upon the holy altar, and there let mine apostles bring all these testimonies before my face and be- fore the heavenly hosts and before the justified spirits made perfect. And thus saith the Lord unto you, mine apostles, when you bring these testimonies before me, let them be presented by name as far as the Spirit shall present them unto you — the presidents of the United States, the Supreme Court, the Cabinet, the Senate and House of the Congress of the United States, the governors of the States and Territories, the judges and others sent unto you, and all men and persons who have taken any part in persecuting you, or bring- ing distress upon you or your families, or who have sought your lives, or sought to hinder you from keeping my commandments, or from enjoying the rights which the constitutional laws of the land guar- iantee unto you
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    When I arose in the evening to speak at Brother Benbow's house, a man en- tered the door and informed me that he [Column 2] was a constable, and had been sent by the rector of the parish with a warrant to arrest me. I asked him "For what crime?" He said, "For preaching to the peo- ple." I told him that I, as well as the rec- tor, had a license for preaching the gos- pel to the people, and that if he would take a chair I would wait upon him after meeting. He took my chair and sat beside me. I preached the first principles of the everlasting gospel for an hour and a quarter. The power of God rested upon me, the Spirit filled the house, and the people were convinced. At the close of the meeting I opened a door for baptism, and seven offered themselves. Among the number were four preachers and the constable. The latter arose and said, "Mr. Wood- ruff, I would like to be baptized." I told him I would like to baptize him. I went down to the pool and bap- tized the seven. We then met together and I confirmed thirteen, and broke bread unto the Saints and we all rejoiced together. The constable went to the rector and told him if he wanted Mr. Woodruff taken up for preaching the gospel, he must go himself and serve the writ, for he had heard him preach the only true gospel sermon he had ever listened to in his life. The rector did not know what to make of it, so he sent two clerks of the Church of England as spies, to attend our meet- ing, and find out what we did preach. But they were both pricked in their hearts and received the word of the Lord gladly, and were baptized and con- firmed members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The rector became alarmed and did not dare to send anybody else.
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    The prospect in London at that time was the darkest I had ever been in since entering the vineyard, but the Lord was with us and we were not discouraged. Sunday we met with the Saints at Brother Corner's three times, read in the Book of Mormon, gave instruction and broke bread unto them. We had a good time, though there was only about half a dozen present. I felt the spirit bear testimony that there would be a work done in London. I fell asleep, having retired to rest in good season, and slept until midnight, when I awoke and meditated upon the things of God until 3 o'clock in the morn- ing, and while forming a determination to warn the people in London and over- come the power of darkness by the assist- ance of God, a person appeared unto me whom I consider was the prince of dark- ness. He made war upon me and at- tempted to take my life. He caught me by the throat and nearly choked me to death. He wounded me in my forehead and I also wounded him in a number of places in the head. As he was about to over- come me I prayed to the Father in the name of Jesus Christ for help. I then had power over him and he left me, though much wounded. Afterwards three persons dressed in white came to me and prayed with me and I was im- mediately healed of all my wounds and delivered of all my troubles.
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    Hereafter, therefore, we desire the Latter-day Saints, under the direction of the Presidents of the Stakes and the Bishops, to meet in their several places of worship on the afternoon of the first Sunday in each month, whenever it can be done conveniently, and devote the meeting to the administration of the Sacrament, to the bearing of testi- mony by the members of the Church, to the blessing of children and the confirming of members in the Church, and to such other services as have usually been attended to at such meetings. We feel assured that excellent results will follow the giving of members of the Church an opportunity to bear their testimony to each other and to seek for the gifts which the Lord has promised to those who keep His commandments. Care should should also be taken on such occasions to see that the wants of the poor are relieved by the contributions of the Saints in their behalf, that no cry of the indigent or suffering shall arise from our land
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    By the water we keep the commandment, by the spirit are we justified and by the blood are we sanctified; and thus we become Saints. He who has fully repented of his sins and been baptized for the remiss- ion thereof, and received the Holy Ghost by the laying on of hands, may then partake of the emblems of the Savior's flesh and blood; and in that sacred ordinance eat and drink to His soul the benefits of that atoning blood. And such have the promise of the Savior that they shall never hunger or thirst. There is no other way provided on earth by which mankind can secure the benefits of the aton)ing blood of Christ.
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    We again met the Saints in the eve- ning at Sister Vose room & had a very interesting time in speaking of the goodness of God & breaking bread unto the church the spirit of God rested upon us & our souls were edefyed & the Sisters manifested their faith & Strength in the work of God in which they were engaged & notwithstanding some
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    was presented to us for an example {O God stay thy hand and judgment on Kirtland O Wilford remember this warning escape judgment lest thou fall O God save me for Christ's sake} Spent the past week in school in the Lords house December 18, 1836 ~ Sunday 18 Sunday I went up to the house of the Lord to worship Sermon delivered by Elder William Smith Elder Joseph Young administered the sacrament President Joseph Smith jr solumnized the rights of ...
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    I walked Into the city with Br Young & we bought each of us a pair of Pebble Specticeles for the eyes Also a small spy glass, Pebbles were 14/ shillings, the spy glass 3/6. I wrote a letter [FIGURE] to Sister Margarett Morgan April 8, 1841 ~ Thursday 8th [FIGURE] I wrote a letter to Elder Edward Ockey [FIGURE] Also one to Phebe W. Woodruff. I ^received^ £4.10 from Elder John Horlick by ...
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    April 8, 1837 ~ Saturday April 8th Spent the day in writing my Journal Spent the evening at Elder Milicans in Good Company April 9, 1837 ~ Sunday 9th Sunday morning I repaired to the house of the Lord to worship with the Saints Father John Smith opened the meeting by prayer then read the twelvth chapter of the second Book of Nephi & preached from it unto the people. In the latter part of the Day ...
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    All of which persons were then ordained unto the offices assigned them under the Hands of Elders W. Woodruff G. A. Smith & Ezra Thayer Appropriate remarks were then made by Elders Woodruff & Smith by way of council & instruction to those who had been ordained, & was followed by Elder David Savage. Adjourned to Sunday 10 oclok May 19, 1844 ~ Sunday 19th Met persuant to adjournment, opened by singing, & prayer by Elder A. M. Wilsey A discourse was ...
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    December 10, 1840 ~ Thursday (Dec 10th [FIGURE] I recieved a letter from Elder Hedlock Elder Young one from P P. Pratt containing £5. we walked over Black Friars Bridge called at Zions Chapel, to attend a sacrament meeting at Mr Aitkens society, but they knowing who we were refu◊sed to let us in, fearing lest we should break up their sociey. We then crossed over the Waterloo Road & returned home We attended mee- ting in the evening ...
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    decriptions of various dates. Some curious carbines taken from the Highlanders in 1715 the arms taken from Sir William Perkins charnock and others concerninged in the assination plot. in 1696. At the east end is an Immence Serpant formed of Pistols, and many other figures formed of armour. Also A machless brass gun which was taken from Malta by the French who landed there in 1798 and together with the eight banners suspended in different parts of the room wer sent by General
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    June 24, 1835 ~ Wednesday June 24th Held a debate with a Lawyier Wm L Sloss then rode to Mr Foster's preached at his house 14 mile June 25, 1835 ~ Thursday 25th Rode to J Jacksons [in] Humphrys Co distance 16 miles June 26, 1835 ~ Friday 26 Brother Parish baptized 1 Br John Jackson then rode to Mr L Barker's. Preached at his house was ...
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    August 7, 1835 ~ Friday AUG 7th Rode to Mr Fosters Preached at his house receieved 2 sudscribers for the M[essenger] & Ad[vocate] distance 15 miles August 8, 1835 ~ Saturday 8th Rode to Paris & herd of much excitement fearing an insurrection of the dlacks distance 14 miles August 9, 1835 ~ Sunday 9th Sunday Rode to Col Copeland Preached at the Academy distance 10 miles August 10, 1835 ~ Monday 10th Rode ...
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    [FIGURE] I spent the [fore part] [page smudged] of the day at home the afternoon I spent in company with my counsellors viz Elders Hedlock & Ward at my house I lade hands upon their heads & ordained them as counsellors & they laid hands upon me & blessed me. We partook of the sacrament together & then called upon God our heavenly Father by prayer in unity for hHim to bless us & frustrate the designs of our enemies & other over throw ...
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    March 6, 1845 ~ Thursday 6th I spent the day at the of[fice] [FIGURE] I recieved 3 Letters 4 miles March 7, 1845 ~ Friday 7th [FIGURE] I wrote a letter to Br Ilus F Carter & spent the day at the office 4 m March 8, 1845 ~ Saturday 8th I wrode to Preston with Elder Ward & spent the night at Sister Ellen Green 101 Bedford st 35 m March 9, 1845 ~ Sunday ...