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    Thou shalt have the spirit of God to instruct thee in thy mission and lead thee into all truth thou shalt be filled with the spirit of God. Thine eyes shall be opened to look within the veil and behold the things of eternity. ^Yea the Lord of glory shall appear unto thee thou shalt put thy hands upon his feet and feel his wounds with thy hands that thou mayest be a special witness of his name^
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    On the doctrin's of faith Faith comes by hearing the word of God through the testimony of the Servents of God that Testimony is alw- ays attended by the spirit of prophecy & revelation.
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    A deluge of water once depopulated the world for crime; a similar scourge, by a different elem- ent, has a similar mission to perform & for a like cause. The measure of human crime is coming to the full, and the arm of Omnipotence lifted to "shake terribly the earth" and the watch quarrelling about creeds, territory or gold. The present Christian dispensation is about to close like the Jewish—the heavens about to [be] rolled together like a scroll; the star in that heaven about to be thrown from their orbits, in wild consternation and the indications overlooked; prophetic allusions to the terrible wreck, mistaken, misapplied or applyed to the wreck of Nature; an event without foundation in holy writ. These things are true.— They are not the freaks of a heated imagination; but predicated upon a long candid, cool, unbiassed investigation of the living oracles; and on the premises we throw the gontlet to all the clergy, learned or unlearned on earth!
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    Whare there is a prophet, a priest, or a righ- teous man unto whom God gives his oracles there is the kingdom of God, & whare the oracles of God are not there the kingdom of God is not.
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    Again the first Principle of our cause & work is to understand that their is a prophet in the Church & that he is at the head of the Church on Earth. who called Joseph Smith to be a prophet? Did the people or God. God & not the people called him, had the people gatherd together & appointed one of their number to be a Prophet he would have been accountable to the people but inasmuch as he was called of God & not the people he is accountab[le] to God & the Angel that committed the Gospel to him & not to any man on earth.
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    who is the Author of this work & gathering, Josephs Smith the Prophet of God as an instrument in the hands of God is the Author of it, he is the greatest man on earth No other man of this age has power to assemble such a great people from all the Nations of the earth with all their varied dispositions as assimulate them & cement them together so that they will be subject to rule & order this the Prophet is doing & what makes a great king President or man is to have a great People to rule over.
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    Their was to be two Prophets in Jerrusalem slain, for they tormented them. Prophets are always a torment to the People for they tell them the truth, reprove their transgressions speak of the Judgments that are to come, when those prophets were to be slain the people all would rejoice & send Presents to one another because the prophets who had tormented them were slain, but in three days they stood upon their feet & the Joy of their enemies was of short duration. It is so now their is a secret Joy in the hearts of the Priest and many people that the Prophet and Patriarch is murdered and some manifest their joy openly. It is always a dark time Just before day, it is a dark time now but it will soon be light.
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    For the first time in my life, for the first time in your lives, for the first time in the kingdom of God do I step forth to act in my capacity in connexion with the quorum of the Twelve as Apostles of Jesus Christ unto the People and to bear of the keys of the Kingdom of God in all the world. And for the first time are you called to walk by faith not by sight, for always before you have had a Prophet as the mouth of the Lord to speak to you. but he has sealed his testimony with his Blood.
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    No man can stand at our head. The Prophet Joseph has lade the foundation for a great work, and we will build upon it.
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    But I tel you in the name of the Lord, that no man can put another betwen the Twelve and the Prophet Joseph, why because Joseph was their file leader and he has committed into there hands the keys of the kingdom for all the world. dont put a thread between the Priesthood and God
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    Children, & all you have. I dont know that I can give you a better pattern of what we want than the case of Joseph in Egypt. An Israel- ite will get all he can, they are vary great to go ahead. The Egyptians believed in dreams & by this peculiar gift Joseph entered into a great scheme of speculation, he used the gift of dreams to become great in the eyes of the Egyptians, had great political influence came out on the kings horse in great splendor, & ...
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    And I Prophecy in the name of the Lord that whether Boston Saints or who may stand for it or rise against it that almost numberless milions will selebrate that day when the founda- tion of this work was laid. G A Smith arose and said that he was pleased with the many remarks that had been made this day you can see a similarity between the two Josephs & the Laws that were given. Says one who believes ...
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    August 22, 1840 ~ Saturday 22nd [FIGURE] P I received a letter from Mrs Woodruff under date of July 2nd which I was truly rejoice to receive, [FIGURE] I wrote her one in return a double letter one yesterday & on[e] to day {and enclosed} 1/2 {sovereign for Sarah and Wilford} we also received a letter from B. Young & a copy of the 4th Star. I spent the day in writing. I walked out in the evening near the ...
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    Nauvoo Aug 28th 1844 To all the saints Elders and Saints in Europe greeting. We send our beloved brother Wilford Woodruff to England to take charge of all the business transac- tions pertaining to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints both spiritual and temporal, we wish you to give diligent heed to his council in all things and as we have not the opportunity of Informing you of what has transpired this season by letter, our beloved ...
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    October 10, 1844 ~ Thursday 10th [FIGURES] I wrote 4 Letters to Nauvoo one to Dwight Webster sent him $10 dollars to pay my Taxes ^And for sister Eunice^. I sent one Letter to Sister Brown & sent her $2 dollar to pay her for her labour in assisting us. I wrote one letter to Br & sister Benbow, & one to Br Dexter Stillman, all included in one ...
    October 10, 1844 October 11, 1844 October 12, 1844
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    when a man is chastized he gets angry & will not endure it. The reason we do not have the secrets of the Lord revealed unto us is because we do not keep them but reveal them, we do not keep our own secrets but reveal our difficulties to the world even to our enemies then how would we keep the secrets of the Lord Joseph says I can keep a secret till dooms day. He spoke of love what greater love hath any man than that he ...
    December 20, 1841 December 24, 1841 December 25, 1841
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    December 26, 1841 ~ Sunday Dec 26th Sunday I visited the sick in the morning & spent the fore part of the day in writing I received [FIGURE] a letter last evening from Br Azmon Woodruff of South Richland under Date Nov 15th 1841 Joseph the Seer called upon me & others of the Twelve to attend meeting at his house we did so in the evening & herd many good principles presented by presidents Joseph & Hyram Smith such ...
    December 26, 1841 December 27, 1841 December 28, 1841 December 31, 1841
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    Travelled 7,062 Miles Held 83 Meetings Attended 10 conferences Baptized 21 persons Assisted at the Baptizing of 18 others Confirmed 46 Ordained 11 Elders Do 13 Priest Do 10 Teachers Do 3 Deacon And 1 patriarch Blessed 5 children Healed 22 sick Married 4 persons Wrote 100 Letters & Received 67 Letters I reported and recorded in this Journal three sermons of Joseph the Seer 3 Recorded ...
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    February 7, 1842 ~ Monday to February 11, 1842 ~ Friday Feb 7, 8, & 9 ^10 & 11^ I spent in the printing office & was busy in setting in order many things about the office February 12, 1842 ~ Saturday 12th I attended the City Council it was an interesting day the subject of our rights was discused & among other things a Law passed regulating hawkers pedlers auctioneers &c February 13, 1842 ~ Sunday 13th I preached on Sunday at Br ...
    February 7, 1842 February 11, 1842 February 12, 1842 February 13, 1842 February 14, 1842 February 16, 1842 February 17, 1842 February 18, 1842 February 19, 1842
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    kingdom as at the beginning which is according to the order of heaven with seers prophets, Apostles, Elders Priests, Bishops, Teachers, Revelation, Administering of Angels gifts, graces, Knowledge, wisdom, tongues healings &c. &c. Truly the Lord has raised up Joseph the seer of the seed of Abraham out of the loins of ancient Joseph, & is now clothing him with mighty power & wisdom & knowledge which is more clear- ly manifest & felt in the midst of his intimate friends than any other class of mankind. The Lord is ...