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    . The Lord instituted Polygamy to raise up a royal Priesthood a kingdom of Priest, it is an institution of heaven all the blessings that are sealed upon us will do us no good unless we live for them
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    He gave good council & said those who spoke against A Plurality of wives & in there feelings will not receive it will never inherit the Celestial Kingdom of God for it has always been practiced there and always will be & thousands of women will be saved there who have been trodden under the feet of men & what will be done with them if men did not have more than one wife Men are the Lords of Creation & God will hold them responsible.
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    A Bill is Before Congress to deprive the Latter Day Saints, of keeping the commandments of God the Lord has revealed the Law on the Patriarchal order of Marriage & the Lord says we shall be damned if we do not obey it & Congress says we shall be damned if we do so it its the Lord & Congress for it I would rather obey the Lord than Congress
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    I closed my remarks By saying that God commanded Daniel the Prophet to Pray & He Prayed three times a day with his windows Hoisted & his Enemies said if He did pray & make any petition to any God or king for 3 days He should be cast into the den of Lions But He did pray, his enemies cast him into the den of Lions & his God Delivered him. The three Hebrews were told if they did not fall down & worship the Golden Image of Nebechudnezzar that they should be cast into the Firyey furnisace &But they worshiped God & would not worship the Image & they were cast into the firey Furnisace But the form of the Fourth was with them & they were saved. Now in our day, God has revealed unto us the Patriarchal order of Marriage & has said if we do not obey it we shall be damned. Congress has said if do obey it we shall be damned now tiwhich shall we obey God or Congress, for it is God & Congress for it The assembly shouted as By acclimation we will obey God.
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    The Collam Bill against the Saints of God in Utah Passed the House. The Congress of the United States has commenced to Make war against God & his Church and Kingdom upon the Earth & wo, wo, is their doom for this act will fill their Cup of iniquity & the Lord will destroy the Nation & breake them to peaces so they will not Encumber the ground & the Lord will Redeem Zion & Esstablish his kingdom
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    He spoke upon the subject of the Patriarchal Marriage He said if a man took more than one [FIGURE] wife upon the principle of passion instead of principle it will prove a curse instead of a Blessing
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    For the first time in my life I have had to flee away from my Enemies for the gospels sake or from any other cause they are now trying to arest me on Poligamy And as I had to Leave St George at 7 oclok I got into a waggon from the Temple with David H Cannon and drove all night
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    Now Ye Latter Day Saints what are you going to do under these circumstances God says we shall be damned of we do not obey the Law, Congress says we shall be damned if we do. It places us precisely in the same position that it did the Hebrews in the firey furnice, or Daniel in the Den of Lions. The Enemies of Daniel counciled together and said we cannot find any occasion against this Daniel except we find it against him concerning the Law of his God. Our Enemies have persued the same cource and the Law makers and Judges have Joined with them, and made it a Law of Offence to obey one of the
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    (I read the following in the Arizona Miner) "Apostle Wilford Woodruff of the Latter Day Saints. recently unbosomed himself to the Mormon Church as follows." "I will never abandon my wives & children at the Demand of a Nation steeped in sin and ripe for the Damnation of Hell. I read this paragraph and went on reading the life of Christ as composed and Tranquil as before I am in the hands of God & so is the United States Government" I glory in the Epistle & Testimony which I have bourn to our Nation and all the wor[l]ds from which that Extract was made and God will back up my testimony and the testimony of all the righteous though the heaven and Earth Pass away The Testimony of inspiration will not Pass away but will all be fulfilled as the Lord liveth
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    ] The funeral of my wife Phebe was attended to day at the 14 ward school House I saw the procession as it Past the office. I saw the hearse that carried my wife Phebe Whitemore Carter Woodruff to the grave I was not permitted to attend her funeral without being arriested for my religin, & imprisioned for cohabitation with my wives as many others are. she was followed to the grave with 35 carriages. I am passing through a strange Chapter in the history of my life persecution is raging against the Latter Day Saints I am perfectly willing for my wife to lie down & go to sleep & be freed from any for [of] the persecution from the wicked. I hope I may prove true & faithful unto the End that I may meet with her & our friends in the Celestial kingdom of God, and have part in the first Resurrection with the righteous Prophets & Apostles and dwell with them in peace forever
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    we set apart Brother Hulse to his mission to Israel remarks were made by W. Woodruff C. C. Rich & several others upon the subject of the mission May 21, 1855 ~ Monday 21st Mondiay I got an Indian boy of Brother James Bosnel He was about a doz years of age his name was Moroni. Eliza Bosnel his wife wishes her Endowment & they wish me to write & inform them when they can have it ...
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    who also spoke well PM. Elder O Hyde Addressed the meeting in the afternoon was followed by G A Smith & President Young concerning the indian war Waker &c much good instruction was given. Conference adjourned till to morrow 10 oclock Their was preaching during the evening at the Tabernacle By the High Priests quorum the meeting was Addressed by Bishop Petegrew Phineas Young, Gifford Haywood John Neff ...
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    Sept 18 1869 We had a rainy Afternoon we met in the Evening Prayer By Brother Cluff Joseph Youg spoke 5 Minutes W Woodruff 25, Brother Faust 40, A O Smoot 30. September 19, 1869 ~ Sunday 19. Sunday Met at at 10 oclock Joseph Yo[un]g Prayed G. A. Smith spoke 47 Minutes B Youg jr 16 President Young spoke 62 M[inutes] we had an intermission of 10 Minutes sacrament was then adm- ...
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    September 27, 1869 ~ Monday Sept 27th 1869 I was quite unwell this morning But I went to the Endowment House we gave Endowments to 54 D H Wells sealed 31 couple & W Woodruff sealed 28 couple total 59. I spent the Evening at Br Pettits September 28, 1869 ~ Tuesday 28 [FIGURE] I wrote 5 Letters to Azmon & Ozem Woodruff, to Wilford to Luther Wheeler &
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    Oct 6, 1869 O. Hyde spoke 32 Minutes the fair closed to night October 7, 1869 ~ Thursday 7th, Conference Met at 10 oclok B Yog jr spoke Prayed L Snow spoke 42 Minuts. G. Q. Cannon read the Names of the Missionaries, W Woodruff spoke 34 m[inutes] After noon S W Richards Prayed O Pratt spok upon Poligamy one Hour & 32 Minutes A Mass Meeting was called at 4 oclok & ...
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    Jan 10th 1870 There was some 1500 present including all the Military officers of Camp Douglass except one, & the United States officers of the Territory including the Judges all seemed to Enjoy themselves well I took with me Phebe, Sarah, & Emma, we took our supper at the Townsend House. 11Our Utah Legislature assembled at 10 ock in the Morning & organized The Council Appointed G. A. Smith President P. Lynch secretary &
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    Feb 6, 1870 By L. E. Harrington & W Woodruff {I felt the power of God upon me} I bore a strong testimony to the people At the close of the Meeting I met with the Presidency & Twelve for prayer I attended meeting in the 14 ward in the Evening Lorenzo Snow spoke one hour & 15 minutes I then spoke about 30 Minutes I gave an Account of my meditations of what I should do if tryed for Polygamy Before Judge Hawley ...
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    Feb 12 1870 a long speech upon the subject of Poligamy. He contended that no person could have a celestial glory unless He had a plurality of wives. Speeches were made By L. E. Harrington O Pratt Erastus Snow, D Evans J. F. Smith Lorenzo Young. President Young said there would be men saved in the Celestial Kingdom of God with one ...
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    March 15 1870 to Bishop Herrick & to Richard Barrett {[illegible] shorthand} March 16, 1870 ~ Wednesday to March 17, 1870 ~ Thursday 16 & 17. I spent the time making posts & setting fence March 18, 1870 ~ Friday 18 I came to the City I received 2 letters from Richard Barrett [FIGURES] & Henry Holmes I also received a letter from Wilford March 19, 1870 ~ Saturday 19 ...
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    March 27, 1870 A sorrel mare colt. I did not attend meeting in the fore noon I Attended in the Afternoon A visitor Layman spoke in the Afternoon 66 minutes his whole subject was to Believe in Jesus He was followed By S. W. Richards who gave an account of his mission East I went to President Youngs office & conversed with D. H. Wells G Q. Cannon & Joseph A Young upon the signs of the times then ...