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    We baptized over eighteen hundred, including all of the United Brethren save one. We bap- tized over two hundred preachers of various denominations in that part of the vineyard. A synod of church ministers became so alarm- ed for their flocks in that part of the vineyard, they petitioned Parliament to adopt measures to stop our preaching. They received for an answer, that if they were as well acquainted with the Bible as their hunting grounds, and were as much interested in the welfare of the souls of men, as the chasing of the stags and foxes, they would not lose so many of their congregations.
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    On May 6th, I met with the Seventies, and we ordained sixty men into the quorums of Elders and Seventies. Brother Joseph met with the Twelve, Bishops and Elders, at Bishop Partridge's house; and there were a number with us who were wounded at Haun's Mill. Among them was Isaac Laney, who had been, in company with about twenty others, at the mill, when a large armed mob fired among them with rifles and other weapons, and shot down seventeen of the brethren, and wounded more. Brother Laney fled from the scene, but they poured a shower of lead after him, which pierced his body through and through. He showed me eleven bullet holes in his body. There were twenty-seven in his shirt, seven in his pantaloons, and his coat was literally cut to pieces. One ball entered one arm-pit and came out at the other. Another entered his back and came out at the breast. A ball passed through each hip, each leg and each arm. All these shots were received while he was running for life, and, strange as it may appear, though he had also one of his ribs broken, he was able to outrun his enemies, and his life was saved. We can only acknowledge this deliverance to be by the power and mercy of God. President Joseph Young was also among the number. He also fled, and although the balls flew around him like hail, he was not wounded. How mysterious are the ways of the Lord!
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    On Sunday, the 31st of July, A. O. Smoot and I preached at Mr. David Crider's, Weakly County, Tennessee. After the meeting Mr. Crider was baptized. A mob gathered and threatened us, and poisoned our horses so that the one I rode, belonging to Samuel West, died a few days after. This horse had carried me thousands of miles while preaching the gospel.
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    Not withstanding our enemies were continually breathing threats of vialence we did not fear, neither did we hesitate to prasecute our journey, for God was with us, and his angels were before us; and the faith of our little band was unwavering. We knew that angels were our companions, for we seen them.
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    May the Lord enable us the Twelve ever to be meek & humble & to lie passive in this hands as the clay is in the hands of the potter & may we ever realize that while we are in the service of God & doing his will, that though we may be surrounds by mobs & threatened with death that the Lord is our deliverer & that he will support us in every time of trouble & trial
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    Be not the aggressor bear untill they strike on the one cheek offer the other & they will be sure to strike that, then defend yourselves & God shall bear you off.
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    while the man that tends the gas lights at the Carpenters Hall was light- ing the Chandaliers for a publick discussion 12 of them burst in peaces Elder O Pratt stood beside of me at the time, the man said he had never seen such a thing before, this was to light the Hall to accomodate Mr Berry who pledged himself to prove the Book of mormon fals & water Baptism not essential unto Salvation
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    I found on my ariveal to Boston puite [quite] an excitemet through the country concerning affairs in Nauvoo & reagions round about saying that the whole country was rising in arms in mob to exterminate the saints most of the inflamatory speaches and excitement was got up by the warsaw message and St Louis papers they desire to exterminate the saints from of the earth, but the work is in the hands of God and he will direct all things aright
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    We feel an anxiety about our families in Nauvoo in consequence of the Persecution that rages in that
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    notwithstanding the persecution I repared to the pool about 12 oclock at night which was surrounded by a desperate mob of the gentiles I went down into the water & Baptized 5 persons in the midst of a shower of stones flung at me by the mob. & while they were pelting my Body with stones One of which hit me in the top of my head which nearly knocked me down into the water with the man that I was Baptizing but the Lord saved me from falling & I continued
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    water & also with strong drink or spirits this not by commandment but from choice We then accor ding to commandment clensed our hands and feet and bore testimony unto God against the Ben- ton County mob & also against Paris & many others who had rejected our testimony We enjo yed a solumn, spiritual, & interesting Season We retired from the water in the spirit of God & spent the night for the last time at Brother Levi Taylors & ...
    October 13, 1836 October 14, 1836 October 15, 1836 October 16, 1836 October 17, 1836 October 18, 1836 October 19, 1836 October 20, 1836 October 21, 1836
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    April 6, 1844 ~ Saturday A Special Conference held at Nauvoo April 6th AD 1844 Conference assembled at 10 oclock AM April 6 President B, Young, called the conference to order. President Joseph Smith said he should not occupy time in speaking of any difficulties that might have occured in our midst, said he was not a fallen prophet, & never in any nearer relationship to God than at the present time, & would show before the conferen closed ...
    April 6, 1844
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    to see a dozen armed men in the cornor of the fence, he wanted to shoot them, after- wards the mob came in & broke the door, took me & dragd me out through the streets by my heels with my head pounding over the frozen ground. Another company took presiden Smith, & tar & feathered him, they tried to tar and turn Aquiphertos [aqua fortis] down our our throats this is the reason why we were in secret, under lock & key. Now if you will let us ...
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    king in heaven and quarrel about the office of constable on earth. The kingdom of God may rise up in the midst of the kingd of the world and live above all laws, and not be a law abiding man, I will live above all law I will pay my taxes & obey all requirments that the goverment has uppon me. the reason we was mob in Mo was because we would not have any thing to do with the laws we did not break any we lived above them so they sent a mob upon us ...
    April 7, 1844
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    to eat drink and sleep & this is all man knows about God or his exhistance, except what is given by the inspiration of the Almighty. go then to the beginning that you may understand. I ask this congregation what kind of a being is God? turn your thoughts in your hearts, & say have any of you seen or herd him or communed with him this is a question that may occupy your attention The scriptures inform us that this is eternal life to know the ownly wise God & Jesus Christ ...
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    apostates in this Church they never scease to try to hurt me, they have got the same spirit the devil had, you cannot save them, they make open war like the devil, stay all that hear, dont make any hasty mooves you may be saved, if a spirit of Bitterness is in you, dont be in haste, Say you that man is a sinner, well if he repents he shall be forgiven. I could go back and trace evry subject of interest concerning the relationship of man to God if i had time, their is many mansions in my ...
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    another down he will sink as soon as a peace of pot mettle. Preach faith repentance & Baptism say nothing but repentance to this generation need not go into mysteries preach the same over again when I heard Br Joseph make his proclamation yesterday I thought it was a sweepstakes when he said North & South America was Zion. Any Elder that will be wise when he gets his endowment can go into any city & build up the largest church in the city this prooves the prophet true, that the priesthood is fitted for the condition ...
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    by all the Saints, but by the whole congregation of citizens that attended, good order prevailed through the whole conference. Attention kindness and civility was manifest by all who were present (Geo A Smith. President) (Asa Manchester. Clerk) At the close of the conference Elders Charles C Rich David Fulmer & Henry Jacobs arived dire[c]t from Nauvoo & spent the night with us May 20, 1844 ~ Monday 20th [FIGURE] I wrote a letter ...
    May 20, 1844
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    in the wilderness. If we do not carry out the plan Joseph has laid and the pattern he has given for us to work by we cannot get any further endowment I want it to sink deep into your heart that you may remember it. I repeat it, let me reason with you. If you stir up the flame of dissent will you get an endowment No, you get a party to run here and another there, and divide our strength, and weaken our hands and we will be ...
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    whole study is to put down truth and put a lie in its stead. I want the Lawyers to know that we have common sens^e^ they want to make you believe that when you spell Baker it means cider or whiskey; Now let the Lawyers and doctors alone and leave all ^off^ bitterness and evil speaking alone and you will build the Temple and get an endowment. All ye Lawyiers go away and let us alone, and when we want you and we ^&^ get full of the devil ^& want ...