patriarchal blessings

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    An Evangelist Is a patriarch even the oldest man of the Blood of Joseph or of the seed of Abram wharever the Church of Christ is esstablished in the earth there should be a patriarch for the benefit of the posterity of the Saints, as it was with Jacob in given [giving] his patriarchal blessing unto his sons &c.
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    be published under the Superintendance & direction of the Twelve for caried the benefit and information of the church as soon as a sufficient number of subscribers shall be obtained. Carried Mooved & Second. that Brother John Bleagard of Lambsbury be Ordained to the Office of a priest. Carried Mooved & Secd that bro James Corbridge of Thornly be Ordained to the Office of a priest. Carried Elder Kimble then lade before the Conference the ...
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    April 23, 1845 ~ Sunday 23rd [FIGURES] I spent the day at the office I looked over Elder Lorenzo D. Barnes Trunk I examined his corressponding letters from Miss Susan Conrad and other friends I carefully filed them all with his own composit- ions & Journals Patriarchal Blessings &c Also A dozen or more Peaces of choice coin of ancient Date & characters which he probably collected for the British Museum Nauvoo Museum also one weight as a Standard for sovreigns and his gold finger ring ...
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    March 11, 1850 ~ Monday 11th I Paid M. Cannon $5.575 dollars to Buy cannonttle with I went over Boston to East Boston twice. I took 3000 lbs of stationary & Books from the Eastern Depo to long wharf & put on board of the ship Beatrice Also 900 lbs of Baggage for S. B. Foss. March 12, 1850 ~ Tuesday [FIGURE] 12th We had one of the heardest snow storms this mo rning that I ever saw there was About 12 ...
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    December 5, 1850 ~ Thursday 5th Dec [FIGURE] Senate of Deseret I met to day with the Legislature of the state of Deseret the House of Representatives & senate sat in Joint session as there was two vacancies in the Senate by death viz Bishop Newel K Whitney & Cornelius P Lott the Govornor appointed Wilford Woodruff & Charles C Rich to fill their places in the Senate. Several were appointed places in the House I was also appointed by the Lieut Gov as chairman of the ...
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    March 16, 1847 ~ Tuesday 16th Tuesday I spent the day at home preparing to start on my Journey March 17, 1847 ~ Wednesday 17th I spent the day putting on my carriage top March 18, 1847 ~ Thursday 18th I was quite unwell I spent the day at home but went to the Council House in the evening to a musical consort but was so unwell I had to return home & go to bed March 19, 1847 ~ Friday 19th I ...
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    be forsaken nor his seed be found begging bread. And again verily I say unto you let my servent William be appointed ordained and annointed as a counsellor unto my servant Joseph in the room of my Servant Hyrum that my Servant Hyrum may take the Office of priesthood & patriarch which was appointed unto him by his father by blessing & also by right that from henceforth he shall hold the keys of the Patr- iarchal Blessings upon the heads of ...
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    Elder Willard Richards having been ordained into the Quorum of the Twelve Hyrum Clark was appointed Counsellor to Elder Fielding in the Presidency in the place of brother Willard. Upon motion from Elder Fielding seconded by Brigham Young it was determined that a Hymn book be published and farther motioned that it be done under the direction of the Twelve. A monthly periodical was also proposed. Several ordinations were attended to in the afternoon's Council. Heber C. Kimball laid ...