Lorenzo Snow

Lorenzo Snow (1814-1901) was born 3 Apr. 1814 in Mantua, Portage Co., Ohio. He was the son of Oliver Snow and Rosetta Leonora Pettibone. He married Phoebe Amelia Woodruff, the daughter of Wilford Woodruff and Phebe Whittemore Carter, on 4 Apr. 1859. He was baptized 19 Jun. 1836. He died 10 Oct. 1901 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake Co., Utah.


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    Locations By whom Represented Members Elders Priest Teachers Deacons Manchester P. P. Pratt 443 7 15 9 0 Clitheroe Conference H.C. Kimball 318 6 12 13 3 Preston Do P. Melling 675 11 15 13 3 Liverpool J. Taylor 190 9 8 4 3 Isle of Man Do Do 90 2 4 2 0 London Conference L. Snow 137 3 8 4 2
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    I walked Into the city with Br Young & we bought each of us a pair of Pebble Specticeles for the eyes Also a small spy glass, Pebbles were 14/ shillings, the spy glass 3/6. I wrote a letter [FIGURE] to Sister Margarett Morgan April 8, 1841 ~ Thursday 8th [FIGURE] I wrote a letter to Elder Edward Ockey [FIGURE] Also one to Phebe W. Woodruff. I ^received^ £4.10 from Elder John Horlick by ...
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    Lorenzo Snow Married Phebe Amelia Woodruff Daughter of Wilford & Phebe W. Woodruff Lorenzo Snow born April 14. 1814. Married April. 4. 1854 Names Births Marriages Deaths Age Mary Amanda June 1st Sept 4 1860 Sept 5. 1860 ...
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    December 10, 1840 ~ Thursday (Dec 10th [FIGURE] I recieved a letter from Elder Hedlock Elder Young one from P P. Pratt containing £5. we walked over Black Friars Bridge called at Zions Chapel, to attend a sacrament meeting at Mr Aitkens society, but they knowing who we were refu◊sed to let us in, fearing lest we should break up their sociey. We then crossed over the Waterloo Road & returned home We attended mee- ting in the evening ...
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    December 18, 1840 ~ Friday Dec 18th [FIGURE] I wrote three letters to Wm Pitt. R Hedlock & Lorenzo Snow. The London Times informs us that the British Flag is begining to be waved for the first time in parts of the Chinease empire. Also that the Jews are restored in Jerrusalem to their[e] own rights agaien, having equal privileges as other nations Also that the remains of Napolitan Bounaparte have been conveyed to Paris in the midst of great ...
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    was sick nigh unto Death we prayed with her & lade hands upon her & rebuked her sickness in the name of the Lord. In the evening we went to Tabernacle Square & Baptized 4 persons one was Mrs Albon Br James Albon's wife, we also confirmed her. Elder Kimball administered the ordinance of Baptism. He also received 4 letters which gave us information of the vast emegration of the Saints Elder Young said 235 go on one ship & ...
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    February 14, 1841 ~ Sunday Minutes of A Conference held in LONDON A Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints was held at Mr J. Barretts Academy 57 King Square Goswell Road on Sunday the 14th Feb 1841. There being present Elders H C. Kimball W. Woodruff L Snow & Wm Pitt & 4 Priest The meeting was called to order by Elder Kimball at 2 oclock. It was then moved by ...
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    Moved by Br R Williams, seconded by Elder Pitt that Br John Sheffield be Ordained Teacher at Bedford Carried unanimously Moved by Elder Kimball seconded by Br Griffiths that Br A. Painter be ordained a Teacher at Woolwich Carried unanimously The Above named persons were then ordained under the hands of Elders Kimball Woodruff & Snow Moved by Elder Kimball seconded by Elder Woodruff that ...
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    Thy Purposes O! Lord must roll on. Thy Decrees are Sure [FIGURE] Wisdom how [FIGURE] Precious thou [FIGURE] art. February 15, 1841 ~ Monday Feb 15th Elder Kimball received a letter from his wife Dated Nauvoo Dec 30th, she informed us that [FIGURE] Joseph had written for the Twelve to come immediately home for our personal safety, as great Judgments are nigh in this land even at the Door. She spoke of our families being well, as far ...
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    February 17, 1841 ~ Wednesday 17th Great excitement prevails throughout London esspecially in the House of parliament conserning the Imprisionment of Mr MCCleod & the North Eastern Boundary Question, Parliame- nt now seemes determined on war to evry Human appearance it cannot be evaded, But to the reflecting mind it seems as though the Nations at the present time, were Insane & their Kings, Presidents & Senitors entirely destitute of all wisdom. But they will all soon learn their is a God in ...