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    We sat down under the shade of a pine for morning prayers, & O, what glorious contemplations vibrated our souls. Elder Hale read the XVI. ch of Jeremiah that spake of the hunters and fishers that God should chuse in the last days to gather Israel. And of a truth here we were on an Island of the sea standing upon a rock whare we could survey the gallant ships, and also the Island. which was as full of rocks, holes, & caves perhaps as any part of the earth. But what had brought us here? Ah to search out the Blood of Ephraim & gather him from these Islands, rocks, holes, & caves, which were numerous While the sun shed his beams to gladden earth, the spirit of God caused, our souls to rejoice. I sat down in company with Elder Hale, we read, and sung, and Prayed, and rejoiced. We spake of the ancient Prophets & Apostles in Jerusalem and Asia, Also of Nephhi, Alma, Mormon & Moroni in America. We Also spake of Joseph, Oliver, Sidney, & of the twelve
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    The spirit of God is like leaven in the midst of these Islands of the sea. the solemnities of Eternity is resting upon the People, the word of God is like a sharp two edged sword in the hearts of men I am now preachi -ng & Baptizing almost daily. O may the Lord roll on his work amid the Islands of the sea and give me a rich harvest of souls.
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    September 19, 1836 ~ Monday 19th Is a day long to Be remembered by me & others in Consequence of the interesting scenes transpir'd with the Saints of God in the South Isaiah & others of the Ancient Prophets testify to us of the great events of the last days esspecially of the literal gathering of Israel. They say the Saints shall gather from the East & from the West & that that the North shall give up & the South Keep not back This interesting day had now arived yea the 19th of Sept 1836 when some of the Saints of God in the South began to take their families, their Charriots Waggons
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    their Oxen, their Horses their Tents their armour and moove towards Zion as the children of Israel accordi- ng to the command of God
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    I assembled this small camp of Israel together at Br Albert Pettys tent to address them for the last time & after they were assembled I arose to address them & although the rain desended in torrents so that we wer e wet through a good tent yet my soul was vibrated & fired with emotions & feeling of no ordinary nature I endeavor'd to lay before them the worth & value of the cause they were ingaged in & that they were the first in fullfiling the Prophets who spake of the south keeping not back & that it would be recorded upon the archives of heaven to be read in the day of eternity that they were the first fruits of the south who had spread their tents for zion
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    O time how swift & how precious thou art. How great the events that are bourn upon thy wings, esspecially in the dispensation of the fullness of times. 1836 is gone it cannot be recalled. Europe hath began to tremble at thy departure. The endowment of the Latter Day Saints hath b[e]spake a God in Israel, & is sufficient to show that though the heavens & earth pass away the word of God spake through the Prophets must all be fulfilled.
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    Will this gentile generation still sleep in this late hour, if so sleep on & take thy rest which is short for thy end is come, & the day hath broke that Israel must be awoke from his slumber for the last time & Prepare himself for the Bridegroom. Then let 1837 finish its work with speed & let its departure Say who hath gone to the tomb & what Kingdom overturned & what Kingdom esstablished & may God grant that 1837 may report as she departs that zion & her stakes indicates that God rules in her midst with POWER STRENGTH & GLORY.
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    October 30, 1845 ~ Thursday Oct 30th [FIGURE] I recieved 3 letters, wrote to Davis H Clark & others 4 in all I recieved A, Neighbor & N. York Messenger speaking of the mob in Hancock County Illinois against the Saints said that the gentile mob had burned about 100 of the building's of the Saints, And that the Saints had taken up arms against the modb according to the laws & commands of God & officers of the Land three or four of ...
    October 30, 1845 November 1, 1845 November 2, 1845
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    called the board of controll it was then Edited by William Smith And published by S Brannan from the 10th No to the 26 After which S Brannan was both publisher And Editor to the 50 No after which it was Edited by P P Pratt. The New York Prophet is Published by S Brannan & Edited by P P Pratt. thus end eth an account of the publications of our periodicals up to the present time. The Lord God has spoken concerning Zion ...
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    April 26, 1846 ~ Sunday 26 ^[FIGURE] Sunday^ I rode several hourse to buy some ox yoke I bought three it was A busy day with me In the evening I met in council with Br Hyde trustees &c And Herd a letter red from Govornor Ford which shows the blackness of his heart & the spirit of mobocracy He will no more attempt to protect us but will let the mob loose upon the remainder of the saints I have to keep guard at home nights ...
    April 26, 1846 April 27, 1846 April 28, 1846 April 29, 1846 April 30, 1846
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    An interesting season we enjoyed. I am willing to live And Die for the cause, you may wish to know what we have been doing in this house I will tell you. We have been anointing And ordaining Kings And Priest unto God. I have been Anointed A king & Priest unto God. If any one wishes to kill me for it let them do it We have laboured hard to ordain kings & Priest unto God to reign here on the earth but not now, but I will tell you when it will be. when the LORD JESUS ...
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    Here as he grows older. A man that does his duty And obtaines the Priesthood and honors it will have his reward. His exhaltation thrones & dominions according to his faithful- ness. we like our Master have desended below all things so shall we arise above all things I have seen this by vision we shall be connected with the kingdom of Jesus Christ. To the vary place And station will A man arise in the resurrection to which He Has been sealed & anointed on earth It is said that God will judge the world so will the saints ...
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    The saints had laboured faithfully & finished the Temple & were now recieved as A church with our dead this is glory enough for building the Temple And thousands of the Saints have recieved there endowment in it And the light will not go out many other remar- ks were made by Elder Woodruff when the meeting & dedication of the Temple closed. May 4, 1846 ~ Monday 4th I spent the day ^morning^ in the city vary busy getting ready to go about 30 miles ...
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    June 15, 1846 ~ Monday June Monday 15th we started early overtook Br Smoot at 11 oclock we had sumthing of A rough road & Bridges to cross over through the day we arived at the camp of Israel called Mount Pisga I had an interview with Br C. C. Rich & Huntington the President & council at Mount Pisgah And many other friends I encamped on the east side of the creek & camp of Israel I ascertained that Br Noah ...
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    teams, waggons, flocks, & Heards by Hunderds & thousands as it were untill it looked like the movements of A great Nation we travled 10 miles & camped at a point of timber on the edge of an 18 mile prairie & camped Mrs Woodruff was quite unwell through the day but better at night July 1, 1846 ~ Wednesday July 1st After travling A few miles we recieved A visit from Elder P. P. Pratt wh[o] was direct from council Bluffs And Had A message to All the ...
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    July 15, 1846 ~ Wednesday 15th I met in council with the quorum of of the Twelve And Passed the following resolutions. 1st That Elder O Hyde P P Pratt And J Taylor go to England forth with And remove R Hedlock from office And attend to ^all^ Business in England Also T Ward & Call them to America and regulate all business in england July 16, 1846 ~ Thursday 16 [FIGURES] ...
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    with them again for one or two years yes wives & children were left in this way to the mercy of God And the brethren And went away with cheerful hearts Believing that they were doing the will of God And while casting my eyes upon them I considered I was viewing the first Battalion of the Army of Israel engaged in the United States service for one year And going to lay the foundation of A far greater work even preparing the way for the building of Zion. ...