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    yes wives & children were left in this way to the mercy of God And the brethren And went away with cheerful hearts Believing that they were doing the will of God And while casting my eyes upon them I considered I was viewing the first Battalion of the Army of Israel engaged in the United States service for one year And going to lay the foundation of A far greater work even preparing the way for the building of Zion.
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    Thus ends the Time & labour of another half centaury AD 1850 Yes Eighteen hundeed & fifty has gone to make anoth[er] link in the great chain of this Earth probation. It has been an important year in many respects the revolutions & changes & signs of the times among the Nations of the Earth indicate the fulfillment of the word of God & the preparation for the coming of the son of Man. It has been a year of blessings upon Zion & her children. The Lord hath preserved my life to lead one of the camps of Israel out of the midst of the gentiles to mingle with their Brethren in Zion now building up cities in the rich vallies of the mountains of Israel. The Saints have been abundantly prospered & blessed during this year in all they have put their hands unto some thousands have emigrated this year to Zion from the States
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    the set time has come to favor Zion to build it up in strength power & glory to gather Israel to build Jerrusalem & Zion to fight for our liberty & freedom. we have sent the Gospel forth & preached the Book of Mormon and the minstry of Jesus on this continent in Ancient days Now the time is come to gather Israel & polish them.
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    I wish to ask if you want a commandment evry year to require you to pay your Tithing when it is a standing law unto Israel & has been from the days of Abraham you all know this well if you dont want to pay your tithing or any portion of you I dont want you should it is for your good not mine I dont want a Temple to get my endowments in For I got my Endowments and all the blessings appertaining thereto under the hands of Joseph before his death & before the Temple was built in Nauvoo & so did so my counsellors and a part of the Tweleve get theirs before the Temple was built. Brother Joseph seemed urged by the spirit of God to perform this work had he not have done it he might have died without conferring the Keys upon others. if this people pay their tithing we shall have an abundance in the store house to build a Temple
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    the Seventies are the bone & sinnew of Israel the Battle Ax of the Almighty what a mighty influence they must wield in Israel & the world we are begining to become one as a people Joseph said he had got a lever under the earth & he ment to turn it over that it might be right side up the seventies I expect will do much towards turning it over it is for our best interest to build up the Kingdom of God & do his will
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    Br Whipple followed me & made some vary good remarks And edeyfying He said notwithstanding the Jews had Apostitized the right of the kingdom belonged to them & Jesus came & set up the kingdom among them they rejected it He took the kingdom from the Jews gave it to the Gentile all that were in the kingdom went to the gentiles with the Kingdom of God. The Gentiles in like manner have Apostitized And have not continued in the goodness of God still they have A rightt to have the kingdom of God set up among them in the last days And Joseph Smith being warned & commanded of God has recieved the gospel from the hand of an Angel, preached it to the gentiles set up the kingdom for the last time among them they have rejected it, it will now again be taken from them & given to the Jews & all in the kingdom will go to the Jews with it & many will come from E. W. N. S. & sidt down with A[b]ram &c while the ^gentiles^ children of the Kingdom will be cast out
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    In order to set up a kingdom & gov[ernme]nt in the last days to gather the 10 Tribes of Israel the Jews & gentiles & all Nations break down the Romon power build up esstablish Zion & maintain it. it must be sumthing diff[ere]nt from any Human government or device of man it must originate from the heavens be governed & controlled by the God of heaven led by inspiration & Revelation in all of its undertakings & it must contain within itself all the blessings & covenants which God made to Abraham concerning his seed & posterity. This Kingdom is here in the valley of the mountains it has been esstablished by the hand of God and it embraces all that God has promised, or that is necessary to perfect the great work or all that Jew or Gentile can look for it embraces the whole of the New & everlasting covenant the fulness of the gospel, with all the power & Authority of the same the Keys of the Kingdom the endowments sealing powers the patriarchal Matrimony & the foundation laid for gathering all Israel.
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    exercise Patience & not be weary in well doing for we have the greatest work to perform & blessings promised accordingly. The day has come when the Lord has set his hand with full pur- pose of heart to esstablish his Kingdom on the earth, gather Israel build up Zion & Jerrusalem make an end of sin & cause all nations to bow the Knee & every tongue to confess tha[t] Jesus is the Lord & has a right to reign on the earth and ye are the people ye Elders of Israel & Latter Day Saints that are moved upon & called & chosen to do this work
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    Many of the Elder of Israel do not seem to understand their position on the Earth & their calling, that they are called to save the children of men. we are surrounded by the Lamanits, who are degraded & cast down to the Lowest depths of filt, yet they are of the house of Israel & we should set a good Example before them & not come down to their capacity but seek to Exhalt them
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    President Young said as the Lamanites are Hosstile let us Exercise faith about them & learn what the will of the Lord is at the close of the prayers President Young said let us send out interpeters to them make them presents & tell them they must stop fighting it is Better to give them five thousand dollars than to have to fight them & kill them off for they are of the House of Israel
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    their Oxen, their Horses their Tents their armour and moove towards Zion as the children of Israel accordi- ng to the command of God as follows Arose in the morning at Br Camps & breakfasted at his house after which we repaired to the bank of a stream whare Prayers were offer'd up unto God when President Marsh led a young man into the waters of baptism & he was confirmed upon the bank of the stream under the hands of Presidents Marsh Patten &
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    thee and reveal unto thee thy duty yea and give unto the[e] many instructions. Thou shalt have the spirit of God to instruct thee in thy mission and lead thee into all truth thou shalt be filled with the spirit of God. Thine eyes shall be opened to look within the veil and behold the things of eternity. ^Yea the Lord of glory shall appear unto thee thou shalt put thy hands upon his feet and feel his wounds with thy hands that thou mayest be a special witness of his name^ Thou ...
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    Willford Woodruff & Phebe. W. Carter was joined in Marriage April 13th A.D. 1837 rather than complain thou must put thy whole trust in God. ^thou art of the blood of Ephraim^ thou shalt have a celestial crown. Thou shalt have a residence in Zion and do a great work, there Thou shalt sew the Vail of the Temple and rejoice in the work of thy hands. If thou wilt keep the comm andments thou shalt have all of thy friends they shall be members of the covenant. I ...
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    By receiving the gospel which we have brought unto you, yes & thousands have & it stands as a testimony that God has got a Prophet on the earth, you might have been baptized seventy times seven in any way except the way God had ordained and pointed out & you would not have received the Holy Ghost, this also is a testimony to you. Are ye ingaged in the great work with us ye will say yes, can ye do any good? yes ye can. The sectarian ...
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    And I Prophecy in the name of the Lord that whether Boston Saints or who may stand for it or rise against it that almost numberless milions will selebrate that day when the founda- tion of this work was laid. G A Smith arose and said that he was pleased with the many remarks that had been made this day you can see a similarity between the two Josephs & the Laws that were given. Says one who believes ...
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    February 24, 1838 ~ Saturday Feb 24 We walked from Belfast to Northport and was kindly entertained at Mr Benjamin Stephens [FIGURE] I wrote two letters one to Sister Townsend & the other to Elder Milton Holmes. I preached at early candlelight in the schoolhouse at Northport upon the Book of Mormon spent the night at Mr Stephen's distance 4 miles February 25, 1838 ~ Sunday 25 Sunday preached at the schoolhouse In the forenoon Elder
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    February 19, 1837 ~ Sunday Feb. 19th I repaired to the house of the Lord & stood in the midst of the congregation of the saints whare I beheld President JOSEPH SMITH Jr arise in the stand & for several hours addressed the saints in the power of God. Joseph had been absent from Kirtland on bus- iness for the church, though not half as long as Moses was in the mount, & many were stir'd up in their hearts & some were against him as ...
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    March 23, 1837 ~ Thursday March 23rd I repaired to the house of the Lord at an early hour in the morning to spend the day in prayer and fasting with the saints in Kirtland, as this was a day set apart for that purpose. Immediately after entering the house in com pany with several other Elders, I went within the veil and we bowed down before the Lord in the aronic stand & offer'd a morning sacrifice, & the Spirit of God rested upon us ...
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    Bondage as the Children of Israel in Egypt I find that Elder Richards has had a hard school to pass through since he has been in England. I see that we have a great work to perform & we have need of much faith & humility before God January 15, 1840 ~ Wednesday 15th I dined at Brother Worselys & suped at Sister Dawsons & sp at Elder Richards. We Spent a plesant evening ...
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    A Brother of Dr Foster threatend the mayor & the mayor fined him $10. President Joseph Smiths views of the goverment was then read, which was recieved with universal applause Gen Smith is now nominated by the saints as a candidate for President of the U.S.A. next election. An article was also read headed a voice of innocence from Nauvoo, and a meeting of the female relief society was appointed to attend to the above. writing meeting adjourned 1 1/2 hours. During intermission the ...