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    W. Woodruff says, I was present at the meeting of Joseph with his brethren at Lyman Wights and the Prophet seemed more bowed down with sorrow at the loss of his brethren than I ever saw him in my life. At the same time he was clothed with the Spirit of God and with humility; and when all the Brethren
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    The whole distance of the three days walks above spoken of is 136 miles making 45 miles pr day Excell this ye who can & not be weary in body or lame in limb or joint & it will be because you are assisted by higher power than man {Limit a Nephite's journey.}
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    What is the sign of the healing of the sick? the laying on of hands, is the sign or way marked out by James & the custom of the ancient saints as ordered by the Lord & we should not obtain the blessing by persuing any other course except the way which God has marked out.
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    Sister Baldwin was attacked at our house this morning with sumthing like the cholera we laid Hands upon her & rebuked the desease & she was healed almost instan- ly got up dressed herself eat breakfast & went into Boston.
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    Sister Allexander was taken in a fainting fit & Appeared as though she would die I laid hands upon her with prayer & she began to recover & was well in the morning
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    I went home to my family & found them all well and we found on our return the Lord had given our crops a plenty of rain it had rained 12 days in succession and the people were blessed.
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    Apply our hearts to wisdom & it will produce peace, health, wealth & evry good thing.
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    If a person is sick & have not faith to be healed give them herbs the product of the Earth & it will cure you until it is time to die
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    it is as much our duty to know how to cure our system as to feed our body
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    President Young spoke with great Plainness and Power. He called upon thHis councillors & the Twelve to wake up & get rid of there selfishness & get the spirit of God & Edify the people He called upon the whole people to covenant with upli- fted hands to Heaven to obey his council which we all did.He told the people to go to & build graneries & continue to lay up grain untill they had bread to last them seven years & not sell their grain to any body untill they had done this & stop sending their bread stuff to the gold mines & stop going to the gold mines to stay at home & attend to there own business, stop carrying grain to the distilleries to be made into whiskey, stop making whiskey & stop drinking whiskey, and if you will do this I promise you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ that you will suffer no famine
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    Farmington Hartford County Ct Sept 30th 1839 My Dear Phebe In the midst of my Fathers family I once more take up my pen to convers with you a few moments. I have delayed writing longer than I should but I have been waiting for a letter from you I have had the greatest anxiety to hear from you & Sarah E. & the friends around you but as yet I have not had that privilege When I passed through Buffalo I sent ...
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    with peculiar feelings as I journied by land the places whare you suffered with your sickness [Eunice’s handwriting, Wilford’s words] with regard to crossing the Lake, we had a very tedious time of it. were caught in a line storm, and was in it 3 days on our way to Buffalo, at which place on the 13th we ^I^ took line boat for Albany, arrived at Albany on the 19th. during which time in consequence of the cold I took on the Lake with the crowded situation of the boat ...
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    Farmington Oct. 1st. Dear Sister As Willford has reserved for me a page to fill, I will now cheerfully (tho’ in something of a hurry) seat myself to pen you a few lines. I recieved your Letter at the hands of my brother and was truly glad to hear from you, was sorry however to hear of the ill state of your health as also that of your family, but how it will soon be improved. Wilford as you are aware is quite unwell, and we feel as you write, much anxiety respecting ...
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    Silk work bag & needle ball from Sister Martha Brotherton I spent the evening preparing my things for going to Liverpool, I was called to administer to Sister Smith who was vary sick. I spent the night at Br Bewshers April 15, 1841 ~ Thursday 15th we sent our trunks & baggage on the baggage cars & we bid old Manchester with all their was in it farewell left Elder P. P. Pratt his
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    to those that want to go away from this place I would say wait untill the time comes. I will give you the key. North and South America is Zion and as soon as the temple is done and you get your endowment you can go and build up statkes but dont be in haste, wait untill the Lord says go. If you have the spirit of God you can discover right from wrong. when all is right with the priesthood is right ^&^ A man ...
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    whole study is to put down truth and put a lie in its stead. I want the Lawyers to know that we have common sens^e^ they want to make you believe that when you spell Baker it means cider or whiskey; Now let the Lawyers and doctors alone and leave all ^off^ bitterness and evil speaking alone and you will build the Temple and get an endowment. All ye Lawyiers go away and let us alone, and when we want you and we ^&^ get full of the devil ^& want ...
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    A Blessing bestowed upon the head of Elder Wilford Woodruff under the hands of the quorum of the Twelve Elder John Taylor being spokesman Nauvoo August 24th 1844 Brother Woodruff we lay our hands upon your head in the name of Jesus Christ and by the authority of the Holy Priesthood to seal upon your head a blessing and set you apart unto the important mission which is appointed you of the Lord by the voice of the Twelve to go over the sea to
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    A Blessing given under the hands of B. Young and H. C. Kimball Augt 28th 1844 upon the head of Phoebe. W. Woodruff Beloved Sister in the name of the Lord we bless you as you are about to take your departure over the sea in company with your husband where he is going to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ you shall be blest on your mission in common with your husband & thou shall be the means of doing much good ...
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    Same Day. A blessing upon the head of Susan Cornelia Woodruff. Susan Cornelia we lay our hands upon thy head in the name of Jesus Christ & by virtue of the holy priesthood we bless you with the blessings of life & health & of Abraham of Isaac & of Jacob I seal thee against the powe[r] of desease we ask God that thou mayest live & cross the sea with thy parents & that the angels may guard thee & we rebuke all weak- nesses ...
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    October 5, 1844 ~ Saturday Oct 4 5th 1844 [FIGURE] I arose in the morning Light was the heavens adorning I spent a plasant hour beneath my fathers bower with my friends I bent my knees in prayer I pray for peace to abide forever there After praying for the last time in the circle of my fathers family I took the Parting hand with Father & Mother & Uncle Ozem Woodruff, left them in good health & spirits & again commenced my Journey I called upon Aunt