Hazen C. Aldrich

Hazen C. Aldrich (1797-aft. 1876) was born 10 Jan. 1797 in New Hampshire. He was the son of Andrew Hazen Aldrich and Anna Sweetland. He married Betsey Manchester on 28 Oct. 1819. He was baptized in 1832. He and Wilford Woodruff were part of Zion's Camp in 1834. He died after 1876 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., California.


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    was presented to us for an example {O God stay thy hand and judgment on Kirtland O Wilford remember this warning escape judgment lest thou fall O God save me for Christ's sake} Spent the past week in school in the Lords house December 18, 1836 ~ Sunday 18 Sunday I went up to the house of the Lord to worship Sermon delivered by Elder William Smith Elder Joseph Young administered the sacrament President Joseph Smith jr solumnized the rights of ...
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    January 1, 1837 ~ Sunday Jany 1st 1837. In the morning of this Lord's Day I repar'd to the house of the Lord for worship We herd two discourses deliver'd from the Aaronic stand by Bishop Whitney & counsellor Cahoon they also Broke bread. the latter part of the day was spent in attending to the funeral servises of a child. January 2, 1837 ~ Monday 2ndSpent the day in school also the 3rd. I receieved ...
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    the hands of President Joseph Young we then assisted President Young in washing our Brethren the Elders much of the spirit of God rested upon us I washed & perfumed the bodies of a number of my Brethren & the interview closed after after expressing our feelings to each other. We again met together in the quorum of the sev enties at the upper part of the Lords house at early candle light to receieve our anointing. The quorums of the Deacons, Teachers, & Priest occupied one apartment the Elders another ...
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    the blade & let it remain 2 1/2 minutes after the polish is taken off, then dip the blade in water then wipe it dry, then take clear tur- pentine & rub over the blade untill the varnish is clean off & while the blade is wet with the Terpentine dip it into dry slack lime then polish the blade in chalk & water with a peace of soft leather and it will appear of a silver cast To Engrave on Steel Follow the same direction as for etching ownly cover the steel all ...
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    & fired upon the people and killed 21 and wounded 33 the spirit of Mobing has been Manifest evry since in New York and the spirit of Mobing war confusion and anarchy is appearing all ove[r] the Earth. A mob of late arose in Canida of 7000, surrounded t[he] Parliament House broke in the windows stoned & egged the Govornour Lord Elgin & all members of Parliament burnt the Parliament House to the ground & all the Canidia Canadian Record[s] for 5000 years war is poured out upon all ...
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    December 23, 1849 ~ Sunday 23rd Sunday I Preached twice in Fair Haven once in New Haven & spent the Night at Warrens blessed one child Administered to one sick December 24, 1849 ~ Monday 24th I took cars rode to wallingford called upon Brother Doolittle & preached at his house & spent the night I finished O Hydes letter & sent him 15 names 13 m December 25, 1849 ~ Tuesday 25th I rode ...
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    I attended this school through the winter I attended ^the evening^ meetings with the ^Seventies^ 70s during and other Quorums as I had an opportunity during the winter of 1836 & 7 and received much valuable instruction. On the evening of the 20th Dec 1836 I was present at the organization of the third Quorum ^of seventies^ & their was 27 ordained ^among them A. O. Smoot^ into that Quorum during this meeting among the number ^of seventies^ was A. O. Smoot who had accompanied me to Kirtland On
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    Higgins Nelson San Pete Roll of Zion's Camp 1834. Present in G. S. L. City .r 10 1864. Hitchcock Seth - died in Camp Young Brigham Cap. 10 G. S. L. City Hodges Amos apostate Kimball Heber C. [G. S. L. City] ...
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    Coltrin and Aldrich. After these were ordained Elder M. Holms and myself were called upon by the Presidents to come forward and be ordained as members of the first Seventy Elders of Israel to bear the name of Jesus to the nations of the earth. The first Seventy was chosen out of the camp that went up to Zion in 1834 for the redemption of Zion; but as we were not present at the time we were afterward ordained into the Second ...
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    After fulfiling the above appointment Elder Meeks Priest Turpin and myself repared to a room to attend to our first washing. After clensing our bodies from head to foot with soap and water we then washed ourselves in clean water and afterwards with perfumed spirits. The evening was spent with several Elders in prayer before God and his power rested copiously upon us. The next day I met at the house of Elder Hales at one o'clock in the afternoon in company of twenty-three Elders for ...