George Albert Smith

George Albert Smith (1817-1875) was born 26 Jun. 1817 in Potsdam, St. Lawrence Co., New York. He was the son of John Smith and Clarissa Lyman. He married Bathsheba W. Bigler on 25 Jul. 1841. He was baptized 10 Sep. 1832. He served with Wilford Woodruff in church positions from about 1835 to 1875. He died 1 Sep. 1875 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake Co., Utah Territory.


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    over his children & his wife in wrighteousnes then he will be capable of Presiding over a branch of the Church but many Elders are contending about presiding over Churches when they are not capable of presiding over themselve or the least child I have they have. Again the first Principle of our cause & work is to understand that their is a prophet in the Church & that he is at the head of the Church on Earth. who called Joseph Smith to be a prophet? Did the people ...
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    I was followed by Elder G A Smith who also bore testimony of the work of God & among other things said that whenever [FIGURE] God sent a witness or messenger to deliver a message to the inhabitants of the earth he does not require that messenger to prove the truth of his assertion but deliver his message as God has commanded him In the after part of the day, Elder J. E. Page addressed the meeting & bore testimony of the work & was ...
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    is to contain the water to be forced into it from the Alleghaney River to water the city from this place we had a fair view of the City below & it truly sends forth its colums of smoke & blackness that arises from the cole fires that propels the numer ous engines as the main spring of all the founderies manufacturies & works of the valey of the city of Pittsburgh. We then desended the hill & visited the city water works or ...
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    August 3, 1843 ~ Thursday Aug 3rd We parted with the Saints in Pittsburgh & took stage for Baltimore their was six of us of the quorum of the Twelve viz B Young. H. C. Kimball. O. Pratt. J. E. Page W. Woodruff & G. A. Smith. We traveld about 25 miles along the River & over the mountains whare Rocks hung in mases almost over our heads ...
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    priesthood must be a king & a Priest a person may have a portion of that Priesthood the same as Governors or Judges of England have power from the King to transact business but yet he is not the king of England. A person may be anointed king & priest before they receive their kingdom &c. At the close of the meeting I dim returned to Br Hammers & in the evening Elder O. Pratt Preached & was followd by few remarks ...
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    are right. Elder J. E. Page contended for the affirmative & Elder J M Grant for the negative after which the Chairman arose & said that Prosperity of any people was no positive evidence of their being right & decided accordingly which was Elder B Young. After taking our suppers we returned to the boat & crossed again to the City. Elder Page Preached in the evening but I returned home to Br Hammers & spent ...
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    August 9, 1844 ~ Friday Aug 9th I spent part of the day in writing in the afternoon I attended a council. it is gloomy times in Nauvoo as the Prophet and Patriarch is gone and their appears to be but little ambition to do any thing ownly their they are to work vary busy on the Temple. we appoin[te]d two trustees in trust for the church viz Geo Miller & N K Whitney August 10, 1844 ~ Saturday ...
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    Elder Brigham Young house for meeting. President Hiram Smith opened the meeting by prayer after which the Presidency lade their hands upon my head & sealed a blessing upon me President Rigdon being speaker they also sealed a blessing upon the head of Elders George A Smith & Turley. Also upon the head of Sister Young sister Tailor & my wife. If we were faithful we had the promise of again returning to the bosom of ...
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    July 5, 1843 ~ Wednesday July 5th My masons got together to comme nce laying brick on my house but our door & window frames not being made part of them went home but some staid but performed but little work July 6, 1843 ~ Thursday 6th I had an interview with Br Fidoe who has taken a job of Building my house he informed the fraims were not yet made & thought it best to dismiiss the masons for a season we did so ...
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    & Elders W. Woodruff H. Glover & G A Smith preached in the afternoon 2 were Baptized & Confirmed 2 were healed by the laying on of hands. spent the night with G. A. Smith. at Sister Bartlebys 6 miles June 29, 1840 ~ Monday 29th Minutes of a Conference held at Hanly, Staffordshire, England. on the 29th Day of June 1840 The various Churches of the Staffordshire Potteries met in Conference at the preaching room ...