George Albert Smith

George Albert Smith (1817-1875) was born 26 Jun. 1817 in Potsdam, St. Lawrence Co., New York. He was the son of John Smith and Clarissa Lyman. He married Bathsheba W. Bigler on 25 Jul. 1841. He was baptized 10 Sep. 1832. He served with Wilford Woodruff in church positions from about 1835 to 1875. He died 1 Sep. 1875 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake Co., Utah Territory.


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  • Page 268

    viz. S Bent C. C. Rich & D Fulmer; 5 of the High Priest quorum. viz H. Green. Z. Coltrin. Moses, Smith. E. Thayer & G. Coltrin. 8 of the Seventies, viz E, Lee Thomas Dunn E. M. Webb. P. Webb. D. Hatch, J. H. Perry, W Hubbard. J. Vandeusan & D. Cornish. 14 Elders viz. E. Lee. J. Cramer. S. C. Willard ...
  • Page 269

    It was moved and carried that we sustain Elders Charles. C. Rich & Harvy Green in their appointment to preside over the State of Michigan assigned them by the quorum of the Twelve. The day was occupied in giving much importan instruction to the Elders. The assembly was first addressed by the President, who was followed by Elders G. A. Smith, Samuel Bent, C. C. Rich. Z. Coultrin. Harvey Green. David Fulmer Ezekiel Lee ...
  • Page 270

    followed by Elder. Z. Coltrin, And in the Afternoon by Elder G. A. Smith, followed by Elders D. Fulmer S. Bent. & C. C. Rich, all of which ably set forth the first principles of the gosepl of Christ, & delivered their testimony (attended with the spirit & power of God) unto the audiance who sat in silence manifesting great interest and attention. At the close of the meeting that warmth of friendship, & ^feeling of^ kindness of that ...
  • Page 327

    when the meeting was closed, after shaking hand with many friends, and taking many letters to convey to England, I returned to my family all our children were at home. Br & Sister Benbow was present August 26, 1844 ~ Monday 26th I went to the River in Company with Mrs Woodruff to be baptized, for some of our dead friends I was baptized for five of my friends under the hands of G ...
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    Mrs Woodruff informing me of the birth of a daughter 17 days after I left home the babe not 3 days old when I left home, mother & child doing [FIGURE] well I was truly glad to hear from home I dined with Br Ilus Carter I [FIGURE] wrote a letter in answer to Mrs Woodruff & attended meeting with the Saints & spent the night with Br Foster August 25, 1843 ~ Friday 25th I attended baptism in the ...
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    & eunice & Sister Mary who started for home in Farmington I stayed & spent the night in symsbury & preached in the evening in the school house, to a small congregation who gave good attention Aunt Cossett & family & Bulah was present & seemed to enjoy themselves well... A sad accident happened to James Camp & wife in Farmington on Saturday the 2nd Aug ...
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    Elder J E Page addressed the meeting. I spent the night with Elder Kimball. He read me a letter from his wife which was interesting may the Lord bless Joseph give him a victory over his enemies & support him in evry trial & prepare the saints for that which is to come I pray September 9, 1843 ~ Saturday Conference Of the quorum of the Twelve Apostles met [in] the Boston church at Boylston ...
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    And I Prophecy in the name of the Lord that whether Boston Saints or who may stand for it or rise against it that almost numberless milions will selebrate that day when the founda- tion of this work was laid. G A Smith arose and said that he was pleased with the many remarks that had been made this day you can see a similarity between the two Josephs & the Laws that were given. Says one who believes ...
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    August 25, 1840 ~ Tuesday 25th [FIGURE] I wrote a letter to Elder Turley & enclosed our letter & sent them to him to convey them to America we directed them to Liverpool. we visited Mr George Boulton pin & needle hook & eye manufacturer we went to his shop & saw them make pins through evry process of it from the wire to the finish we attended a tea total meeting, at the Temperance Hall We engaged the hall for a public ...
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    the City of London to try to find a people that were willing to receive our testimony & obey the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ but finding evry door shut against us we were now determin ed in the name God to go into the Streets & lift up our voice & warn the people accordingly Elders Kimball, Smith, & myself, walked 3 miles into the City, & stoped in Tabernacle Square Old Street road here we found a man preaching to the people ...