Fishing River Revelation

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    to it, at this time the mob was very busy in unroofing houses in different branches, had unroofed 13 in the Whitmer branch and we suposed, was going to attackedt a branch on the big road we had sent off all of our men except Br E Higbee and myself to help that branch, we soon after received a message enforming us that the mob had taken a tact and ware comeing in on our branch, it is true we ware somewhat at a loss to know what to do but to let them ...
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    Our crops became free booty to their horses, hogs, cattle, &c. I was chased by about sixty of these ruffians 5 miles (or there was about 60 when they commeced and dwindl^e^d down to 62.) I fled south and my wife was driven north to Clay Co and for three weeks I knew not whether my family was dead or alive, neither did they know what was my fate, at one time I was three days without food. When I found my family I found them on the north bank ...
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    off from their peeled fingers while they were swaring that they could not go to fight "Joe Smith but what thare must be a Hail storm sent or some other Damned damned thin[g] kicked up to stop them["] and after the mob had had spent that Dreary night in the midst of the pelting storm, all their amunictian wet many of their Horses gone they were willing to return home & as soon as Arangements could be made this forlorn hope took the back tract to Jackson County & other places to Joined the ...