Ezra Woodruff

Ezra Woodruff (1846-1846) was born 8 Dec. 1846 in Winter Quarters (later Omaha, Douglas Co., Nebraska). He was the sixth child of Wilford Woodruff and Phebe Whittemore Carter. He died 10 Dec. 1846 in Winter Quarters.


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  • Page 190

    WILLFORD. WOODRUFF's FAMILY RECORD Names Born Married Died Age ^4th Gen^ Willford Woodruff Phebe W. Carter March 1. 1807 March 8 1807 April 13 1837 April 13 1837 Nov. 10/85 Nov. 10/85 ^y 78 6M^ SARAH EMMA 5. Gen WILLFORD OWEN ...
  • Page 309

    December 1, 1846 ~ Tuesday Dec 1st 1846 I am quite unwell having much pain in my feet and ancles and they also swell still I am labouring daily December 2, 1846 ~ Wednesday 2nd I worked upon my house. I shoveled dirt upon the mill race one day December 3, 1846 ~ Thursday 3rd I assisted Dr Richards to finish his house, tower, or rotunda whatever it may be called it was framed round or eight square coverd with puncheon & we put ...
    December 1, 1846 December 2, 1846 December 3, 1846 December 4, 1846 December 5, 1846 December 6, 1846 December 7, 1846 December 8, 1846 December 9, 1846 December 10, 1846
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    December 11, 1846 ~ Friday Dec 101th [FIGURE] EZRA We attended to the burial of our child to day being about 2 days old when it died this is the second son we have buried within a short time Mrs Woodruff is quite unwell. During this day the main body [FIGURE] of the warriors belonging to the Omaha Nation were out on a hunting party and were surr ounded by a party of the Sioux & 60 of the Omahas were Killed which ...
    December 11, 1846 December 12, 1846 December 13, 1846 December 14, 1846 December 15, 1846
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    AD. 1846 has been a day of the sacrafice of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Through the fatigues and labours & exposers of the Saints many have been laid in the grave I have my- self been called to part with two of my sons which God hath given me they lie in the dust untill the ^resurrection^ and I came nigh being killed by accident by the fall of a tree which broke my breast bone and three ribs ...