David Wyman Patten

David Wyman Patten (1799-1838) was born 14 Nov. 1799 in Vermont. He was the son of Benoni Patten and Edith Cole. He married Phoebe Ann Babcock in 1828. He was baptized 15 Jun. 1832. He served alongside Wilford Woodruff as an Apostle. He died 25 Oct. 1838 in Far West, Caldwell Co., Missouri.


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    September 11, 1836 ~ Sunday Sept. ^11th^ Sunday rode to Br Camps Preached at his house & communed with the Saints Spent the night at Clapps ^4. m[iles]^ September 12, 1836 ~ Monday Walked to Br Lanes & spent the day in writing. 4 September 13, 1836 ~ Tuesday 13 Spent the day at Br Lanes in writing September 14, 1836 ~ Wednesday 14th Spent the day at Br Lanes in writings felt some ...
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    their Oxen, their Horses their Tents their armour and moove towards Zion as the children of Israel accordi- ng to the command of God as follows Arose in the morning at Br Camps & breakfasted at his house after which we repaired to the bank of a stream whare Prayers were offer'd up unto God when President Marsh led a young man into the waters of baptism & he was confirmed upon the bank of the stream under the hands of Presidents Marsh Patten &
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    who interfered we had the roughest night at sea which we have seen since we have been on the voyage the spars & other things were afloat on the main deck May 8, 1841 ~ Saturday 8th fair weather but high head winds from the S.W. sea rough we shiped some heavy seas, one sail in sight, the Captain had his hat blown into the sea while taking observations with his quadrant we have passed two sail to day, I had a long conversation with the second mate in ...
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    Elder Zerah Pulsipher I was ordained a Teacher under his hands on the 2nd of Jan 1834, in Richland Oswego Co NY. On the 5th of Nov 1834, I was ordained a Priest under the hands of Elder Simeon Carter by the direction of the High Council in Clay County Missouri. On the 28th of June 1835 I was ordained an Elder in the church of Latter Day Saints under the hands of Elder Warren Parrish at Eagle Creek Benton County ...
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    Br Jonathan H. Hale comes along with a shovel on his back & says how do you do Brother Woodruff & in fact I saw so many of my old friends I hardly knew who to go home with first finally I concluded to go & spent the night with Brother Hale & we had an interesting time together in talking about our travels together upon the Islands of the sea & also Br Hale gave me an account of his sufferings & those of his family & all the saints in Missouri during ...
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    April 18, 1839 ~ Thursday April 18th 1839. I left Quincy in company with three of the Twelve viz Brigham Young Orson Pratt & John Taylor also George A Smith & father Cutler for the purpose of visiting far West. We travled to the ferry oposite of Marion City & crossed the river & spent the night at the bluff distance of the day 24 miles April 19, 1839 ~ Friday ...
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    Written upon the Death of Elder David W. Patten who was martered in Missouri in 1838, for the word of God & the testimony of Jesus Christ. He was the first marter of the quorum of the Twelve Apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints chosen to build up the kingdom of GOD & prepare for the coming of Christ Hear O earth, Israel thy dark slumber break as the American gentile trembles at the thought that an angel again should visit the earth & the abundance of light ...
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    first and John Westley then proceded to Baptize A man by the name of Killham the leader of the New Connection of Methodist and next John Madison & then Scott, & John Tongue, the three latter were Methodist Preachers with whom I had formerly been acquainted the next he Baptized was my Grandfather (Edmund Whitehead) & the next was my Uncle (John Whitehead) & the next was my sister (Elizabeth Olland) & next ...
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    Nauvoo Via of Quebeck in Canida. Shall I be Justifyed if I have an opportunity of Going to miss of the opportunity for the purpose of tarrying a while for my mother. Will you write to me. Remember me to Mrs Woodruff (Margarett Morgan) Good by, I have been waiting a long time to get a chance to speak to you:: THESE and a thousa nd other questions were asked me in the term of an hour or more, & I needed ...
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    May 23, 1836 ~ Monday May 23rd Travled to Br Crawley's from thence to Br Tittles with Elder Boydstun 10 miles May 24, 1836 ~ Tuesday 24 Spent the day visiting the Saints [of] the Cyprus branch of the Church the procedings of the day were as follows Travled to Mr Joseph Ash & found the family shaken in their faith three of which were members of the Church they were shaken by the conduct of Br John Jackson who ...