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    O ye Twelve & all Saints profit by this im portant Key [FIGURE] that in all your trials troubles, temptations; afflictions, bonds, imprisionments, & death see to it that you do not betray heaven, that you do not betray Jesus Christ, that you do not betray your Brethren, that you do not betray the revela tions of God, whether in the Bible Book of Mormon or Doctrins & Covenants
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    O ye Twelve & all Saints profit by this im portant Key [FIGURE] that in all your trials troubles, temptations; afflictions, bonds, imprisionments, & death see to it that you do not betray heaven, that you do not betray Jesus Christ, that you do not betray your Brethren, that you do not betray the revela tions of God, whether in the Bible Book of Mormon or Doctrins & Covenants or
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    November 16, 1837 ~ Thursday 16th I went on board the vessel and fell upon my Knees & pra- yed for God to have mercy upon the People & cause the Book of Mormon to prove a Blessing to the Island.
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    17th A cold day among the mountains we had a slight squal of hail or snow [FIGURE] I have been for the last two days reading Stephens works & travels in Yu Yucatan his second work I red his first work on my Journey to Nauvoo with
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    Joseph said the Book of Mormon was the most correct of any Book on earth & the key stone of our religion & a man would get nearer to God by abiding by its precepts than any other Book
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    one of the secrets that God has revealed unto his Prophet in these days is the Book of Mormon, & it was a secret to the whole world untill it was revealed unto Joseph Smith, home [whom] God has raised up as a Prophet Seer & Revelator unto his people.
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    the stick of Joseph in the hands of Ephraim will as truly be fulfilled as those contained in the Bible the stick & record of Judah, & Both of these records contained Prophesys of Great import, concerning the gentile nations & esspecially this land & nation which are not yet fulfilled, but must shortly come to pass, yea its fulfillments is nigh even at the door
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    the set time has come to favor Zion to build it up in strength power & glory to gather Israel to build Jerrusalem & Zion to fight for our liberty & freedom. we have sent the Gospel forth & preached the Book of Mormon and the minstry of Jesus on this continent in Ancient days Now the time is come to gather Israel & polish them.
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    The ancient Jaredites and Nephites who inhabited this con- tinent were commanded of God to write their history upon Brass & Gold Plates which were hid up in the Earth to come forth in our day to be translated by the Prophet Joseph through the power of God for the benefit of the Saints. This forms the Book of Mormon and is the purest translation of ancient records that we have any knowledge of upon Earth yet this record gives but a limited Idea of the dealings of God with that People yet what we have obtained was by strict commandment of God. But let us turn our thoughts a moment to our own day. I need not tell you that this is the kingdom of God, Esstablished by God Himself which is to take the place of all other kingdoms upon Earth and we are the People Ordained of God to Esstab- lish his kingdom upon the Earth, build up Zion and prepare the way for the coming of Jeussus Christ. Now should we not keep a Journal, Record, & History of the dealings of God with [us] as they transpire day by day before our Eyes we should.
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    President Young said in relation to Joseph Smith return- ing the Plates of the Book of Mormon that He did not returne them to the Box from where He had Received But He went im a cave in the Hill Comoro with Oliver Cowdry & deposited those plates upon a table or shelf & in that room were deposited a large amount of gold plates containing sacred records & when they first visited that Room the sword of Laban was Hanging upon the wall & when they last visited it, the sword was drawn from the scabbard & lew upon da table & a Messenger who was the keeper of the room informed them that that sword would never be returned to its scabbard untill the Kingdom of God was Esstablished upon the Earth & untill it reigned triumphant over Evry Enemy Joseph Smith said that Cave contained tons of choice Treaassures & records
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    November 6, 1836 ~ Sunday Nov 6th Sunday Rode to William Smoots Preached at his house distance of the Day 7 miles November 7, 1836 ~ Monday 7th Sold one Book of Mormon & Rode to Owenton Owen County KY on the day of the election to vote for President &c at first the Judges endeav o^u^red to deprive Elder Smoot & myself from voting but after employing some Judges & Col Rowlett in our favor we ...
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    Mooved by Er John Taylor Secd. by Er P P Pratt that the copy right of the Book of Doctrins & Covenants & the Book of Mormon be secured as soon as possible Mooved by Elr W Woodruff secnd by Er W. Richards that Elders Brigham Young Heber C. Kimble & Parley P Pratt be the Committy to secure the Coppy Right Mooved by Er H C. Kimble secd by Er W Richards that Elder
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    June 26, 1837 ~ Monday June 26th I Took the parting hand with the saints in the Canaan Branch & walked to New Marlborough Berkshire County, Mass. in company with Elders J. H. Hale & D. Stillman. We preached at night in the schoolhouse spent the night at Mr Dan Nortons distance 4 miles June 27, 1837 ~ Tuesday 27th Walked to Mr Charles. D. Palmers Preached at night in the schoolhouse in the South Parish. Spent the night at ...
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    August 27, 1843 ~ Sunday 27th Conference met at half past 10 oclock accor ding to adjournment. meeting opened by singing Prayer by Elder Grant. Meeting was then addressed by Elder W. Woodruff from 2nd Epistle of Peter 1st ch 20, 21 verses. He remarked that if the prophe- sies that had been fulfilled were fulfilled litterally in kike manner would those prophesies which are still to be fullfilled, be done litterally. And that the gathering of the Saints, the building of Zion, the gathering of the Jews, the ...
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    A vote was call to know if they ^the Church^ was perfectly satisfyed with Elders Foster's labours & procedings as Presiding Elder in the Church; the vote was Unanimous. Elder Foster resigned his office & Elder ^Geoe L Seach^ was appointed president of the Church in New York by a vot of the same After which several children were blessed & the meeting adjourned untill evening; At which time Elder O. Pratt addressed the people concerning the Book of ...
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    M E. P. T. D. 204 6 21 6 0 Ditto Haw Cross Ditto Elder Wm Jinkins 13. 0 1 0 0 Do Cheltenham Do Thomas Browett 3 0 1 0 0 Do Bristol Do Elder H Glover 2 0 1 0 0 Do C Cranham Do Elder John Horlick 2 0 2 0 0 Do High Laden Do Elder Jinkins 3 0 0 0 0 Do Westonn Do ...
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    January 23, 1842 ~ Sunday 23rd Sunday I preached a[t] Joseph's the Seers from the Book of mormon & was much blessed in my mind January 24, 1842 ~ Monday 24th I spent the day visiting the sick January 25, 1842 ~ Tuesday 25 I spent the day in the Nauvoo store January 26, 1842 ~ Wednesday 26th I took a walk with Br Daniel Bullard through various parts of Nauvoo [FIGURE] I bought a house ...
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    February 7, 1842 ~ Monday to February 11, 1842 ~ Friday Feb 7, 8, & 9 ^10 & 11^ I spent in the printing office & was busy in setting in order many things about the office February 12, 1842 ~ Saturday 12th I attended the City Council it was an interesting day the subject of our rights was discused & among other things a Law passed regulating hawkers pedlers auctioneers &c February 13, 1842 ~ Sunday 13th I preached on Sunday at Br
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    events than the Latter Day Saints. Let us for a moment take a survey of 1840 which has been a year of interest among all Nations. This is the tenth year of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. the church has never been as prosperous as through 1840 though she has just passed through a seene of unparelled persecution by the whole state of Missouri, who has driven, robed & murdered many of ther saints, & entirly expeled from the state about 12,000 ...
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    Jan. 2nd 1834 To the Book of Mormon. I believed it was light out of darkness and truth out of the ground. The license which I receieved reads thus. A Power and authority given to Willford Woodruff provi ng that he is a Teacher in the Church of Christ by the will of God the Father according to his holy Calling and the gift ^& power^ of the Holy ghost agreeable to the Revelations of Jesus Christ signifying that he has been baptized and receieved ...