Adam (OT)

Adam is the patriarch of the human race, is also known as Michael the Archangel, and helped create the world. He is a scriptural figure referred to by Wilford Woodruff.


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    Willford Woodruff & Phebe. W. Carter was joined in Marriage April 13th A.D. 1837 rather than complain thou must put thy whole trust in God. ^thou art of the blood of Ephraim^ thou shalt have a celestial crown. Thou shalt have a residence in Zion and do a great work, there Thou shalt sew the Vail of the Temple and rejoice in the work of thy hands. If thou wilt keep the comm andments thou shalt have all of thy friends they shall be members of the covenant. I ...
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    The first Book of Willford When in the course of human events has there ever been a more important period than at the present day and age of the world. It is at once beneficial and instructive to the reflecting mind to review the past with candour and rightly consider the present and be in perfect readiness for that which is to come. Whare is the Son or dau ghter of Adam who hath a standing in this day and generation that is walking in the light and truth as it is in ...
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    March 26, 1837 ~ Sunday March 26th Sunday communed with the saints in the fore part of the day. In the latter part, Elder W. Parrish Preached the funeral sermon of Sister Pratt the wife of Elder P. P. Pratt one of the twelve who died March 25th 1837 March 27, 1837 ~ Monday March 27th I signed $50 fifty Dollars for the building of the house of the Lord in Zion the subscription list was in the hands of ...
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    January 8, 1843 ~ Sunday Jan 8 Sunday I spent the time a[t] home. January 9, 1843 ~ Monday to January 14, 1843 ~ Saturday 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, & 14 was spent in the Office January 15, 1843 ~ Sunday 15 Sunday I spent the time at home January 16, 1843 ~ Monday to January 18, 1843 ~ Wednesday 16, 17, & 18, was spent in the printing office January 17, 1843 ...
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    Reflections From Adam man decended & prospered & blessed untill he polluted the earth by sin & wickedness to that degree that God destroyed the whole world by a flood except 8 souls & they went forth & again peopled the earth & was always blessed when they kept the Commandments of God & was cursed when they broke them. God blessed Abram & made Covenants with him & his seed. Though Israel was in slavery as it were under Pharrio yet when they ...
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    PATRIARCHAL BLESSINGS. temple of the Lord; and thousands of others have received the same blessings in the same way. President Young received revelations in that temple, and there are yet many revelations to be received in the last days, concerning the redemption of the dead and many other sub- jects, but they will all be manifest in due time through the proper authority unto the Church and Kingdom of God. There are many other manifestations of the power of God and the revelations ...
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    immortality, and shall be caught up to meet the Lord in the air when he shall come in the clouds of heaven to meet with the saints on the earth. thou shalt be a great man on the Earth. thou shall have posterity and thy sons shall bear the priesthood after thee. thou shall be a comfort and consolation to thy father & Mother in their declining years. thou shall cause the heart of thy mother to rejoice who has laboured hard to preserve thy life from thy infancy up to this day. thou shall have ...
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    June 20th 1869 and we shall send more here. I do not think there Ever was a people on the Earth who done as much as we have in 40 years. I[t] was the opinion of the Prophet Joseph that the City of Enoch was in the gulf of Mexico, And that Adam offered his sacrafice & Bui[l]t his first altar in Adam, Ondi, Ahman, & the stones of his Altar are there now to be seen The City of ...
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    Dec 11, 1869 Man of a Higher Priesthood then He would her But Even A man Holding the office of a deacon may magnify that calling so that he would be more worthy & have a higher Exaltation than many High Priest it is not so much the office a Man Holds as it is of the magnifying of that portion of the office He does hold. Some ordinances cannot Be given without A temple All children Born Before Parents are sealed to the Altar will have to be
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    Dec 25 1869 come from the presence of God the posterity of Cane are Black Because He commit Murder He killed Abel & God set a Mark upon his posterity But the spirits are pure that Enter their tabernacles & there will be a chance for the redemption of all the children of Adam Expcept the Sons of perdition. [John 17:12] W Woodruff made a speech upon aposticy and the Merchants ...