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May 22, 1847

Journal Entry

May 22, 1847 ~ Saturday

22. The brethren found A part of a petrified leg bone of A Mamouth
it was from the knee joint downward the piece was 17 inch
long, 11 inches wide & weighed 27 lbs. we travled to day 7 1/2
miles & onooned & in the Afternoon 8 miles & camped for
the Sabbath, whole distance of the day 15 1/2 m

our road has been vary strait to day but we came over 2 1/2 miles
of the worst Bluff sandy & Hilly that we have past on
the rout. we have also past several large creek beds of
dry sand, the Bluffs on our rout to day have presented
the most singular natural senery that I ever beheld in
my travels on the earth. It has the greatest appearance
of the old walls & ruins of the castles of Europe from
the size of chimneys to 100 feet square or more, bodies
of earth & rock that Appears as though it was formed
out of clay stand erect scattering through the Bluffs
from 10 to 100 feet high, with perpendicular
sides as strait as walls of A building while all
the earth around them have been washed away
to their base with rain & time. A spring of cold
water was found in the top of one of these peaks
Apparently in a small basan of stone. there are
considerable number of rattle snakes come out of
these bluffs I sayw near A dozen to day A good
share of the rout this Afternoon the face of the
earth is barren Almost destitute of grass


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President Young then addressed the camp in an Interesting manner, said he was satisfyed that the Lord was with us & Leading us had never seen a company of people more united than the camp had been thus far on the journey, that we should pluck the fruits of this mission to all Eternity
~ Brigham Young


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May 22, 1847