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Sep 12, 1844

Journal Entry

September 12, 1844 ~ Thursday

12th Wind changed from north to west. we left
the river at 8 oclok & proceded up the lake (I perused
a book entitled the History of the Welch baptist
published in Pittsburg, Professing to trace their origin
to John the baptist. It contains many interesting items
of history, but their is one trait in it the same as in
evry history published since the days of Christ and
the Apostles, (except what has been published by the latter
Day Saints) ie they are all alike rob[b]ed of apostolic purity
religion, order, ordinances, Holy Ghost, gifts, grace, miricles
Prophets Revelations, all of one accord cry out these
things are done away, but they are ownly done away
through their unbelief, making void the law of God
changing the ordinances breaking the everlasting
covenant departing from the apostolic order of things)

we sailed well through the day and night
Mrs Woodruff made a request which is to be granted
within three years {which is to have} 2 {sons} In the morning
we came in sight of the Manatau Islands


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Woodruff, Phebe Whittemore Carter
8 Mar 1807 - 10 Nov 1885
1526 mentions


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Meeting where majority of Church members sustain the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles as governing body of the Church.
Wilford accepts call to preside over the European Mission for one year.

Sep 12, 1844