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Apr 17, 1840

Journal Entry

April 17, 1840 ~ Friday

17th This being good friday the quorum
of the Twelve met at penworthham to visit
the saints & spend the day together before we parted.
Sister Moon opened a bottle of wine for
us to bless & partake of which she had kept for
40 years. after spending the day in concersing [conversing]
about the things of the kingdom of God we ret
urned to preston & spent the night 2 m[iles]


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Autobiography 1883 Tullidge's Quarterly Magazine Notes 1
On the being Good Friday the Twelve met at Penworthham two miles from Preston to visit the Saints and spend the day together before they seperated for their several fields of labour. Sister Moon opened a bottle of wine for us to bless and partake of. This bottle of wine she had kept for forty years. After spending the day in conversing about the things of the Kingdom of God we returned to Preston. The time had come for the Twelve to seperate and go into different parts of the Lord's vinyard. It was thought widsom for Elder Heber C. Kimble to visist the Churches which he had built up while in England on his former


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Apr 17, 1840