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Jun 8, 1834

Journal Entry

June 08, 1834 ~ Sunday

It excited the curiosity of people more
to see such a company of people
traveling through the country in perfect
order people came forth out of there
houses to behold the scene and thou-
sands of questions were asked concer
ning our movements. We had seve
ral rivers to ferry and when we arived
at Salt River we pitched our tents to
remain stationary for several days and


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History – The History of Zion's Camp
Sunday the 8th. We were joined by my brother Hiram Smith and Lyman Wight with another company, who started from Pontiac, Michigan Ter. May the 5th, the same day that we started from Kirtland, they having passed through Ann Arber, Jacksonburg, Spring Arbor, Constantine, Elkhart, crossed the Illinois river one mile below Attawa, Pleasant Grove, Pekin, Quincy, and Polmepa. Elijah Fordham was their Historian, Lymon Wight Steward, Hiram Smith, and Samual Bent Moderator. We had agreed to meet at this point, and the first that arrived was to wait for the other, and it was a happy meeting. Soon after the arrival of brother Hiram and his company, I dispatched brother Luke Johnson and Almon W. Babbet with messages to the brotherin in Clay County, fearing that the letter which I sent from Springfield had miscarried. James Alberd Sen. and ten others of this branch of the Church joined our camp which
Autobiography Volume 1 circa 1842-1865
Sunday we had preaching and in the course of the day we were Joined by Brother Hyram Smith & Lyman Wight with a company of volunteers which they had gathered in Michigan. The whole company now consisted of 205 men & 25 baggage waggons


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Jun 8, 1834