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    It will be seen by a reference to the Book of Commandments, page 135, that the Lord has said to the Church, and we meant to live by his words, "Let no man break the law of the land, for he that keepeth the Laws of God, hath no need to break the laws of the land;" therefore as the people of God, we come before the world and claim protection by law from the common officers of justice in every neighborhood where our people may be; we claim the same at the hands of the governors of the several States and of the President of the United States, and of
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    By the desperate acts of the inhabitants of Jackson County, many hundreds of American Citizens are deprived of their lands and rights; and it is reported that we mean to regain our posses- sions, and even Jackson County "by the shedding of blood"; but if any man will take the pains to read the 1353rd page of the Book of Commandments he will find it there said, "Wherefore the land of Zion shall not be obtained but by purchase, or by blood, otherwise there is none inheritance for you. And if by purchase behold you are blessed; and if by blood, as you are forbidden to shed blood lo! your enemies are upon you and you shall be scourged from city to city and from synagogue to syna- gogue, and but few shall stand to receive an inheritance." So we declare that we have even meant, and now mean to purchase the land of our inheritance like all other honest men of the government and of those who would rather sell their farms than live in our society. And as thousands have done before us, we solicit the aid of the children of men, and of government to help us obtain our rights in Jackson County and the land whereon the Zion of God, according to our faith, shall stand in
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    Let no man be alarmed because our soci- ety has commenced gathering to build a city and a house for the Lord as a refuge from present evils and coming calamities. Our fore- fathers came to the goodly land of America to shun persecution and enjory their religious opinions and rights as they thought proper; and the Lord after much tribulation blessed them and has said that we should continue to importune for redress and redemption by the hands of those who are placed as ruler and are in authority over us, according to the laws and constitution of the people, which he has suf- fered to be establish and should be maintain- ed for the rights and protection of all flesh according to just and holy principles; that every man act in doctrine and in principle pertaining to futurity according to the moral agency which the has given unto them; that every man may be accountable for his own sins in the day of Judgment; and for this purpose he has established the constitution of this land by the hands of wise men whom he raised up unto this very purpose, and re- deemed the land by the shedding of blood.
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    Now we seek peace, and ask our rights even regress and redemption at the hands of the rulers of this nation; not only our lands and property in Jackson County but for free trade with all men and unmolested emigra- tion to any part of the Union, and for our inherent right to worship God as we please. We ask the rights because they have been taken from us, or abridged by the violence and usurpation of the inhabitants of Jackson County. As a people we hold ourselves amenable to the laws of the land, and while the government remains as it is, the right to emigrate from State to State: from Territory to Territory: from county to county, and from vicinity to vicinity, is open to all men of whatsoever trade or creed, without hindrance or molestation; and as long as we are justifiable and honest in the eyes of the law, we claim it, whether we remove by single families or in bodies of hundreds, with that of carrying the necessary arms and accou- trements for military duty; and we believe that all honest men who love their country and their country's glory and have a wish to see the law magnified and made honorable, will not only help perpetuate the great legacy of freedom that came unimparired from the
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    Another and the great object which we mean to help accomplish is the salvation of the souls of men; and to bring to pass such a glorious work, like many other religious denomi- nations in all ages, we shall license Elders to preach the everlasting Gospel to all nations according to the great commandment of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, as recorded in
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    The faith and religion of the Latter-Day Saints, are founded upon the old Scriptures, the Book of Mormon, and direct revelation
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    In the midst of such portentious times, we feel an anxious desire to prepare, and help others prepare for coming events; and we candidly believe that no honest man will put forth his hand to stop the work of the Lord, or persecute the Saints. In the name of Jesus, we entreat the peo- ple of this nation to pause before they reject the words of the Lord, or his servants: These, like all flesh, may be imperfect "But God is
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    While we ask peace and protection for the Saints, wherever they may be, we also solicit the charity and benevolence of all the worthy on earth, to purchase the righteous a holy home, a place of rest and a land of peace, believing that no man who knows he has a soul will keep back his mite, but cast it in for the benefit of Zion; thus when time is no longer, he with all the ransomed of the Lord may stand in the fulness of joy, and view the grand pillar of Heaven, which was built by the faith and charity of the Saints, beginning at Adam with this motto in the base "Repent and live" surrounded with a beautiful circle sign supported by a cross, about midway up its lofty column, staring the world in letters of blood "The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand" and finished with a plain top, towering up in the midst of the celestial world, around which is written by the finger of Jehovah: "Eternal Life is the great- est gift of God."
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    Although we may fail to show all men the truth of the fulness of the Gospel, yet we hope to be able to convince some that we are neither deluded nor fanatics, but like other men have a claim on the world for land
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    For the honor of our beloved country and the continuation of its free government, we appeal for peace; for an example of forbearance, and the diffusion of the everlasting Gospel, we appeal to the humanity of all nations; and for the glory of God, before whom we must all answer for the deeds done in life, and for the hope of holiness hereafter, we mean to remain faith- ful to the end, continuing to pray to the Lord to spare us and the people from whatever is evil and not calculated to humble us, and prepare us for His presence and glory: at the same time beseeching Him in the name of Jesus to extend His blessings to whom he will, and his mercy to all, till, by righteousness the kingdoms of this world become fair as the sun and clear as the moon.