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    The published history of Zion's Camp gives an account of the bones of a man which we dug out of a mound. His name was Zelph. The Lord showed the Prophet the history of the man in a vision. The arrow, by which he was killed, was found among his bones. One of his thigh bones was broken by a stone slung in battle. The bone was put into my wagon, and I carried it to Clay County, Missouri, and buried it in the earth.
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    Not withstanding our enemies were continually breathing threats of vialence we did not fear, neither did we hesitate to prasecute our journey, for God was with us, and his angels were before us; and the faith of our little band was unwavering. We knew that angels were our companions, for we seen them.
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    Dureing our travels we visited sevral of the mounds which had been thrown up by the ancient inhabidants of this country, and this morning I went up on a high mound near the river accompanied by many of the brotherin. From this mound we could over-look the tops of the trees, and view the prairie on eather side of the
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    One night we camped in the middle of a prairie without water; one man took a spade and said, ["]Who knows but I can find water here." and dug a small hole, which soon filled with good water; when the brotherin saw this, they said it was as much a miracle as for Moses to bring water out of the rock
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    This morning was exceedingly hot, no air stirring, and traveling in the thick woods, a thunder shower coming on, the brotherin caught all the water they could on the brims of their hats, and not catching enough to satisfy their thirst, they drank out of horsetracks.
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    During the day the Jackson Co- unty mob to the number of about 200 made arrangements to cross the Missouri River above the mouth of Fishing River at William's Ferry, into Clay County and be ready to meet the Richmond mob near Fishing River ford for our utter destruction. But after the first scow load of about forty had been taken across the river, the scow in returning was met by a squall and had great difficulty in reaching the Jackson side by dark. Wilford Woodruff states that "when
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    The ma jority of the people or public opinion were against us and even their were about seventy men mounted on horseback with firearms gathered together for the intention of comeing against our camp but the God of Israel frustr ated their design for while they were comeing against us the Lord rained upon them rain and great hail so that it was expedient for them to seek shelter from the storm and after the stor m they dispersed and would not go against the camp.
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    I witnessed a solemn scene previous to this time while on our journey there were disobedience and murmurings in the camp And Brother Joseph prophesied
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    That in consequence of these things there was a scourge awaited the Camp And as it was prophesied of so it was fulfilled for soon after we had cam ped by Brother Burkjetts we were visited by the destroying angel and 8 or 10 of our brethren were immediately lade helpless beneath the stroke[.] I assisted in taking care of them through the day and the night following and through the night and in the morning there continued to be new attacks. And in the morning Joseph remarked that it was the duty of the Camp to brake up and disperse and take up their abode around among the brethren lest the Sco urge should be more severe. A reser ve was made however for ^a^ sufficient number to tarry to take care of the sick.
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    21st The following is a true copy of a Revelation given dated Winter Quarters Camp of Israel Jan 14th 1847 The word and will of the Lord concerning the camp of Israel In their journeyings to the west Let all the people of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints, and those who journey with them, be organized into companies with a covenant and promise to keep all the commandments and Statutes of the Lord our God: Let the companies be organized with Captains of Hundreds, Captains of Fifties, and Captains of Tens with a President & his two councillors at their head, under the direction of the Twelve Apostles: And this shall be our covenant that we will walk in all the ordinances of the Lord. Let each company provide themselves with all the Teams, waggons provisions, clothing, and other necessaries for the journey that they can. When the companies are organized let them go to with their might to prepare for those who are to tarry. Let each company with their Captains, and Presidents, decide how many can go next spring; then choose out a sufficient number of able bodied and expert men, to take teams, seeds, and Farming utensils, to go as Pioneers, to prepare for puting in spring crops. Let each company bear an equal proportion, according to the dividend of their property, in taking the poor, the widows, the fatherless, and the families of those who have gone into the armey, that the cries of the widow and the Fatherless come not up into the ears of the Lord against this people. Let each company prepare houses, and fields for raising grain, for those who are to remain behind this season, and this is the will of the Lord concerning his people; Let every man use all his influence and property, to remove this people to the place whare the Lord shall locate a stake of Zion;