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    (I had a dream which I will here relate I saw a fruit tree, & I went into the tree in search of fruit. I soon discovered that some of the main branches on ^the^ top g^r^oing from the main body was dead; It seemed necessary to cut off the dead branches in order to save the tree so I told some person to help me cut them off & they steped on to a large green limb they were afraid it would break, so I put my sholder under it & held it up while he cut off the dead branches it cracked the green limb but it did not break. after we cut of[f] the dry limbs the wounds healed up and the tree grew finely) now let us cut of the dead bran ches of the Church that good fruit may grow and the voice will soon be herd go and build Zion and the great Temple of the Lord.
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    Clay Co Missouri Dec 31st 1834 Be it known that I Willford Woodruff do freely covenant with my God that I freely consecrate and dedicate myself together with all my properties and affects unto the Lord for the purpose of assisting in building up his kingdom even Zion on the earth that I may keep his law and lay all things before the bishop of his Church that I may be a lawful heir to the Kingdom of God even the Celestial Kingdom
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    The Lord has raised up servents & sent into the vineyard to prune the vineyard once more for the last time, to Preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to warn the Nations that they may be left without excuse in the day of their visitation & to gather the honest in heart & the meek of the earth that Zion may be built up & the Prophets fulfilled;
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    December 11, 1836 ~ Sunday 11th Sunday morning after an interview with Priest Turpin I went up to the house of God to worship & O what a meeting. May it be printed upon my heart as a memorial forever For on this day the God of Israel sharply reproved this stake of Zion (Kirtland) through the Prophets & apostles for all our sins & backslidings & also a timely warning that we may escape the Judgments of God that otherwise will fall upon us even the case of the travels of the Camp of the Saints from Kirtland to zion in 1834
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    Will this gentile generation still sleep in this late hour, if so sleep on & take thy rest which is short for thy end is come, & the day hath broke that Israel must be awoke from his slumber for the last time & Prepare himself for the Bridegroom. Then let 1837 finish its work with speed & let its departure Say who hath gone to the tomb & what Kingdom overturned & what Kingdom esstablished & may God grant that 1837 may report as she departs that zion & her stakes indicates that God rules in her midst with POWER STRENGTH & GLORY.
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    21st The following is a true copy of a Revelation given dated Winter Quarters Camp of Israel Jan 14th 1847 The word and will of the Lord concerning the camp of Israel In their journeyings to the west Let all the people of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints, and those who journey with them, be organized into companies with a covenant and promise to keep all the commandments and Statutes of the Lord our God: Let the companies be organized with Captains of Hundreds, Captains of Fifties, and Captains of Tens with a President & his two councillors at their head, under the direction of the Twelve Apostles: And this shall be our covenant that we will walk in all the ordinances of the Lord. Let each company provide themselves with all the Teams, waggons provisions, clothing, and other necessaries for the journey that they can. When the companies are organized let them go to with their might to prepare for those who are to tarry. Let each company with their Captains, and Presidents, decide how many can go next spring; then choose out a sufficient number of able bodied and expert men, to take teams, seeds, and Farming utensils, to go as Pioneers, to prepare for puting in spring crops. Let each company bear an equal proportion, according to the dividend of their property, in taking the poor, the widows, the fatherless, and the families of those who have gone into the armey, that the cries of the widow and the Fatherless come not up into the ears of the Lord against this people. Let each company prepare houses, and fields for raising grain, for those who are to remain behind this season, and this is the will of the Lord concerning his people; Let every man use all his influence and property, to remove this people to the place whare the Lord shall locate a stake of Zion;
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    Go thy way and do as I have told you; and fear not thine enemies; for they shall not have power to stop my work. Zion shall be redeemed in mine own due time time, and if any man shall seek to build up himself and seeketh not my council he shall have no power, and his folley shall be made manifes[t] seek ye and keep all your pledges one with another and covet not that which is thy brothers. Keep yourselves from evi[l] to take ^not^ the name of thy God in vane; for I am the Lord your God, even the God of your Fathers, the God of Abraham and of Isaac and of Jacob. I am he who led the children of Israel out of the Land of Egypt and my arm is streched out in the last days to save my people Israel cease to contend one with another. Cease to speak evil one of another. Cease drunkenness, and let your words tend to edeyfing one another. If thou borrowest of thy neighbor, thou shalt restore that which thou hast borrowed, and if thou canst not repay, then go straitway, and tell thy neighbor lest he condemn thee. If thou shalt find that which thy neighbor has lost, thou shalt make diligent search, till thou shalt deliver it to him again. Thou shall be diligent in preserving what thou hast, that thou mayest be a wise steward; for it is the free gift of the Lord thy God, and thou art his steward If thou art merry, praise the Lord, with singing, with music, with dancing and with a prayer of praise and thanksgiving. If thou art sorrowful call on the Lord thy God with supplication, that your souls may be joyful. Fear not thine enemies for they are in mine hands and I will do my pleasure with them. My people must be tried in all things, that they may be prepared to recieve the glory that I have for them, even the glory of Zion. And he that will not bear chastizment, is not worthy of my Kingdom; Let him that is ignorant, learn wisdom by humbling himself, and calling upon the Lord his God, that his eyes may be opened that he may see, and his ears opened that he may hear, for my spirit is sent forth into the wor[ld] to enlighten the humble and contrite, and to the condemnation of the ungodly.
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    February 21, 1850 ~ Thursday 21st [FIGURES] I Recieved one letter from George H. Russell & wrote one to I. F. Carter. Brother Wallace called upon me to day on his mission to England, we conversed upon things in the valley, and all the news all the brethren bring from the Valley is cheering to the soul the time to favor Zion is in vary deed come the saints are prosipering in all things
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    As there had been much said about the poor coming to kanesville Elder Woodruff remarked that He had recieved council from the Presidency in the valley to stretch out his arms and gather all He possibly could to Zion. And when the Lord tells me to do any thing or I receive council through the proper sourse I go at it with all my might And I can neither eat Drink or sleep in peace except the work that is requ- ired of him me to be performed is progressing about right I have laboured hard to gather out the people according to the instructions given me.
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    Thus ends the Time & labour of another half centaury AD 1850 Yes Eighteen hundeed & fifty has gone to make anoth[er] link in the great chain of this Earth probation. It has been an important year in many respects the revolutions & changes & signs of the times among the Nations of the Earth indicate the fulfillment of the word of God & the preparation for the coming of the son of Man. It has been a year of blessings upon Zion & her children. The Lord hath preserved my life to lead one of the camps of Israel out of the midst of the gentiles to mingle with their Brethren in Zion now building up cities in the rich vallies of the mountains of Israel. The Saints have been abundantly prospered & blessed during this year in all they have put their hands unto some thousands have emigrated this year to Zion from the States
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    June 13, 1838 ~ Wednesday June 13th I spent the day at my fathers house I herd some most interesting letters read from Brother Asahel H. Woodruff Directed to Fathers family, Eunice &c. O Asahel may the LORD never suffer thy talents to be buried or spent upon the honours wealth glories or vanities of this world, but may they yet be in lively exercise in advocating the fulness of the gospel of Jesus Christ me thinks the spirit of Inspiration whispers that this will ...
    June 13, 1838 June 14, 1838 June 15, 1838 June 16, 1838 June 17, 1838 June 18, 1838 June 19, 1838 June 20, 1838
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    See Journal Vol 1st April 15. 1837. Great and marvelous are thy Works O LORD GOD ALMIGHTY Written upon what came to pass on the first day of July AD 1838 in fulfillment of Revelation O GOD my heart inspire my pen direct while I record this scene of thy mercy this blessing of thy love a blessing promised me by the testimony of JESUS CHRIST. Could I claim it yes by faith all things are possible even that my parents & friends could in the new covenant with me stand. Without ...
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    July 14th Our daughter Sarah Emma in half an hour after she was born performed a journey in the arms of Sister Sarah Foss through the garret, chambers, & lower rooms, & principly through the whole house. Is not this an omen of her being an extensive traveller in her day let time determin. Mrs Woodruff was comfortable through the day more so than could have been expected. Happy is that people whose God is the Lord July 15, 1838 ~ Sunday 15 Sunday ...
    July 14, 1838 July 15, 1838 July 16, 1838 July 17, 1838 July 18, 1838 July 19, 1838 July 20, 1838 July 21, 1838 July 22, 1838 July 23, 1838 July 24, 1838 July 25, 1838 July 26, 1838
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    July 27, 1838 ~ Friday July 27 I laboured for sister Foss July 28, 1838 ~ Saturday 28. I spent the day at father Carters in writing July 29, 1838 ~ Sunday 29 I rode to Buxton in company with sister Foss I spent the day with Elder James Townsend I had a plesent interview with him I returned & spent the night at fathers Carters 16 July 30, 1838 ~ ...
    July 27, 1838 July 28, 1838 July 29, 1838 July 30, 1838 July 31, 1838 August 2, 1838 August 2, 1838 August 3, 1838
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    August 4, 1838 ~ Saturday Aug 4th I visited the people from house to house & taught in the family circle. I spent the night at Mr Pease. 4. August 5, 1838 ~ Sunday 5. Sunday I preached two discourses in the town house in Camden to a large congregation but the people do not realize it to be a day of warning and not of many words this is the last time I shall lift up my voice unto this people, and when the ...
    August 4, 1838 August 5, 1838 August 6, 1838 August 7, 1838 August 8, 1838 August 9, 1838
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    made shipwreck of faith and cared for none of these things. We next called upon Br. Jesse Coombs we found them strong in faith we spent the night with them distance of the day 10 miles August 11, 1838 ~ Saturday Aug 11. I took the parting hand with these saints and probably for the last time unless they flee to the land of Zion we bid them farewell & walked to the north end of the Island via Br. Crocketts & Merchants ...
    August 11, 1838 August 12, 1838 August 13, 1838
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    me from the hands of wicked and ungodly men who seek my destruction while their angor is kindled against me. We sailed acrosst the Penobscot bay and went up the goose river. We here took the parting hand with Br. Ames who returned home while walked to James Andrews, who is ingaged in making the baggage waggons for Brother Nathaniel Thomas & the saints to journey to the land of Zion with Brother Thomas possesses the true spirit of Christ and ...
    August 14, 1838 August 15, 1838 August 16, 1838 August 17, 1838 August 18, 1838
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    August 28, 1838 ~ Tuesday Aug 28. I spent the day in writing I made a family record for Brother Joseph Fabyan Carter {[illegible] and son} August 29, 1838 ~ Wednesday 29. I wrote an acrostic for Shuah C. Carter. [FIGURES] August 30, 1838 ~ Thursday 30. I rode in company with Mrs Woodruff to Brother Luther Scamman's & spent the night distance 4 miles August 31, 1838 ~ Friday 31st The last day of summer ...
    August 28, 1838 August 29, 1838 August 30, 1838 August 31, 1838 September 1, 1838 September 2, 1838 September 3, 1838 September 4, 1838 September 5, 1838 September 6, 1838 September 7, 1838
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    September 8, 1838 ~ Saturday Sept 8th For the first time in my life I obtained the Journal & travels of Lorenzo Dow I spent a part of the day in reading it I found it to be highly interesting he puts me in mind of the travels of the Mormons as the gentiles call us It brings fresh to mind many of my own travels & labours in the ministry It is true that Lorenzo Dow was eccentric in his manners life & procedings but he appears to have as much light ...
    September 8, 1838 September 9, 1838 September 10, 1838
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    Sept 10th After returning from the Election [FIGURE] I recieved an interesting Letter from Mother Woodruff under date of Sept 7th which was written at Simsbury Connecticut while she was on a visit to Si[s]ter Anna Cossett's. She informed me they were all strong in faith of the new covenant & sister Eunice firmly contending for the truth & others of my relatives were believing in the cause of the Latter Day Saints what Joy such intelligence brings to my soul. O ...
    September 11, 1838