Reynolds Cahoon

Reynolds Cahoon (1790-1861) was born 30 Apr. 1790 in Cambridge, Washington Co., New York. He was the son of William Cahoon Jr. and Mehitable Hodges. He married Thirza Stiles on 11 Dec. 1810. He was baptized in Nov. 1830. He served with Wilford Woodruff on the building committee of the Kirtland and Nauvoo Temples and in the Council of Fifty in Nauvoo. He died 29 Apr. 1861 in Great Salt Lake City, Great Salt Lake Co., Utah Territory.


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    in the house of the Lord assembled together from the the east, west, north & south many with whom I had been intimately acquainted I truly felt to thank God that his promises had been verifyed unto me by giving me a seat & a name within his house & within his walls {better} as of sons & of daughters Their was four Confirmed after the sacrament under the hands of Elder O Hide[.] President J. Smith addressed the congragation & the meeting Closed Spent the night with Elder
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    It is true you have been called to suffer much in the cause in which you are engaged but if Judgment bgins at the house of God, babylon will not escape and if their is a fire in a green tree a dry tree will not escape the fire, and their is no people more prepared for the shok that is coming on the earth than than the latter day Saints, for the object we have is to secure blessings beyound the veil in the first resurr- ection this ^is wh[a]t^ we are ...
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    January 1, 1837 ~ Sunday Jany 1st 1837. In the morning of this Lord's Day I repar'd to the house of the Lord for worship We herd two discourses deliver'd from the Aaronic stand by Bishop Whitney & counsellor Cahoon they also Broke bread. the latter part of the day was spent in attending to the funeral servises of a child. January 2, 1837 ~ Monday 2ndSpent the day in school also the 3rd. I receieved ...
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    concerning the case of Brother Brewster I was one that opposed his ordination & I was much surprised that both the chairman & clerk did not do the same instead of urging it forward for Br Brewster maintained the same principle & possessed the same spirit for which he was cut off from the church in Kirtland by the high council & even in this case he came forward & demanded the High & Holy priesthood at our hands in the in the name of Jesus Christ I did not consider this to be ...
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    Jan 21st Sunday [FIGURE] A large assembly of Saints met at the Temple and herd an interesting discours delivered by President Joseph Smith. The following is a synopsis of his discourse upon the occasion When I consider the surrounding circumstances in which I am placed in this day, standing in the open air with week lungs & sumwhat out of health, I feel that I must have prayers & faith of my brethren that God may strengthen me & pour out his special blessings upon me if you ...
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    to once more enter this city after being absent more than two years when I left their was not more than a dozen houses in the town but now their was more than a dozen several hundred we passed by the temple as we passed along & had a view of it soon called at the house of Elder Young & spent the night with him he was sick Elder Kimball was with him & also Elder Richards we lade hands on him ...
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    came from a distance, we had a address from our prophet after which it was voted that Kirtland should be built up and three ^one^ man was appointed to preside over it I think they ^it^ was brother Almon Babbit father Granger & brother Higby —then it was motioned that a committee be appointed and commissioned to appoint & lay up stakes for the gathering ^from Commerce to Kirtland.^— Hiram Smith Lyman Whight ...
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    said upon the subject. They manifested a disposition to live els whare and I wished them to do so if they would not conduct better Elder Richards prophe- syed to them in the name of the Lord that they would see the day that they would be willing to have there right arm severed from there body if that would restore them to the place & station they were now loosing. but in consequence of there bad conduct I sent Caroline to her Father ...
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    Jan 5th 1838 Remarks against N E Russells name in Young's Register at Perrysville. "looking for an Endorser" Mem^m^orandum Aug 16th 1841 Elder Dwight Webster sends by Willford Woodruff $5 dollars for the house of the Lord in Nauvoo. Also $4 dollars for the Editors of the Times & Seasons for the 2 & 3rd vol I Willford Woodruff paid the above to R Cahoon for the house & E Robison on the
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    Feb 27 affairs also the travels of Dr Kane in the polar regions the world did not [know] his sufferings in that land he had a mad lunitic compani[on] to deal with and came near starving to death even he killed poor skeleton rats and sucked their blood to keep him alive He spoak of his death he suffered much in the last hours the world lost an valuable man at his death he had a knowledge of many things which would be valuable to the world that died with him. ...