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    On the doctrin's of faith Faith comes by hearing the word of God through the testimony of the Servents of God that Testimony is alw- ays attended by the spirit of prophecy & revelation.
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    A deluge of water once depopulated the world for crime; a similar scourge, by a different elem- ent, has a similar mission to perform & for a like cause. The measure of human crime is coming to the full, and the arm of Omnipotence lifted to "shake terribly the earth" and the watch quarrelling about creeds, territory or gold. The present Christian dispensation is about to close like the Jewish—the heavens about to [be] rolled together like a scroll; the star in that heaven about to be thrown from their orbits, in wild consternation and the indications overlooked; prophetic allusions to the terrible wreck, mistaken, misapplied or applyed to the wreck of Nature; an event without foundation in holy writ. These things are true.— They are not the freaks of a heated imagination; but predicated upon a long candid, cool, unbiassed investigation of the living oracles; and on the premises we throw the gontlet to all the clergy, learned or unlearned on earth!
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    Whare there is a prophet, a priest, or a righ- teous man unto whom God gives his oracles there is the kingdom of God, & whare the oracles of God are not there the kingdom of God is not.
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    Again the first Principle of our cause & work is to understand that their is a prophet in the Church & that he is at the head of the Church on Earth. who called Joseph Smith to be a prophet? Did the people or God. God & not the people called him, had the people gatherd together & appointed one of their number to be a Prophet he would have been accountable to the people but inasmuch as he was called of God & not the people he is accountab[le] to God & the Angel that committed the Gospel to him & not to any man on earth.
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    who is the Author of this work & gathering, Josephs Smith the Prophet of God as an instrument in the hands of God is the Author of it, he is the greatest man on earth No other man of this age has power to assemble such a great people from all the Nations of the earth with all their varied dispositions as assimulate them & cement them together so that they will be subject to rule & order this the Prophet is doing & what makes a great king President or man is to have a great People to rule over.
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    Their was to be two Prophets in Jerrusalem slain, for they tormented them. Prophets are always a torment to the People for they tell them the truth, reprove their transgressions speak of the Judgments that are to come, when those prophets were to be slain the people all would rejoice & send Presents to one another because the prophets who had tormented them were slain, but in three days they stood upon their feet & the Joy of their enemies was of short duration. It is so now their is a secret Joy in the hearts of the Priest and many people that the Prophet and Patriarch is murdered and some manifest their joy openly. It is always a dark time Just before day, it is a dark time now but it will soon be light.
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    For the first time in my life, for the first time in your lives, for the first time in the kingdom of God do I step forth to act in my capacity in connexion with the quorum of the Twelve as Apostles of Jesus Christ unto the People and to bear of the keys of the Kingdom of God in all the world. And for the first time are you called to walk by faith not by sight, for always before you have had a Prophet as the mouth of the Lord to speak to you. but he has sealed his testimony with his Blood.
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    No man can stand at our head. The Prophet Joseph has lade the foundation for a great work, and we will build upon it.
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    But I tel you in the name of the Lord, that no man can put another betwen the Twelve and the Prophet Joseph, why because Joseph was their file leader and he has committed into there hands the keys of the kingdom for all the world. dont put a thread between the Priesthood and God
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    He said if God has appointed him, & chosen him as an instrument to lead the church, why not let him lead it through? Why stand in the way, when he is appointed to do a thing? Who knows the mind of God? Does he not
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    June 4th we camped upon the bank of the Missippssippi River Here our Enemies strongly threatened that we should not cross into Missouri. The river being nearly one mile & a half wide & we having but one boat it took two days for us to pass over into Missouri. while some were ingaged in ferrying others were ingaged in Hunting fishing &c while Here Sylvestor Smith rebelled against the order of the company & gave vent to his feelings against the Prophet Joseph this was the ...
    June 4, 1834 June 6, 1834 June 7, 1834 June 8, 1834 June 12, 1834 June 18, 1834 June 19, 1834
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    off from their peeled fingers while they were swaring that they could not go to fight "Joe Smith but what thare must be a Hail storm sent or some other Damned damned thin[g] kicked up to stop them["] and after the mob had had spent that Dreary night in the midst of the pelting storm, all their amunictian wet many of their Horses gone they were willing to return home & as soon as Arangements could be made this forlorn hope took the back tract to Jackson County & other places to Joined the ...
    June 20, 1834 June 21, 1834 June 22, 1834 June 23, 1834
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    of the Lord that the plague shall be staid from this hour & there shall not be another case of it and the Brethren covenaneted with uplifted to hands to keep the commands of God & to obey the council of the prophet & the plage was stayed from that hour there was not another case of it among the saints. Brother Lyman Wight had taken a Job of work of Col Arthur to make him 100000 Brick & to build him a House. I commenced work for Brother Wight about the first ...
    January 1, 1834 July 1, 1834 July 7, 1834 July 9, 1834
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    as I did was not to injure you or out of any ill will towards you but I did this act with a settelled belief that it was my duty. And I am more and more convinced that I did my duty in so doing. I acknowledge your question to be vary civil in asking me whiy I "could not stay whare I was and worship God under the true light of the gospel in spirit and in truth and with Liberty." In answering this question I would say that you have the sentiments of my heart when I ...
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    "Iron and her hoofs Brass and she should beat, in peaces many people &c" [Micah 4:13] As it respects the remark I made about the Lord's being pleased with those who came up in th[e] camp of Zion or they being compared with Abram, it was their offering which he was pleased with. that is to say they were willing to lay down thare lives for Christs sake and the sake of their Brethren. Yet He was not pleased with any murmurings or complainings that might be ...
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    CHAPTER XIV My journey, and meeting with old friends. One of my "chapters of accidents". The council at Far West in fulfilment of Revelation. The Prophet out of Prison. A General Conference. A remarkable incident of the Persecution. The first settling of Commerce, afterwards Nauvoo. Directions by Joseph how to to detect the Devil. Our Mission to the Nations. Joseph's charge to the Twelve. A day of God's power, Joseph heals the Multitude. We start for Europe.
    March 8, 1839 March 13, 1839 March 16, 1839
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    the mobocratic State of Missouri. On the 25 we reached Far West and spent the night at the house of brother Morris Phelps who was still in prison with brother Parley P. Pratt. The next day was indeed worthy of record. The Lord had given a commandment to the Twelve to assemble upon the building spot of the House of [the Lord] in Far West Caldwell Co Missouri on the 26th day of April and their take the parting hand of ...
    April 25, 1839 April 26, 1839
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    of the Saints. We continued our journey and crossed the Mississippi River steam ferry at Quincy on the 2nd day of May being five days on our road from the Grove. The next day I had the unspeakable happiness of visiting Joseph The Prophet out of Prison Myself and five others of the Twelve rode four miles out of town to Mr Cleaveland's to see brother Joseph. He had just been delivered from prison and from the hands of his enemies and ...
    May 2, 1839 May 3, 1839 May 4, 1839
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    [17 lines blank] I spent June 27th in council with the Presidency and Twelve. We had an interesting day. Joseph was President of the council. After making an humble acknowledgement brother Orson Hyde was restored to the Church and the quorum of the Twelve in the full fellowship by an unaminous vote of the council Among the vast number of the keys of the Kingdom of God Joseph gave to the Twelve the following for their benefit experience and travels in the flesh: How ...
    June 27, 1839
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    of the Gospel and united to them by that Spirit which binds the hearts of the Saints together and seals them in the New and Everlasting Covenant I felt towards them as a father and shepherd in the Church seperating from his flock; and it was with a kindred spirit that the Saints and Branches one after the other gave me their affectionate farewells and invocations of the Lord's blessing upon me. Elder July the 1st After preaching at a Mr David Criders myself and Elder Smoot spent the ...
    July 1, 1836 July 14, 1836 July 19, 1836 July 26, 1836 August 2, 1836