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    On the doctrin's of faith Faith comes by hearing the word of God through the testimony of the Servents of God that Testimony is alw- ays attended by the spirit of prophecy & revelation.
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    A deluge of water once depopulated the world for crime; a similar scourge, by a different elem- ent, has a similar mission to perform & for a like cause. The measure of human crime is coming to the full, and the arm of Omnipotence lifted to "shake terribly the earth" and the watch quarrelling about creeds, territory or gold. The present Christian dispensation is about to close like the Jewish—the heavens about to [be] rolled together like a scroll; the star in that heaven about to be thrown from their orbits, in wild consternation and the indications overlooked; prophetic allusions to the terrible wreck, mistaken, misapplied or applyed to the wreck of Nature; an event without foundation in holy writ. These things are true.— They are not the freaks of a heated imagination; but predicated upon a long candid, cool, unbiassed investigation of the living oracles; and on the premises we throw the gontlet to all the clergy, learned or unlearned on earth!
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    Whare there is a prophet, a priest, or a righ- teous man unto whom God gives his oracles there is the kingdom of God, & whare the oracles of God are not there the kingdom of God is not.
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    Again the first Principle of our cause & work is to understand that their is a prophet in the Church & that he is at the head of the Church on Earth. who called Joseph Smith to be a prophet? Did the people or God. God & not the people called him, had the people gatherd together & appointed one of their number to be a Prophet he would have been accountable to the people but inasmuch as he was called of God & not the people he is accountab[le] to God & the Angel that committed the Gospel to him & not to any man on earth.
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    who is the Author of this work & gathering, Josephs Smith the Prophet of God as an instrument in the hands of God is the Author of it, he is the greatest man on earth No other man of this age has power to assemble such a great people from all the Nations of the earth with all their varied dispositions as assimulate them & cement them together so that they will be subject to rule & order this the Prophet is doing & what makes a great king President or man is to have a great People to rule over.
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    Their was to be two Prophets in Jerrusalem slain, for they tormented them. Prophets are always a torment to the People for they tell them the truth, reprove their transgressions speak of the Judgments that are to come, when those prophets were to be slain the people all would rejoice & send Presents to one another because the prophets who had tormented them were slain, but in three days they stood upon their feet & the Joy of their enemies was of short duration. It is so now their is a secret Joy in the hearts of the Priest and many people that the Prophet and Patriarch is murdered and some manifest their joy openly. It is always a dark time Just before day, it is a dark time now but it will soon be light.
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    For the first time in my life, for the first time in your lives, for the first time in the kingdom of God do I step forth to act in my capacity in connexion with the quorum of the Twelve as Apostles of Jesus Christ unto the People and to bear of the keys of the Kingdom of God in all the world. And for the first time are you called to walk by faith not by sight, for always before you have had a Prophet as the mouth of the Lord to speak to you. but he has sealed his testimony with his Blood.
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    No man can stand at our head. The Prophet Joseph has lade the foundation for a great work, and we will build upon it.
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    But I tel you in the name of the Lord, that no man can put another betwen the Twelve and the Prophet Joseph, why because Joseph was their file leader and he has committed into there hands the keys of the kingdom for all the world. dont put a thread between the Priesthood and God
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    He said if God has appointed him, & chosen him as an instrument to lead the church, why not let him lead it through? Why stand in the way, when he is appointed to do a thing? Who knows the mind of God? Does he not
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    every Prophet and Apostle in the spirit world, are watching you, watch- ing this Priesthood, to see what they are doing and what they are going to do. It is of far more importance than we realize and comprehend. Let us awake to the ordinances of the House of God and do our duty, that we may be justified, for Christ's sake. Amen. ...
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    Prest. Wilford Woodruff was hayppy to be with us. "Were the vision open concerning what lies before you, no one would wonder why the call is made for you to take a part. The Saints themselves even do not comprehend what lies before them, the nation and the world. No power can stay the hand of Almighty God in preventing Him from fulfilling the things awaiting Zion. We are preparing the way for the coming of the Son of Man. I rejoice to hear the testimonies this morning as well as this ...
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    Mountiain Valley, Aug 24th 1857. Br Willord Woodruff. Dear Sir, I received your favor on the 12th inst dated July 1st 1857. you may be assured it was well received it being the first I have received from any of the twelve for the last 12 years. I had come to the conclusion that they had become so far advanced in the order of the kingdom and become so popular in temperal things that they had entirely forgotten that such an uncouth old plough goger [goer] as Lyman Wight ...
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    I was confirmed on the 18th and ordained on the 20th by O. Cowdry; my ordintion was a little novel we traveled into the woods a bout falf [half] a mile and placed ourselves behind a large oak tree after a most solemn prayer he intended to ordain me ^a^ priest but ordained me an elder he after wards told me he done it in conformity to a vocal voice but in all these matters I confess my knowlede was very limited indeed, there was but four elders in the whole ...
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    preparing for a tour of 1300 miles to the state of N Y untill the 3rd of Sep when I started with my wife and two small children for that place and after visiting a numerous host of relitives and friends which I had not seen for many years, I returned home on the 16th of June 1843, having filled one of the most important missions of my life, for the particulars ^of^ which I shall refer you ^to^ the ^to^ Times & Seasons Vol 4, No 18th p[age] 282, to ...
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    Father Woodruff is well. We, as a people, feel well, never better. Should war drive us to leave our homes, and cut down our orchards and go into the mountains it would ^be^ what is called a sacrifice, and we would rather not be driven to it, but we shall do it if necessity calls for it, and do the best we can; but if it comes to this we shall go east next, to settle in Jackson County Missouri, and build our great Temple there ...
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    3— Q. I invite your attention to page 795 of Vol. 21 of the Mil. Star where it was reported that God, by means of a revela- tion to Hyrum Smith, directed the saints as to which candidate for congress to vote for? Do you not still believe that God, through his mouth piece, may still express a political prefer- ence, and do you not still believe it possible and even probable that God through the present Prophet has a right to direct the saints as to his choice between political candidates for ...
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    Merthyr Tydfil Jany. 2nd, 1846. My Dear Bro. Woodruff, Judging by yr former cau^r^se of devotedness to, and wellwishes for the best interests of the Welsh Saints, ^nation^ methinks t'wil be interesting to hear of their present prosperity & future prospects; this interesting topic has merited a place in the bosom of the Prophets & Apostles of this dispensation to some extend, it was our favorite theme in the Western climes; and now, those glorious anticipations which we fondly cherished for many a sweet hour while pacing the Deck, at the still hours of ^the^ midnight watch ...
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    and many similar expressions of astonishment & admiration, saluted my ears amid the social chat of the lively throng. some were babtised during the meeting, others after meeting, & it really seems as tho shaking among the armies of the alians, and that e'er long they will flock in solid phalanx to the Standard of Mormonism,—happy day.— when the Tables were cleared and the Hall crowded I addressed them in English followed by two Welsh Elders & Bro Henshaw about the "Restoration of all things spoken by all the Holy prophets since the world ...
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    Prospect, Ohio Feb 26 th 1894. Dear Sir: In our history class, we were studing about the Mormans. Our Teacher Mr. Bolander asked if we knew who (the) is the Prophet of today. We asked our Prof. and he did not know, he told me to write to you. Would you please write and tell us. Inclosed find a stamp for return postage. Yours truly ...