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    Thou shalt have the spirit of God to instruct thee in thy mission and lead thee into all truth thou shalt be filled with the spirit of God. Thine eyes shall be opened to look within the veil and behold the things of eternity. ^Yea the Lord of glory shall appear unto thee thou shalt put thy hands upon his feet and feel his wounds with thy hands that thou mayest be a special witness of his name^
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    On the doctrin's of faith Faith comes by hearing the word of God through the testimony of the Servents of God that Testimony is alw- ays attended by the spirit of prophecy & revelation.
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    A deluge of water once depopulated the world for crime; a similar scourge, by a different elem- ent, has a similar mission to perform & for a like cause. The measure of human crime is coming to the full, and the arm of Omnipotence lifted to "shake terribly the earth" and the watch quarrelling about creeds, territory or gold. The present Christian dispensation is about to close like the Jewish—the heavens about to [be] rolled together like a scroll; the star in that heaven about to be thrown from their orbits, in wild consternation and the indications overlooked; prophetic allusions to the terrible wreck, mistaken, misapplied or applyed to the wreck of Nature; an event without foundation in holy writ. These things are true.— They are not the freaks of a heated imagination; but predicated upon a long candid, cool, unbiassed investigation of the living oracles; and on the premises we throw the gontlet to all the clergy, learned or unlearned on earth!
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    Whare there is a prophet, a priest, or a righ- teous man unto whom God gives his oracles there is the kingdom of God, & whare the oracles of God are not there the kingdom of God is not.
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    Again the first Principle of our cause & work is to understand that their is a prophet in the Church & that he is at the head of the Church on Earth. who called Joseph Smith to be a prophet? Did the people or God. God & not the people called him, had the people gatherd together & appointed one of their number to be a Prophet he would have been accountable to the people but inasmuch as he was called of God & not the people he is accountab[le] to God & the Angel that committed the Gospel to him & not to any man on earth.
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    who is the Author of this work & gathering, Josephs Smith the Prophet of God as an instrument in the hands of God is the Author of it, he is the greatest man on earth No other man of this age has power to assemble such a great people from all the Nations of the earth with all their varied dispositions as assimulate them & cement them together so that they will be subject to rule & order this the Prophet is doing & what makes a great king President or man is to have a great People to rule over.
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    Their was to be two Prophets in Jerrusalem slain, for they tormented them. Prophets are always a torment to the People for they tell them the truth, reprove their transgressions speak of the Judgments that are to come, when those prophets were to be slain the people all would rejoice & send Presents to one another because the prophets who had tormented them were slain, but in three days they stood upon their feet & the Joy of their enemies was of short duration. It is so now their is a secret Joy in the hearts of the Priest and many people that the Prophet and Patriarch is murdered and some manifest their joy openly. It is always a dark time Just before day, it is a dark time now but it will soon be light.
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    For the first time in my life, for the first time in your lives, for the first time in the kingdom of God do I step forth to act in my capacity in connexion with the quorum of the Twelve as Apostles of Jesus Christ unto the People and to bear of the keys of the Kingdom of God in all the world. And for the first time are you called to walk by faith not by sight, for always before you have had a Prophet as the mouth of the Lord to speak to you. but he has sealed his testimony with his Blood.
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    No man can stand at our head. The Prophet Joseph has lade the foundation for a great work, and we will build upon it.
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    But I tel you in the name of the Lord, that no man can put another betwen the Twelve and the Prophet Joseph, why because Joseph was their file leader and he has committed into there hands the keys of the kingdom for all the world. dont put a thread between the Priesthood and God
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    The third Book of Willford for 1837 O Lord I ask thee in the name of Jesus Christ thy Son, to look upon thy servant Willford, who now occupies a place in Kirtland, this first stake of zion, which thou hast appointed in this last dispensation, & fulness of times for the gather- ing of thy Saints. O God of Israel, inspire the heart & pen of thy servant at this time, & hear & answer the Petition which he will ...
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    January 1, 1837 ~ Sunday Jany 1st 1837. In the morning of this Lord's Day I repar'd to the house of the Lord for worship We herd two discourses deliver'd from the Aaronic stand by Bishop Whitney & counsellor Cahoon they also Broke bread. the latter part of the day was spent in attending to the funeral servises of a child. January 2, 1837 ~ Monday 2ndSpent the day in school also the 3rd ...
    January 1, 1837 January 2, 1837 January 3, 1837
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    January 23, 1837 ~ Monday Jan 23rd As Elder Abram O Smoot hath been much out of health since he hath been in Kirtland he desired to return home into the south country to spend the winter in a warm climate with his friends. I accom panied him to father smiths to officeate in the office of a scribe while he receieved his Patriarchal blessing. Accordingly the Patriarch JOSEPH SMITH sen Pronounced his blessing upon his head in the name of the ...
    January 23, 1837 January 24, 1837 January 25, 1837
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    March 23, 1837 ~ Thursday March 23rd I repaired to the house of the Lord at an early hour in the morning to spend the day in prayer and fasting with the saints in Kirtland, as this was a day set apart for that purpose. Immediately after entering the house in com pany with several other Elders, I went within the veil and we bowed down before the Lord in the aronic stand & offer'd a morning sacrifice, & the Spirit of God rested ...
    March 23, 1837
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    March 26, 1837 ~ Sunday March 26th Sunday communed with the saints in the fore part of the day. In the latter part, Elder W. Parrish Preached the funeral sermon of Sister Pratt the wife of Elder P. P. Pratt one of the twelve who died March 25th 1837 March 27, 1837 ~ Monday March 27th I signed $50 fifty Dollars for the building of the house of the Lord in Zion the subscription ...
    March 26, 1837 March 27, 1837 April 2, 1837
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    the hands of President Joseph Young we then assisted President Young in washing our Brethren the Elders much of the spirit of God rested upon us I washed & perfumed the bodies of a number of my Brethren & the interview closed after after expressing our feelings to each other. We again met together in the quorum of the sev enties at the upper part of the Lords house at early candle light to receieve our anointing. The quorums of the Deacons, Teachers, & Priest occupied one apartment the Elders ...
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    God while nature was hushed in silenced by the sable shades of night. After spending the night in prayer we returned to our homes in the morning intending to spend the day in prayer & fasting for still greater blessings this being upon April 5, 1837 ~ Wednesday April 5th I spent a part of the day in attending the high council the remainder in writing, prayer & fasting I again repaired to the upper ^lower^ part of the house of the Lord at 5 oclock PM. with ...
    April 5, 1837 April 6, 1837
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    the heart & mouth of the prophet JOSEPH whose soul like Enoch's swelld wide as eternity I say such evidences presented in such a forcible manner ought to drive into oblivion every particle of unbelief & dubiety from the mind of the hearers, for such language sentiment principle & spirit cannot flow from darkness. Joseph Smith jr is a prophet of God rised up for the deliverance of Israel as true as my heart now burns within me while I am penning thes lines which is as true as ...
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    The saints began to open their mouths & they were filled with language unto edification one a prayer another exortation some a doctrin & a psalm others a toungue, some an interpretation Prophecy was also poured out upon us & all things was done decently & in order & the night was spent gloriously by the saints much of the gifts of the gospel rested upon us. One Brother clothed with the gift of tongues laid his hands upon my head & prophesied great blessing upon me another brother possessing the
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    Elder Zerah Pulsipher I was ordained a Teacher under his hands on the 2nd of Jan 1834, in Richland Oswego Co NY. On the 5th of Nov 1834, I was ordained a Priest under the hands of Elder Simeon Carter by the direction of the High Council in Clay County Missouri. On the 28th of June 1835 I was ordained an Elder in the church of Latter Day Saints under the hands of Elder Warren Parrish at ...