Newel Kimball Whitney

Newel Kimball Whitney (1795-1850) was born 3 Feb. 1795 in Marlborough, Hartford Co., Vermont. He was the son of Samuel Whitney and Susanna Kimball. He married Elizabeth Ann Smith on 20 Oct. 1822. He was baptized in 1830. He served with Wilford Woodruff in Nauvoo, Hancock Co., Illinois as a Bishop, as a Seventy, and as an alderman. He died 23 Sep. 1850 in Great Salt Lake City, Great Salt Lake Co., Utah Territory.


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    May 29, 1837 ~ Monday May 29th I met in the house of the Lord to attend an important conference or meeting of the high councel to attend to some important business of the Church let memory speak upon this subject two {of the presidency} two {of the Twelve and} one {of the seventy were stood before the Council for aggressing} It was considered not {lawful to} try {the president} before the high Councel but before the Bishop the Presidents withdrew the council closed without transacting business ^I ...
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    January 1, 1837 ~ Sunday Jany 1st 1837. In the morning of this Lord's Day I repar'd to the house of the Lord for worship We herd two discourses deliver'd from the Aaronic stand by Bishop Whitney & counsellor Cahoon they also Broke bread. the latter part of the day was spent in attending to the funeral servises of a child. January 2, 1837 ~ Monday 2ndSpent the day in school also the 3rd. I receieved ...
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    January 7, 1837 ~ Saturday Jan 6 [7]. Wrote a Letter to Brother Asahel H Woodruff January 8, 1837 ~ Sunday 8. Sunday went up to the house of the Lord to worship we had an interesting meeting. their was about fifteen hundred people assembled their was two discourses deliver'd from the Aaronic Priesthood one from coun cellor Knight & the other from Priest Willey Priest Willey had much of the spirit of ...
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    Smith Prophesyed that within five years we should be rid of our old enemies whether they were apostates or of the world & wished us to record it that when it comes to pass that we need not say we had forgotten the saying February 26, 1844 ~ Monday 26 A cold wind from the north Br Reed worked for me a part of the day I met with the quorum in the evening [FIGURE] but meeting closed soon after we arived. Fathers ...
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    August 9, 1844 ~ Friday Aug 9th I spent part of the day in writing in the afternoon I attended a council. it is gloomy times in Nauvoo as the Prophet and Patriarch is gone and their appears to be but little ambition to do any thing ownly their they are to work vary busy on the Temple. we appoin[te]d two trustees in trust for the church viz Geo Miller & N K Whitney August 10, 1844 ~ Saturday ...
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    Nov 10 1872 [FIGURE] The City of Boston has been burning now for 24 hour ^$^100000000 dollar worth of property Destroyed. Telegraph say 300 Acres of the Heart of the City burned. I red in Meeting the latter part of the 4' section of the Doctrins & Covenants containing the commandment of the Lord to Newel K Whitney to go to the cities of Albany New York, & Boston & warn those cities of the utter Desolation which awaited them if they rejected the ...
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    camp this morning also Bishop Whitney starts for St Louis this morning with several brethren to buy goods for the Camp of Israel. we drove our herds to the peavine this morning September 9, 1846 ~ Wednesday 9th I met in council in the evening September 10, 1846 ~ Thursday 10th I met in council with the Twelve and partially staked out a place for a city to winter in I wrote 3 Letters one to D. Webster [FIGURE] to L ...
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    September 19, 1849 ~ Wednesday 19th We went to the pond fishing the forepart of the day caught 15 Pickerell some 25 other fish so we had a feast of fresh fish for our dinner I had a good meeting with the saints in the evening I spoke lengthy & was followed by the brethren September 20, 1849 ~ Thursday 20th I took the parting hand with the saints allso my family & we all felt that we had never enjoyed A better visit with the saints in Bradford. We took ...
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    December 5, 1850 ~ Thursday 5th Dec [FIGURE] Senate of Deseret I met to day with the Legislature of the state of Deseret the House of Representatives & senate sat in Joint session as there was two vacancies in the Senate by death viz Bishop Newel K Whitney & Cornelius P Lott the Govornor appointed Wilford Woodruff & Charles C Rich to fill their places in the Senate. Several were appointed places in the House I was also appointed by the Lieut Gov as chairman of the ...
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    April 14, 1847 ~ Wednesday 14th After getting all things in readiness to leave I called my family together & blessed my wife & childrens and left them in the hands of the Lord. I bid farew ell to father Woodruff & family and all around me & took my leave of winter quarters & in company with Elders O Pratt, Lyman G. A. Smith E. Snow & others we again took the ...