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    the Lord will govern the helm of the States & Nations for the final good of the world & to his honor & glory & for the benefit of the Saints
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    February 13, 1853 ~ Sunday 13th Sunday Meeting was addressed in the morning B[y] Brother Joseph Young He spoke of the blessings of the people it was not wealth & riches that made men happy but it was by having the truth & obey- ing
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    their is no other kingdom like this on the Earth the Ancient Apostles had no more of the spirit of God to prepare them for their work then our Apostles have for the work which they have to perform in our day I would say that the dispensation of Moses & Christ & the Apostles looks like this dis- pensation though this dispensation will eclips all other dispensations for it is the finishing up of the building Moses never began to do what we have to do. I am of the opinion that men that are our prophets Apostles & leaders that have laid the foundation of this Church & kingdom & are building upon it were reserved forom Eternity to come forth in this dispensation to accomplish the great work which is to be done neve[r] did men live with more nerve desission of character perseverance faith & power than those that lead this dispensation
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    B Young followed & said if the people will be on the Temple ground to morrow at 11 oclok we will break the ground for the commencement of the foundation of the Temple. I do not believe that Enoch & his people eincreased in wrighteousnes faith & obedience & improved any faster than this people have since the commencement of this Kingdom I said this in the days of Joseph I have no doubt but God expects us to improve more than any other people that ever lived on the Earth then let us double our dilligence & let the parents both men & women never scease untill they govern themselves in all things and if we are tempted to do wrong never scease untill we conquor that spirit & bring it in subjection under your feet that you may ere long become rulers Kings & Priest unto God
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    if they felt disposed to reject the gospel & be damned they had a right to, & the Saints or inhabitants of Zion had no right to take from them their religion or persecute them on account of it or trample upon their rights any way, neither should other nations or religions trample upon the rights & privileges of the Saints who serve & obey the Lord of [and] Keep his Commandments neither would that be suffered as it has been in times past. And upon this principle all men or religions may dwell with us in peace, if they will keep the outward laws of the kingdom of [God] so as to acknowledg his name & his right to reign & let us keep the law of the gospel & obey his commandments undisturbed.
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    O Pratt followed & said that if the Saints had leasure hours that they could spend them to much better advantage than playing Cards as there was a world of Knowledge to be obtained & evry leasure moment should be improved in storeing the mind with some sciensce or learning some good principle and acknowledged the teachings we had recieved to be of the Lord
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    July 24, 1847 ~ Saturday [FIGURE] JULY 24th 1847 This is an important day in the History of my life and the History of the Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter Day Saints. On this important day after trav[eling] from our encampment 6 miles through the deep ravene, valley, ending with the canion through last creek we came in full view of the great valley or Bason [of] the Salt Lake and land of promise held in reserve by the hand of GOD for a rest- ing place for the Saints upon which a portion of the Zion of GOD will be built, we gazed with wonder and admiration upon the vast rich fertile valley which lay for about 25 miles in length & 16 miles in wedth clothed with the heaviest garb of of green vegitation in the midst of which lay a large lake of salt water of [blank] miles in extent in which could be seen large Islands & mountains towering towards the clouds also the glorious valley abounding with the best fresh water springs rivlets creeks & brooks & rivers of various sizes all of which gave animation to the sporting trout & other fish while the waters were wending there way into the great salt lake; our hearts were surely made glad after a hard journey from Winter Quarters of 1200 miles through flats of Platt Rivers & steeps of the Black Hills & the Rocky mountains and burni ng sands of the eternal sage regions & willow swails & Rocky canions & stubs & stones, to gaze upon a valley of such vast extent entirely surrounded with a perfect chain of everlasting hills & mountains coverd with etrnal snow with there innumerale peaks like pyramids towering towards Heaven presen ting at one view the grandest & most sublime scenery Probably that could be obtained on the globe. Thoughts of pleasing meditations ran in rapid succession through our minds while we contemplated that not many years that the House of GOD would stand upon the top of the Mountains while the valleys would be converted into orchard, vineyard, gardings & fields by the inhabitants of Zion & the Standard be unfurled for the nations to gather there to President Young expressed his full satisfaction in the appearanc of the valley as a resting place for the Saints & was amply repayed for his journey.
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    President Young in his address to the Saints remarked that he was determined to have order in all things & righteousness should be practized in this land. That we had come here according to the direction & council of Br Joseph Smith before his death
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    He informed the Brethren that there going into the Armey proved our temporal salvation at the time for the Governor of Mo had already recieved orders not to let our people pass the Mo river if we did not enlist, the goverment intend to diestroy us from off the face of the earth but through the blessing of God we are here and I thank my Heavenly father for it and He knew we should prevail Zion would arise the Judgments of God would be poured out the Blood of the Prophets would be ave[nged] & their cup would be filled double unto them. And if we were fait[h] ful we should yet have Brs Joseph & Hiram & many of the Sain[ts] in there resurrected bodies with us on earth & when we died
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    exercise Patience & not be weary in well doing for we have the greatest work to perform & blessings promised accordingly. The day has come when the Lord has set his hand with full pur- pose of heart to esstablish his Kingdom on the earth, gather Israel build up Zion & Jerrusalem make an end of sin & cause all nations to bow the Knee & every tongue to confess tha[t] Jesus is the Lord & has a right to reign on the earth and ye are the people ye Elders of Israel & Latter Day Saints that are moved upon & called & chosen to do this work
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    The following is an account of my travels and proc^e^edings while Officiateing in the Office of a Priest From the 13th of Jan to the 28th of June of 1835 I travled 1808 one thousand eight hundred & eight miles to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. Divided thus 212 miles in Missouri with Elder H Brown 656 miles in Arkansas Territory 608 with Elder H Brown & 48 alone 940 miles in Tennessee & KY 760 miles with Elder
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    August 7, 1835 ~ Friday AUG 7th Rode to Mr Fosters Preached at his house receieved 2 sudscribers for the M[essenger] & Ad[vocate] distance 15 miles August 8, 1835 ~ Saturday 8th Rode to Paris & herd of much excitement fearing an insurrection of the dlacks distance 14 miles August 9, 1835 ~ Sunday 9th Sunday Rode to Col Copeland Preached at the Academy distance 10 miles August 10, 1835 ~ Monday 10th Rode ...
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    VOL. 1. ^I confirmed 35, esstablished 8 preaching Places, Planted 3 churches^ In, 1835. I travled 3248 miles, Baptized 43 Persons, Held 170 meetings, procured 20 subscribers for the Latter Day Saints, Messenger & Advocate and 2 for the reprinted Star. Also 70, signers to the Petition to the Governour of Missouri for redress of wrongs done the church by the Jackson County mob. Wrote 18 letters. Ordained 2 teachers and 1, deacon. Held 3 debates. AND had 3 mobs ...
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    SUMMARY OF MY LABORS DURING THE YEAR. This brings the year 1835 to a close—the first year of my mission—during which time I had traveled three thousand two hundred and forty-eight miles, held one hundred and seventy meetings, baptized forty-three persons—three of whom were Campbellite preachers—assisted Elder Parrish to baptize twenty more, confirmed thirty-five, organized three branches, ordained two Teachers and one Deacon, procured thirty sub- scribers for the Messenger and Advocate, one hundred and seventy-three singers to the petition to the governor of
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    seem much pleased with their situation they appear to be worthy people I think mu much of them perhapse more for haveing been acquainted with you, he said you told him you thought you should see him in Amrica in about one year from that time which was last April I count the time verry particularly up to that time O my dear W. must I wait longer than that time to see you, br. Joseph says that the Lord does not require a man to be from his family more than a year at one ...
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    Frooms Hill Herefordshire England Aug. 10th 1840 My Dear Phebe Having written 6 letters this morni[n]g to send by Elder Turly I feel disposed to say a few words more to you. I shall inclose a bundle of letters in this sheet to send to you. will you please send them to the individuals as they are directed. The one directed to Nathaniel Thomas plase direct it on the Back to the place where he lives, I do not know whether he has moved or not ...
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    that we should spend a few months more before we return, The work of the Lord is rolling on swiftly in this land & the present signs are that the gentiles will spedily be warned. Already are there thousands rejoiceing in the New & Everlasting Covenant in England, the standard of truth as an ensign to the people is reared up in the largest cities of Scotland, & Saints rejoicing therein The warning voice is spedily to be heard in the City of Belfast Ireland, The cry is heard in ...
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    home it will be so much less care & trouble than it will be to see to your own wood water &c. this is simply my present feeling upon the subject, Remember me with gratitude to Brother Clark. & tell him for me that if he feels willing to lend you the hand of assistance in this your time of need & let you tarry with him untill my return, that he shall not loose his reward & he shall have my prayers & Blessing & the Blessing of God shall rest upon him & his children ...
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    (Continued from page 232.) HISTORY OF WILFORD WOODRUFF. -[FROM HIS OWN PEN.]- June 19—A States warrant was issued against D. W. Patten, Warren Parrish and Wilford Woodruff, sworn out by Matthew Williams, a Metho- dist priest, and served by the sheriff, Robert C. Petty. Elders Patten and Parrish were taken by an armed mob of about fifty, under pretence of law, led by the sheriff, a colonel, first and second major ...
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    with a high circulation of blood and blistered hands; but our horses leapt the bank, and we went on our way to the Sandy, which we swam, and spent the night at Thomas Frazer's. —30—We preached at Mr. David Crider's, also on Sunday the 31st, where we were threatened by a mob. I baptized Mr. Crider amid the scoffs of the rabble, who went in the night and poisoned both of our horses; the one which I rode, belonging to ...