Latter day Saints

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    Met in the Afternoon I blessed the bread & wine & it was administered to the Saints after which the time was taking up by the Brethren & Sisters in bearing testimony of the work of God, & the Power of God rested upon the congregation untill it melted us into tears this is the conference that Br Kimball speaks of in his Journal. I never saw a more
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    But to the text why gather the people together in this place for the same purpose that Jesus wanted to gather the Jews, to receive the ordinances, the blessings & the glories that God has in store for his Saints. And I would now ask this assembly and all the Saints if they will now build this house & receive the ordinances & blessings which God has in store for you, or will you not build unto the Lord this house & let him pass by & bestow these blessings upon another I pause for a reply
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    Will not God be avenged upon such a nation as this[?] O. God save thy Saints while Babylon falls beneath thine ire
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    November 27, 1836 ~ Sunday Nov 29th ^27th^ Upon this Lords day Elder Smoot & myself accompanied Elder Parrish to the house of the Lord for the first time to behold the congregation of the saints assembled within its walls for the Purpose of Worshiping God it was truly an interesting scene it brought a lengthy catalogue of transactions contemplations & experience of my youth to my to my mind & the experiance of this day fulfilled many things of a spiritual nature which I had looked for a number of years which I viewed as Promises of God
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    O time how swift & how precious thou art. How great the events that are bourn upon thy wings, esspecially in the dispensation of the fullness of times. 1836 is gone it cannot be recalled. Europe hath began to tremble at thy departure. The endowment of the Latter Day Saints hath b[e]spake a God in Israel, & is sufficient to show that though the heavens & earth pass away the word of God spake through the Prophets must all be fulfilled.
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    Meeting opened at 2 oclok PM at the Council Block. Meeting opened by prayer by O. Pratt who also remarked that we had suffered by the gentiles a long time; but had now gone out of there midst & hoped we should rest for a season from there grasp. had rather suffer the fatigues of this wilderness journey and live on game than suffer by mobs. would rather fall into the hands of God than a mob as God is more merciful. I have heard the prophet say that God could not controle the wicked at all times and let them act upon their agency without operating upon them as a machine. I am contented whare I am but should be more so if we had an abundanc of the necessaries of life, the mob at last have had courage after gathering & threatning for about 6 years to come against the Saints in Nauvoo from one thousand to twelve hundred men had came against one hundred of the Saints and have a pitched battle, but the Saints went out to battle in the name of God & their ene- mies were defeated.
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    The spirit of industry which has ever characterized the saints of the Most High God has been brought to bear with wonderful effect upon the burning & Arid desert. The Next time that you encounter The hardships privation & toil of A Journey over the plains & mountains you will meet with a vary different reception from what attended your first arival Here Friends will greet your Arival and the products of the Earth will administer to your comfort.
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    February 21, 1850 ~ Thursday 21st [FIGURES] I Recieved one letter from George H. Russell & wrote one to I. F. Carter. Brother Wallace called upon me to day on his mission to England, we conversed upon things in the valley, and all the news all the brethren bring from the Valley is cheering to the soul the time to favor Zion is in vary deed come the saints are prosipering in all things
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    Elder E. Snow Addressed the meeting in an inter- esting manner gave an account of the dealings of the Lord with them in the valley the faith of the saints was tried to the utmost in the valley by the cricket war & other things they had to encounter but the Lord had deliverd them out of all their troubles.
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    October 20, 1850 ~ Sunday 20th Sunday I met with the saints in the Bowery was called upon to address the meeting I gave an account of my mission to the East I spoke of my dream I dreamed of diying & going to the place of the departed spirits I saw Brother Joseph & Hyram Smith & many of the Saints who had died they all appeared to be in a hurry I thought strange to find them in a hurry and I enqiuired the cause they informed me that the time was set for Christ to come as the great Bridegroom to the Earth to meet the Bride the Lambs wife & they had not had time to prepare as those of other dispensations & had to be in a hurry in order to get ready. And when I awoke I was overwhelmed with a peculiar sensation at the view of the work ofthe Latter Day Saints Had to perform in order to prepair the Bride for to meet the Bridegroom