John Taylor, b. 1808

John Taylor (1808-1887) was born 1 Nov. 1808 in Milnthorpe, Westmoreland, England. He was the son of James Taylor and Agnes Taylor. He married Leonora Cannon on 28 Jan. 1833 in Toronto, Ontario, Upper Canada; participated in plural marriage. He was baptized 9 May 1836 in Toronto. He was mentioned in Wilford Woodruff's journals as early as 1839, and they served together as missionaries and in church leadership positions until his death when Wilford Woodruff succeeded him as President of the Church . He died 25 Jul. 1887 in Kaysville, Davis Co., Utah Territory, and he was buried in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake Co., Utah Territory.


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  • Page 167

    to the free States & mostly to New England & the Canidas not to go to any of the indians or Slave States. The result was that a special conference was called & three or four hundred Elders were called upon to go into the vineyard & about 400 Elders have since gone & many others are going their has never at any time been as great a turn out into the vineyard since the foundation of the Church, Br J. Taylor ...
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    & other interesting subjects, he has appeared occasionally in the midst of the Saints which has been a great comfort to the Saints but I was deprived of attending s as I was confined with sickness. [FIGURE] I wrote a letter to Br Webster in answer to one I received from him [FIGURE] I also received a letter from Br Turpin September 19, 1842 ~ Monday Sept 19th I commenced work this day for the first time for 40 days I ...
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    October 2, 1842 ~ Sunday Oct 2 Sunday Elder John Taylor called upon me & informed me that I was not going to Keokurk but Joseph wished me to assist in the printing in Nauvoo. Elder Allexander arived from the South & called upon me. Our babe has been preserved unto us she appeared to be deliverd from her fever & is fast recover- ing. it has been vary healthy in Nauvoo ...
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    October 31, 1842 ~ Monday Oct 31 I attended City Council at night Spent the day in the printing Office November 1, 1842 ~ Tuesday to November 5, 1842 ~ Saturday Nov 1, 2, 3, 4 &, 5 I spent the time in the printing Office days & evenings I spent at Elder Wm Claytons drawing off the Times & Seasons Mail Book Elder Wilard Richards returned from the east with his family to Nauvoo on Sunday Oct ...
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    November 16, 1842 ~ Wednesday 16th The snow storm continues an exceding cold day both man & beast suffer exeedi ngly [FIGURE] We got out the 1st No vol 4 of the Times & Season Edited by John Taylor & Published By John Taylor & W. Woodruff - I commenced making Mail November 17, 1842 ~ Thursday 17 Cold weather still continues many are suffering for the want of wood & provisions the early winter has cought many unprepared November 18, 1842 ~ Friday 18th Spent ...
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    November 28, 1842 ~ Monday to November 30, 1842 ~ Wednesday 28th, 29, 30, Spent the time in the printing Office & running about town to get a team ready to go to St Louis for paper we had another severe snow storm on the 29th on the 30th a team & man came to the printing office to go to St Louis but Wm W Phelps who was going was sick & postpond it untill the day following December 1 ...
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    I called upon Mr Wm Philips No 54 Main street St Louis, & bought of him the following bill of paper for Taylor & Woodruff in co 4 Reams of printing paper 24x38 $5 $20.00 4 Reams of " paper 23x33 3.50 $14.00 $34.00 paid cash on the above paper $34.00 The following is the bill of paper & Ink bought by Milliken for Taylor & Woodruff of Mr Philips 4 Reams of Paper 24x38 $5 $20.00 2 Reams ...
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    July 6, 1840 ~ Monday MINUTES OF THE GENERAL CONFERENCE A general conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints was held in the Carpenters Hall Manchester on the 6th day of July 1840, it being the 1st day of the 4th month 11th year of the Church when the following officers of the travling high council were present viz. Elder B Young P P Pratt W[ilfor]d Woodruff J. Taylor Wd Richards
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    July 24, 1840 ~ Friday 24th [FIGURE] I received a letter from Father & Mother & Sister Eunice Woodruff which I was truly glad to get. I found Brother & Sister Benbow strong in faith & willing to make evry sacrafice in their power for the gathering of the Saints we had an interview with Elder Kington we spent the day at Br Benbows had an interesteng meeting July 25, 1840 ~Saturday 25th [FIGURE] ...
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    August 4, 1840 ~ Tuesday Augt 4th We walked to Frooms Hill found the Saints in good spirits & health & the work Progress- ing spent the night at Elder Benbows 8 miles August 5, 1840 ~ Wednesday 5th [FIGURE] I wrote a letter for the Mill Star & one to Young & Richards Elder Smith & myself Preahed at Frooms hill & confirmed 3. We have had warm or hot ...