John Taylor, b. 1808

John Taylor (1808-1887) was born 1 Nov. 1808 in Milnthorpe, Westmoreland, England. He was the son of James Taylor and Agnes Taylor. He married Leonora Cannon on 28 Jan. 1833 in Toronto, Ontario, Upper Canada; participated in plural marriage. He was baptized 9 May 1836 in Toronto. He was mentioned in Wilford Woodruff's journals as early as 1839, and they served together as missionaries and in church leadership positions until his death when Wilford Woodruff succeeded him as President of the Church . He died 25 Jul. 1887 in Kaysville, Davis Co., Utah Territory, and he was buried in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake Co., Utah Territory.


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    In the evening of this day [FIGURE] the quorum met at Joseph store. Brothers Wm W Clayton & Joseph Young met with them but I was not present. Elder Kington came after me with a waggon to go to his house & hold a meeting so I took my family & rode 6 miles across the prarie in the storm & spent the night at his house. Joseph Young & wife & Wm Clayton Received their endowments &c 6 ...
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    of the United States if need be for the general good of mankind. Many other interesting remarks were made. He was followed by Elders Hide & Taylor, & a vote was taken whether the views of Gen Smith would be maintained by the assembly or not. the vote was universal in the affirmative. February 9, 1844 ~ Friday 9th Br Mount commenced putting in my windows in my house I spent the day at ...
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    February 9, 1845 ~ Sunday Feb 9th [FIGURE] I wrote A letter to Elder Davis of London. I spent the day at the office I perused the 9th No of the Star containing a long address to the Saints in the British Islands which I wrote 4 m February 10, 1845 ~ Monday 10th Sunday A severe cold snow storm I Preached at the music Hall, in the morning, partook of the Sacrament in the Afternoon, & preached in the evening again, from Rev ...
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    at Elm street Between fifth & sixth st Elder Smith was quite sick through the night. I dreamed that Br Joseph was taken with another writ to be tried in Illinois Elder B Young also dreamed that we were called home the distance from the mouth of the Ohio to Cincinnati is 538 miles July 14, 1843 ~ Friday 14th We had an interview in the morning with Br Hedlock &
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    August 7, 1844 ~ Wednesday Aug 7th 1844, I went forth this morning through the city of Nauvoo saw many friends & met with the quorum of the twelve at Elder Taylors we were truly glad to see each other Br Taylor was getting well of his wounds, that he recieved in Jail in company with Joseph and Hiram Smith when they were murdered, we were glad to see Dr Richards who escaped unhurt, we were recived with ...
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    August 9, 1844 ~ Friday Aug 9th I spent part of the day in writing in the afternoon I attended a council. it is gloomy times in Nauvoo as the Prophet and Patriarch is gone and their appears to be but little ambition to do any thing ownly their they are to work vary busy on the Temple. we appoin[te]d two trustees in trust for the church viz Geo Miller & N K Whitney August 10, 1844 ~ Saturday ...
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    Holy Priesthood & the Holy Ghost that they have power thus to speak. What art thou O man but dust & from wholm dost thou received thy power & blessings but from God, then O ye Twelve notice this [FIGURE] key & be wise for Christ sake & your own souls sake. Ye are not sent out to be taught but to teach let every man be sober be vigilent & let all his words be seasoned with grace & keep in mind that it is a day of warning & not of many words. Act honest before God & ...
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    July 8, 1839 ~ Monday July 8th I spent in writing. July 9, 1839 ~ Tuesday 9th. I regulated my trunks & set my house in order for my Journey. [FIGURE] I wrote a letter to Elder John Herret & sent him the Prospectus July 10, 1839 ~ Wednesday 10th I crossed the River saw some lamanites. I spent the day in Montrose Commerce with Joseph & some of the Twelve in aranging a selection of Hymns for ...
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    July 13, 1839 ~ Saturday July 13th I spent the day in writing July 19, 1839 ~ Friday 19th I have been called upon to visit the sick many times during the last few days & admi nister unto them by the laying on of hands for their is many of the saints that are sick. I crossed the river this morning with Elder Taylor. We visited father Joseph Smith sen & found him still vary sick we prayed with him & layed hands upon him & he received ...
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    The time had come for me to take my departure from my family to carry the gospel of Jesus Christ to the nations of Europe in fulfillment of the commands of God. Accordingly I left a parting blessing with my wife & took my fare well of her & other saints on the morn of the 8th day of Oct ^Aug^ 1839 & left Montrose & crossed the Missisippi river for the purpose of commencing my mission of about six thousand miles & I started without purs or scrip and that ...