John Taylor, b. 1808

John Taylor (1808-1887) was born 1 Nov. 1808 in Milnthorpe, Westmoreland, England. He was the son of James Taylor and Agnes Taylor. He married Leonora Cannon on 28 Jan. 1833 in Toronto, Ontario, Upper Canada; participated in plural marriage. He was baptized 9 May 1836 in Toronto. He was mentioned in Wilford Woodruff's journals as early as 1839, and they served together as missionaries and in church leadership positions until his death when Wilford Woodruff succeeded him as President of the Church . He died 25 Jul. 1887 in Kaysville, Davis Co., Utah Territory, and he was buried in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake Co., Utah Territory.


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    January 1, 1843 ~ Sunday JAN 1st 1843 I spent this day by starting at sunrise in company with Mrs Woodruff & Br Newbury & two sisters in a two hors sleigh & crossing the Mississippi River on the ice & travled 15 miles into Iowa Territory & Joined Mr Abram Newbury & Miss Eliza Duty in Matrimony, we then took diner & returned home making in all 30 miles ...
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    getting on the boat I came near being pushed into the water & when the boat landed at the Dock before we gont on shore it pushed of[f] again & had to return to the dock in order to land us we took cab & called at 36 Chapel st Lverpool in order to find Elder Hedlock but no one was in so we spent the night at Pig & whistle No 20 chapel st & was truly glad to set our feet on shore again after being confined ...
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    January 11, 1845 ~ Saturday Jan 11th Milton Holmes to W Woodruff Dr to 4 copies of vol 4. Times & Seasons 8/ £1—12s to 100 death of the Prophet 1 1/2 D. 12–6 to 25 fac similee 2 D. 4–2 £2–8–8 Jan 11th Leonard Hardy to W. Woodruff Dr to 4 copies of vol. 4 Times & Seasons 8/ £1—12 to 100 Death of the Prophet 1 1/2 D 12–6 to 25 fac similee 2 D. 4 2 £2–8–8 Jan 11th I Parted with Elder Holmes & ...
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    January 13, 1845 ~ Monday 13th Monday I spent the day in writing I wrote [FIGURES] 6 Letters to send to our friends in Nauvoo by the ship that was going over un to the following persons B Young H. C. Kimball J. Taylor G. A. Smith D. Webster & John Benbow. Also Mrs Woodruff wrote one Letter to W Woodruff Jr to send to ...
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    gentleman walking before, groceries. Twelve Colliers fall 756 feet into way pit killed dead, dogs, Bacon, Bread, police men, preach, O. Hide Timely warnings cat, walk, gas lights, Thorn Headge, Scotch Soldiers ostrich feathers, bear legs, war with china, cat, pray, undress, by dawn, sleep, Dream, 265, Market place, Hanley. February 4, 1840 ~ Tuesday Feb 4th Wake, dress, pray, eate, talk, walk to Burslem rain & wind. [FIGURE] I wrote two letters one to Elder W ...
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    As this is a day that many are celebrating the mariage of the Queen, I thought it no more than just & right that I should honor the King of heaven by advocating his cause & preaching the gospel of his Son Jesus Christ so I walked out into the Market Place accompanied by Elder Alfred Corden, & Deacon Wm Bradbury, & Brother George Simpsons, & we began to sing prases unto God & call upon his name & a congreg ...
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    & after preaching one came to be Baptized a female we called upon her Sister we ^as^ we passed along & she said she would obey the gospel also. We then called upon another woman who was believing, but she made objections to being Baptized then because she had a dead child in the house I told her to lett let the dead bury the Dead but rise & follow Christ & she did & we walked two miles & I baptized the three 3 females their husbands were ...
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    February 23, 1840 ~ Sunday 23rd Sunday I preached in Stoke in the morn ing & confirmed one I communed with the Saints at Brother [blank] Whittaker in Lane end I also preached in the evening. Distance of the day 3 m February 24, 1840 ~ Monday 23 24th I walked to Stone with Brother Samuel Hancock & several other Brother & preached at Widow Gilberts & thence returned to
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    Elder Turley returned from Birmingham & met me in Hanly he brought me a letter [FIGURE] from Dwight Webster. Brother Turley had one from his wife but among all the letters I do not hear a word from Phede or Sarah I walked to Stone & Elder Turley preached ^Alfred Baptized one^ we returned to Brother Benbows & spent the night 4 mi
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    Seal the hearts of the children to the fathers Malachi IV. Ch 6 vers [FIGURE] ^Wilford & Phebe W Woodruff receivd our 2d Anointing & sealings^ January 29, 1844 ~ Monday 29th Monday I met in the evening at Elder B Youngs for a Prayer meeting but few of us to gether January 30, 1844 ~ Tuesday 30 [FIGURE] Met with the quorum at Elder Youngs for a meeting [FIGURES] Br & Sister ...