John Taylor, b. 1808

John Taylor (1808-1887) was born 1 Nov. 1808 in Milnthorpe, Westmoreland, England. He was the son of James Taylor and Agnes Taylor. He married Leonora Cannon on 28 Jan. 1833 in Toronto, Ontario, Upper Canada; participated in plural marriage. He was baptized 9 May 1836 in Toronto. He was mentioned in Wilford Woodruff's journals as early as 1839, and they served together as missionaries and in church leadership positions until his death when Wilford Woodruff succeeded him as President of the Church . He died 25 Jul. 1887 in Kaysville, Davis Co., Utah Territory, and he was buried in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake Co., Utah Territory.


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    Locations By whom Represented Members Elders Priest Teachers Deacons Manchester P. P. Pratt 443 7 15 9 0 Clitheroe Conference H.C. Kimball 318 6 12 13 3 Preston Do P. Melling 675 11 15 13 3 Liverpool J. Taylor 190 9 8 4 3 Isle of Man Do Do 90 2 4 2 0 London Conference L. Snow 137 3 8 4 2
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    the officers & members & to the whole Congregation consisting of about seven hundred people, A large fragmen[t] was left for some who were not present, while the cake was passing P. P. Pratt composed the following lines When in far Distant regions As strangers we roam Far away from our Country Our friends and our home When sinking in sorrow Fresh courage we'll take As we think on our friends And remember the CAKE Elder O Hide appealed powerfully to the meeting & covenanted with the Saints ...
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    I walked Into the city with Br Young & we bought each of us a pair of Pebble Specticeles for the eyes Also a small spy glass, Pebbles were 14/ shillings, the spy glass 3/6. I wrote a letter [FIGURE] to Sister Margarett Morgan April 8, 1841 ~ Thursday 8th [FIGURE] I wrote a letter to Elder Edward Ockey [FIGURE] Also one to Phebe W. Woodruff. I ^received^ £4.10 from Elder John Horlick by ...
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    & a dress black, coat & summer Pantaloons & waistcoat, I visited the agents of the ship which we were going on with Elder Taylor & we detained the ship one day on our account, this company will do all they can to favor us for it is for their interest as we have already given them many passengers & shall probably many more they give us with all our company the second cabin & do of a seperate room for our quorum the fare of each person ...
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    Sister Ann Ockey accompanied us they much desired to sail with us to America, with their Brother Edward but they were not ready I retired to my room & bed at midnight vary weary with my days labour distance 15 mile April 18, 1841 ~ Sunday 18th Sunday I Preached to about 200 saints & some of the world in the music Hall in bold st Liverpool in the morning, in the afternoon the Twelve bore testimony of the work of work of ...
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    I Bought the following Articles 1 Shall £0 14 1 Ditto 14 1 Ditto 6 2 pair of Drawers 9 1 Ditto 3 2 flannel shirts 10 1 box steel pens 6 1 Do 2 1 Do 1 4 Cards of pens 4 1 Doz pen cases 1 1 Inkstand 1 Total £5.15 Sister Elizabeth Ockey presented me with a nice neck scarf And Sister Ann Ockey presented me with a fine silk neck hankerchief & gold pin. I took tea with them. I presented ...
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    the Marshall, many other usful remarks were made by the speaker, when he gave way untill the Afternoon Was followed with many usful remarks from Elder Taylor. The stand was occupied with with eleven Lamanites chiefs braves &c At 2 oclok the conference Assembled & resumed his subject & said we were discusing in the morning service upon the history of the Church of Jesus Christ. its a miserable man that could not manufactor his own tex[t]. I have known many a sermon spoiled by ...
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    of your visitation the work is beginning to be seen by the Saints, when J. C. Bennet went forth to try to destroy the Saints. A little company of us went before God and asked him to take away his power, and it fell like lightning from Heaven we asked for Duncan not to be Govornor he was not but he is now dead and damned. We asked for Reynolds to be taken away, he soon shot himself & went to Hell.
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    April 10, 1844 ~ Wednesday April 10th Wendsday I spent the day at home to work in my garden April 11, 1844 ~ Thursday 11th [FIGURE] I spent the day in council some remarks wer made upon the principle of toleration April 12, 1844 ~ Friday 12th I spent the day at home April 13, 1844 ~ Saturday 13th A meeting assembled at 2 oclok & herd a discours delivered by Elder Taylor, upon politicks April 14 ...
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    August 20, 1844 ~ Tuesday 20th I spent the day at home writing August 21, 1844 ~ Wednesday 21st I met in council with the Twelve by the request of Elder Lyman Wight as he wished some council, but he was sick and could not attend so the council dispersed. In the afternoon Elders B. Young H. C. Kimball W. Richards and J. Taylor each in company with his Lady ...