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    We sat down under the shade of a pine for morning prayers, & O, what glorious contemplations vibrated our souls. Elder Hale read the XVI. ch of Jeremiah that spake of the hunters and fishers that God should chuse in the last days to gather Israel. And of a truth here we were on an Island of the sea standing upon a rock whare we could survey the gallant ships, and also the Island. which was as full of rocks, holes, & caves perhaps as any part of the earth. But what had brought us here? Ah to search out the Blood of Ephraim & gather him from these Islands, rocks, holes, & caves, which were numerous While the sun shed his beams to gladden earth, the spirit of God caused, our souls to rejoice. I sat down in company with Elder Hale, we read, and sung, and Prayed, and rejoiced. We spake of the ancient Prophets & Apostles in Jerusalem and Asia, Also of Nephhi, Alma, Mormon & Moroni in America. We Also spake of Joseph, Oliver, Sidney, & of the twelve
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    The spirit of God is like leaven in the midst of these Islands of the sea. the solemnities of Eternity is resting upon the People, the word of God is like a sharp two edged sword in the hearts of men I am now preachi -ng & Baptizing almost daily. O may the Lord roll on his work amid the Islands of the sea and give me a rich harvest of souls.
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    September 19, 1836 ~ Monday 19th Is a day long to Be remembered by me & others in Consequence of the interesting scenes transpir'd with the Saints of God in the South Isaiah & others of the Ancient Prophets testify to us of the great events of the last days esspecially of the literal gathering of Israel. They say the Saints shall gather from the East & from the West & that that the North shall give up & the South Keep not back This interesting day had now arived yea the 19th of Sept 1836 when some of the Saints of God in the South began to take their families, their Charriots Waggons
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    their Oxen, their Horses their Tents their armour and moove towards Zion as the children of Israel accordi- ng to the command of God
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    I assembled this small camp of Israel together at Br Albert Pettys tent to address them for the last time & after they were assembled I arose to address them & although the rain desended in torrents so that we wer e wet through a good tent yet my soul was vibrated & fired with emotions & feeling of no ordinary nature I endeavor'd to lay before them the worth & value of the cause they were ingaged in & that they were the first in fullfiling the Prophets who spake of the south keeping not back & that it would be recorded upon the archives of heaven to be read in the day of eternity that they were the first fruits of the south who had spread their tents for zion
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    O time how swift & how precious thou art. How great the events that are bourn upon thy wings, esspecially in the dispensation of the fullness of times. 1836 is gone it cannot be recalled. Europe hath began to tremble at thy departure. The endowment of the Latter Day Saints hath b[e]spake a God in Israel, & is sufficient to show that though the heavens & earth pass away the word of God spake through the Prophets must all be fulfilled.
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    Will this gentile generation still sleep in this late hour, if so sleep on & take thy rest which is short for thy end is come, & the day hath broke that Israel must be awoke from his slumber for the last time & Prepare himself for the Bridegroom. Then let 1837 finish its work with speed & let its departure Say who hath gone to the tomb & what Kingdom overturned & what Kingdom esstablished & may God grant that 1837 may report as she departs that zion & her stakes indicates that God rules in her midst with POWER STRENGTH & GLORY.
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    we set apart Brother Hulse to his mission to Israel remarks were made by W. Woodruff C. C. Rich & several others upon the subject of the mission May 21, 1855 ~ Monday 21st Mondiay I got an Indian boy of Brother James Bosnel He was about a doz years of age his name was Moroni. Eliza Bosnel his wife wishes her Endowment & they wish me to write & inform them when they can have it ...
    May 21, 1855 May 22, 1855 May 23, 1855 May 24, 1855 May 25, 1855
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    A Saviour which is Christ the Lord" This is the Saviour born in Bethlehem of Judea. He said one cause of his ^why I^ taking this tex[t] was ^is^ that a school teacher in Great Salt Lake City asked her whole school if they would tell her whare Jesus was born born & not one of them could tell her it is true they were mostly small schollars but there was one almost a man grown & he could not tell. I think there is a neglect among ...
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    Him unto the office of the first Patriarch in the church & Kingdom of God. This blessing was sealed upon him as it belonged to him by right throug the linage of his Fathers it was recorded in the Historians office taken from the report of Thomas Bullock. At the close of this meeting I returned home & took most of my family & went to the 14 ward school house the house was filled to overflowing I went into the stand with the Bishop ...
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    & telling them of the Judgments that will come upon them if they do not alter their cours & go to work & do as I have told told the[m] do you suppose they will escape the chastening rod of the Almighty No they will not if the people continue to persue this course & the chastening rod does not fall upon their heads I should become disgraced in the sight of God Angels & men. this people may rest assured that they are preparing a rod for their backs if they ...
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    March 8, 1854 ~ Wednesday 8th I spent the day at home in study with my children & I spent the evening in the Prayer meeting in the 14th ward with the children. all the children over 8 years of age meet in the different wards of the City for Prayer one night in each week & they have interesting meetings & I think much go[o]d will grow out of it March 9, 1854 ~ Thursday 9th I spent the day at home in my school March 10, 1854 ~ Friday 10th ...
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    December 7, 1865 ~Thursday Dec 7, 1865 I packed away about 25 Bushels of Apples to day. sold 7 Bushels of spitzenburgh for $50. Paid A. O. Smoots clerk, toShetler, $100 Borrowed Money. Paid McCKean for U.S. taxes $20 per J. C. Little Borrowed $20 of Mitchel. I spent the Evening reading the Letters of O. Cowdry on the Early history of the Church December 8, 1865 ~ Friday 8. I spent the fore part of the day in ...
    December 7, 1865 December 8, 1865 December 9, 1865 December 10, 1865 December 11, 1865 December 12, 1865 December 13, 1865 December 14, 1865 December 15, 1865
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    January 1, 1866 ~ Monday [FIGURE] Jan 1st 1866. Is it possible that I have lived to see 1866. Yes I have and may the Lord preserve me through this year in purity & in righteousness and all the faithful of his Saints & hedge up the way of all the wicked who seek to fight against Mount Zion Nine of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles met at the Historians Office at 10 oclok viz O Hyde John Taylor ...
    January 1, 1866
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    May 8, 1869 H S Eldridge spoke 16 M[inutes], W Woodruff spoke 9 B Young jr spoke 16, G Dunford spoke 15 Minutes May 9, 1869 ~ Sunday 9th we drove to Chicken Creek Nooned then drove to Nephi 40 M[iles] & stoped for the night with Brother Oakey we held a Meeting D. H. Wells spoke 35 Minutes President B Young spoke 41 Minutes [FIGURE] and said it is not proven that ...
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    June 9, 1870 My word that Evry who gets rich & does not accknowlede the Hand of God in it will be damned June 10, 1870 ~ Friday 10 We left Newton this morning & started for Soda Springs & we travelled 6 hours & Nooned on the Bank of of the Portneu[ff] whare we stayed 2 Hours & caught some trout & then started on our road nearly all day was through a vary hard Mounteneous Country vary steep rocky hills to go up & down ...
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    September 25, 1871 ~ Monday to September 29, 1871 ~ Friday Sept 25, 1871 25 to 29. I spent the week working on my House Building my Kitchen September 30, 1871 ~ Saturday 30. I Attended the school of the Prophets October 1, 1871 ~ Sunday Oct 1. Sunday I met with my Quorum in the Morning Brother Morris Prayed & David Candling spoke 50 Minutes & Lorenzo Young 45. Afternoon O Pratt spoke one hour & 30 Minutes ...