George Quayle Cannon

George Quayle Cannon (1827-1901) was born 11 Jan. 1827 in Liverpool, Lancashire, England. He was the son of Ann Quayle and George Cannon. He married Elizabeth Hoagland in 1854; participated in plural marriage. He was baptized in 1840 in Liverpool. He met Wilford Woodruff in 1840, worked with him in a print shop in Nauvoo, Hancock Co., Illinois, and served alongside him as an Apostle and in the First Presidency. He died 12 Apr. 1901 in Monterey, Monterey Co., California.


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    ARRIVE IN LIVERPOOL. Our company consisted of 109 souls, composed of Ameri- cans, English, Scotch, Irish, Welsh and Dutch. We arrived in Liverpool dock on the 11th day of January, 1840, having made the voyage from New York in twenty-three days. CHAPTER XXIII. OUR VISIT TO PRESTON—OUR FIRST COUNCIL IN ENGLAND, IN 1840—WE TAKE DIFFERENT FIELDS OF LABOR—A WOMAN POSSESSED OF THE DEVIL—ATTEMPT TO CAST IT OUT AND FAIL—TURN OUT THE UNBELIEVERS, AND THEN SUCCEED—THE EVIL SPIRIT ...
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    bakery. W. Woodruff followed & said that those that took his flour if they took it because they were suffering with Hunger & would ask a Blessing upon the bread when it was made & send him home the bags he would not bring an Accusation against them at the close of the meeting the bags were put in sight & brought to me next morning [FIGURE] I met in the Prayer circle in the evening And the following named persons received their blessings & was set apart for their Missions. Elders O. Pratt
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    May 5, 1855 ~ Saturday May 5th I met with the Presidency & 12 in the House of the Lord built upon the Temple Block & we dedicated it before the Lord Broth E. T. Benson opened by prayer & after the usual cerimonies H C Kimball proceded to dedicate the House by prayer He named in his prayer evry room from top to bottom evry wall & material Adobies sand clay stone Lime from the fo[u]ndation to the top prayed ...
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    Oct 22nd 1865 Continued from 1st volume of red covered Book of W Woodruff Journal October 22, 1865 ~ Sunday Oct 22nd 1865 Sunday Afternoon at the Tabernacle W Woodruff spoke one hour & 15 Minuts Elder Sloan reported the same which is recorded in this Journal under date of [blank] I met with D. H. Wells & several of the Twelve for prayer & attended a meeting in the Evening at the 14th ward school house I spoke to the ...
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    November 10, 1865 ~ Friday Nov 10 1865 I spent most of the day on the Lake west of Ezra Pettetts we killed 26 fine fat ducks. Brother H. C. Kimball & G Q Cannon spent the day in the Endowment House they gave Endowments to 65. G Q Cannon sealed 30 couple November 11, 1865 ~ Saturday 11. I spent the day in the Endowment House we gave Endowments ...
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    Nov 26 Cram was Mouth. I spent the fore part of the day in the office [FIGURE] I rote A Letter to Wilford & sent him a Draft on the Liverpool office of £20 Pounds I attended meeting in the Tabernacle in the Afternoon. Joseph Young spoke in the forenoon & G. Q. Cannon in the Afternoon 30 minutes, & D. H. Wells 50 minuts. we met in the prayer circle ...
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    Dec 1st 1865 & started in the face of the storm for the summit of the mountain which was 4 miles I walked all the way to the top by the side of my team with the snow blowing in my face. I sent my team back & drew up a brother Packs team who was stuck fast in the snow. we then started down the canyon got about half a mile & met a Government train heavily loaded stuck fast on a dug way & we could not pass them & the ...
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    December 7, 1865 ~Thursday Dec 7, 1865 I packed away about 25 Bushels of Apples to day. sold 7 Bushels of spitzenburgh for $50. Paid A. O. Smoots clerk, toShetler, $100 Borrowed Money. Paid McCKean for U.S. taxes $20 per J. C. Little Borrowed $20 of Mitchel. I spent the Evening reading the Letters of O. Cowdry on the Early history of the Church December 8, 1865 ~ Friday 8. I spent the fore part of the day in the
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    December 16, 1865 ~ Saturday Dec 16th 1865 I spent the day in the Endowment House we gave Endowments to 31. H. C. Kimball sealed 4 couple, G. Q. Cannon 24 couple it is vary cold winter weather it is snowing most of the day December 17, 1865 ~ Sunday 17. We had a large fall of snow last night & it took me nearly all Sunday day to get the snow off my roofs I did not go to Meeting ...
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    Dec 22nd 1865 Elder Taylor followed & backed up the Testimony of those who had spoke He was followed by Elder Cannon, all the Twelve present spoke & much of the spirit of God rested upon us & we were Blessed & felt it good to be there Elder Taylor Prophesyed that the Twelve should be delivered from the bondage of the poverty under which they had been weltering for years. At the close of the Meeting I went & got ...