George Albert Smith

George Albert Smith (1817-1875) was born 26 Jun. 1817 in Potsdam, St. Lawrence Co., New York. He was the son of John Smith and Clarissa Lyman. He married Bathsheba W. Bigler on 25 Jul. 1841. He was baptized 10 Sep. 1832. He served with Wilford Woodruff in church positions from about 1835 to 1875. He died 1 Sep. 1875 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake Co., Utah Territory.


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    Richard Rushton Priest take charge of the Church at Leek Moved & Carried that Elder Alfred Cordon be the Presiding Elder over the churches comprising this conference Also Orsmond Shaw be the Standing Clerk for the Same Moved & Carried that Elder Alford Cordon be a delegate to represent this Conference to the general Conference at Manchester on the 6th day of July nex Moved & Carried that the Delegate present the minutes of this Conference to the ...
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    July 6, 1840 ~ Monday MINUTES OF THE GENERAL CONFERENCE A general conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints was held in the Carpenters Hall Manchester on the 6th day of July 1840, it being the 1st day of the 4th month 11th year of the Church when the following officers of the travling high council were present viz. Elder B Young P P Pratt W[ilfor]d Woodruff J. Taylor Wd Richards
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    Moved & Carried that Elders Thomas Kington, Alfred Cordon, & Thomas Smith be ordained High Priest And John Albiston, be orda John Blezard, William Berry, John Sanders, John Parkinson, James Worsley, & John Allen be ordained—Elders & Joseph Slinger George Walker John Smith Robert Williams. William Black
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    July 14, 1840 ~ Tuesday 14th Sarah Emma is two years old this day may the Lord Preserve my wife & Children from sickness & Death Untill my return O Lord I commit them into thy hands, feed, clothe, & comfort them & thine shall be the glory. I spent the day in Manchester, in company with Elder Young I took supper at Br John Smiths {I went to the store and bought Phebe a dress,
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    July 19, 1840 ~ Sunday 19th Sunday I Preached in Leek John Jones came to oppose us & his carriage broke down & flung him in the mud he came to meeting but the Lord shut his mouth & he could not utter a word but left the room as soon as I closed Elder Smith Preached in the evening & 6 were Baptized under his hands we ordained one Priest & one Teacher several were healed by the laying on of hands. I ...
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    July 24, 1840 ~ Friday 24th [FIGURE] I received a letter from Father & Mother & Sister Eunice Woodruff which I was truly glad to get. I found Brother & Sister Benbow strong in faith & willing to make evry sacrafice in their power for the gathering of the Saints we had an interview with Elder Kington we spent the day at Br Benbows had an interesteng meeting July 25, 1840 ~Saturday 25th [FIGURE] ...
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    August 1, 1840 ~ Saturday Aug. 1st We walked to Haw Cross & to Dymock & spent the night 8 miles August 2, 1840 ~ Sunday 2nd Sunday I Preached twice in Dymock & Elder G. A. Smith Preached in Ledbury I am happy to learn on our return to the Church es in Herefordshire & adjoining Country that the work of God [is] rolling on rapidly upon evry hand The Elders & Priest ...
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    August 4, 1840 ~ Tuesday Augt 4th We walked to Frooms Hill found the Saints in good spirits & health & the work Progress- ing spent the night at Elder Benbows 8 miles August 5, 1840 ~ Wednesday 5th [FIGURE] I wrote a letter for the Mill Star & one to Young & Richards Elder Smith & myself Preahed at Frooms hill & confirmed 3. We have had warm or hot ...
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    August 11, 1840 ~ Tuesday [FIGURE] Aug 11th {Elder Benbow loaned Elder Turley} 20 {pounds and gave me} 15 {for our London mission} We took the parting hand with Elder Turley who Started for Liverpool to prepare a ship for about 80 Saints to emegrate to America 40 of which Elder J Benbow takes with him & pays their expenses to America out of Mercy to the poor Saints Let the Blessings of Almighty God rest upon him forever & ...
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    going across to steal sumthing. this is the effect that Signs have on those that seek them. I walked in company wash with Elders Kimball & G. A. Smith to Br Benjamin Hill at Turkey Hall in Glostershire we preached at Lime Street {Distance of the day} 12 m Mrs Woodruff wrote a short epistle in father Smiths letter August 13, 1840 ~ Thursday 13th We walked to ...