George Albert Smith

George Albert Smith (1817-1875) was born 26 Jun. 1817 in Potsdam, St. Lawrence Co., New York. He was the son of John Smith and Clarissa Lyman. He married Bathsheba W. Bigler on 25 Jul. 1841. He was baptized 10 Sep. 1832. He served with Wilford Woodruff in church positions from about 1835 to 1875. He died 1 Sep. 1875 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake Co., Utah Territory.


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    6th Resolved that George A Smith be ordained to the place of Thomas B Marsh as one of the twelve ^acknowled[ged] as one of the Twelve Apostles^ 7th Resolved that this conference are entirely satisfied with and do give their sanction to the procedings of the conference of the Twelve and their friends held on the Temple spot at Far West Missouri on friday the 26th of April last. 8th Resolved that we also sanction the act of the council held same date at same place in ...
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    the heavens & Earth of the coming of the Son of Man, & may thy will be done on earth in all things as it is done in heaven. I ask all these things in the name of Jesus Christ Amen. January 2, 1841 ~ Saturday Jan 2nd [FIGURE] I received a letter from Elder G A Smith we had a heavy Thunder storm at night January 3, 1841 ~ Sunday 3rd Sunday There was a hard tempest this morning attended with much thunder & light- ning. It damaged some of ...
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    of wickedness hypocracy & he rejected our testimony & opposed the work, in fact we cannot go to teach in the City of London but what the Devil comes also to oppose us thi[s] accounts for my dreams about serpents. I returned home fell asleep & again dreamed of vast serpents both dead & alive some were of Antique turned into stone, & many were alive about 20 foot long & Pitched at me like Draggons & I fled from them & arose into the air & sailed a great distance with the greatest ease & delight ...
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    She is firm & unmoved in the great cause in which she is ingaged. My Prayer is that Peace health & Strength may rest upon her & her children & may the Lord make her usful, O Lord work by whome thou wilt but work & send by whom thou wilt but send, that thy cause may roll on in this city & to thee O Lord shall be all the glory. Mr Alburn informed the people he should soon be a member of the Church of Latter Day Saints & wished others ...
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    We took a walk in the afternoon with Doctor Copeland we visited the largest Docks in London, we first visited St Catherine's Dock, & after viewing the shiping & freight of evry Description We then visited London Dock, & among many other things we saw one of the greatest curiosities in London or the world viz the Eastern wine vault. This is much the Largest Wine vault in the world, it is altogether under ground & covers nine English acres the whole vault is supported ...
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    January 29, 1841 ~ Friday 29th [FIGURE] I received a letter from Elder Wm Pitt. [FIGURE] I wrote 2 Letters to G. A. Smith & Wm Pitt I spent the night in copying a will for Br Thomas Allen January 30, 1841 ~ Saturday 30th [FIGURE] I wrote 3 Letters one to James Barnes one to Edward Oakey one to Br Benjamin Hill at Turkey Hall Br
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    January 13, 1845 ~ Monday 13th Monday I spent the day in writing I wrote [FIGURES] 6 Letters to send to our friends in Nauvoo by the ship that was going over un to the following persons B Young H. C. Kimball J. Taylor G. A. Smith D. Webster & John Benbow. Also Mrs Woodruff wrote one Letter to W Woodruff Jr to send to ...
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    Seal the hearts of the children to the fathers Malachi IV. Ch 6 vers [FIGURE] ^Wilford & Phebe W Woodruff receivd our 2d Anointing & sealings^ January 29, 1844 ~ Monday 29th Monday I met in the evening at Elder B Youngs for a Prayer meeting but few of us to gether January 30, 1844 ~ Tuesday 30 [FIGURE] Met with the quorum at Elder Youngs for a meeting [FIGURES] Br & Sister ...
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    Smith Prophesyed that within five years we should be rid of our old enemies whether they were apostates or of the world & wished us to record it that when it comes to pass that we need not say we had forgotten the saying February 26, 1844 ~ Monday 26 A cold wind from the north Br Reed worked for me a part of the day I met with the quorum in the evening [FIGURE] but meeting closed soon after we arived. Fathers ...
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    & reorganized the Church but it left the Church in no better situation. Elder Young reproved Elder Page some for undoing alone what three of the quorum had done together. He also spoke of the instruction that Br Joseph spoke of ie to be gentle & mild in our teaching & not to Battle the Sects any more at present but win the affections of the people, we had a good time to the people together we met in the evening at